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What is PicMonkey ?

PicMonkey is an easy-to-use photo-editing software that helps create beautiful, professional-looking images without prior experience. It offers powerful tools for editing, retouching, and adding text and effects, suitable for beginners to professional photographers.

Features :

  • Photo editing
  • Design tools
  • Touch-up features
  • Template and graphics library
  • Branding tools

Pricing :

  • Basic Plan: $7.99/month or $6/yearly, includes essential editing tools, limited fonts, templates, and graphics, low-resolution JPEG exports, with ads.
  • Pro Plan: $12.99/month or $10/yearly, includes advanced editing tools, premium fonts, templates, and graphics, high-resolution PNG or PDF exports, ad-free experience.
  • Business Plan: $23/month or $19/yearly, includes everything in Pro Plan plus team management tools, advanced security features, and collaboration options.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

1.34M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 69.04% | Canada - 3.84% | India - 2.52% | United Kingdom - 2.49% | Spain - 1.74%

PicMonkey Review: PicMonkey for the Win!

Discover why PicMonkey is becoming the go-to graphic design tool for entrepreneurs. Join us as we delve into a comprehensive review by a business owner, Farron, who shares her hands-on experience with the platform.

1. Affordable Graphic Design Solution

For business owners like Farron, budget-friendly solutions are essential. PicMonkey ticks that box with its affordability, offering significant value for money without compromising on quality.,Comparing it to the more expensive Photoshop, Farron found relief in PicMonkey's pricing structure. It became her go-to tool, saving her from the hefty costs of more advanced and complex software.,This cost-effectiveness means entrepreneurs can invest more in their business rather than shelling out large sums for graphic design software.

2. User-Friendly Interface for Quick Learning

Farron immediately appreciated how intuitive PicMonkey is. She emphasizes the platform's ease of use, which allowed her to dive straight into creating without a steep learning curve.,The simplicity of logging in and getting started is a game-changer for many. New users can quickly become familiar with PicMonkey's features, enabling them to start designing with minimal hassle.,The platform's user-friendly nature means even those with limited graphic design experience can achieve professional-looking results.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

When hiccups occur, reliable customer service is invaluable. Farron notes that PicMonkey's customer support team is not only responsive but also incredibly helpful and friendly.,The availability and quality of support can make or break a user’s experience. Thankfully, PicMonkey ensures assistance is always within reach.,With customer support getting a thumbs-up, users can have peace of mind that help is available should they need guidance or encounter any issues.

4. High-Quality Designs That Elevate Businesses

PicMonkey has proven to Farron that a tool can be both accessible and capable of producing stunning, business-worthy designs.,The array of customization options, from new fonts to diverse images, allows business owners to create tailored content that aligns with their brand's aesthetic.,This level of quality and customization ensures that the visual assets created on PicMonkey can effectively contribute to a business’s growth and brand recognition.

5. Advantages of the Paid Version

While the free version of PicMonkey is a great place to start, Farron suggests playing around with it to get a feel for its capabilities.,She strongly recommends the paid version for access to advanced features, such as additional fonts and images, as well as the ability to download designs in various formats.,The paid version of PicMonkey unlocks the full potential of the platform, making it an investment worth considering for serious designers and business owners looking to scale up their design game.

6. Easy to Get Started

Farron found getting started with PicMonkey a breeze. Just a few simple steps with basic account information are all that's needed to enter the design space.,The platform's design ensures an easy onboarding process, allowing users to begin experimenting with designs right away.,For anyone curious about PicMonkey, Farron's experience underlines how uncomplicated it is to get up and running with the design tool.

7. Try Before You Buy

Farron’s advice to potential PicMonkey users is to dip their toes in with the free version, which she feels is a no-risk way to explore what the tool has to offer.,She believes that trying out the free version can give users a good sense of whether PicMonkey meets their needs before committing to a paid subscription.,By sampling PicMonkey's basic features first, entrepreneurs can make an informed decision on whether to unlock the platform's full suite of advanced functionalities.

8. PicMonkey Video Summary

Simplifying graphic design for entrepreneurs, PicMonkey emerges as an affordable, user-friendly alternative to complex software like Photoshop. Our deep-dive review explores PicMonkey's ease of use, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and its capability to create visually appealing designs that cater to business needs. As we unpack the benefits of transitioning to PicMonkey, we’ll highlight why upgrading to the paid version might just be the smartest decision for your creative ventures.

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User Reviews On Twitter

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    Shiran Lalji
    Will tweet wisdom if needed...49er, Lakers, and Flames fan that lives in Calgary. Crypto enthusiasts…
    Relax...you have $MOVR mnk.ee/p/w6PLybPM7j3
  • Christine_Sartory icon
    Voting starts Monday at 8am mnk.ee/p/TEc5frAUR3T
  • Vipin icon
    • Tweets about Al, Tech, Tips and Tricks + Resources. DM For Collaboration. I also help people to grow on twitter.
    Canva is awesome but use these alternatives 🚀

    • PicMonkey

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    • Piktochart

    Save it
  • Peleckis icon
    Assistant Principal, Sun Valley High School. Youth Mental Health First-Aid Instructor
    SVHS's underwater robot has no propellers, it's completely propelled by changes in buoyancy. How cool is that? www.picmonkey.com/p/8r7EuUqnat4
  • Nelly R Q icon
    Nelly R Q
    Your Python Gal • Tweeting hot takes on AI and tech for your life hacks
    25+ AI Tools That Make You Unstoppable (to Make $$$/Month):

    1. Writing

    2. Design
  • Chef Adriana icon
    Chef Adriana
    Author of The Best of Mexican Cooking, The Super Easy Taco & Taco Obsession #onsalenow #teclaawards winner #chef #cookbookauthor RTs/Shares Not Endorsements
    AD ~ I love PicMonkey makes it easy to create graphics for social media and my recipes looking even tastier. Try it > picmonkey.love/ref/5Kpbjr #PicMonkey #foodphotography
    twitter post image
  • The Book Disciple icon
    The Book Disciple
    Leading you to your next great romance! #BookReviews #RomanceNovels #HEA
    Are you ready for "Pencil Me In"? @baecrate mnk.ee/p/5NkN4B5nTqk
  • ☾ GRYPHON 🐾 icon
    ☾ GRYPHON 🐾
    Writer account. 28. ┊ 21+ ʀᴘ ┊ 🇨🇦 🐾 08/22/12 - 12/17/21🐾
    Alright, guys. I've been contemplating this for a while. I have a bad habit of taking the long way around so I don't use Photoshop to make my images, I use picmonkey.com to make my layouts and use photopea.com to add the PSD's on after. I'm debating >>
  • Ms. Archer icon
    Ms. Archer
    We made Self Care Vision Boards in Health class this week. Here's the one I made to show as an example for my students (and because it's fun!) I used PicMonkey.com for the template @brewsterschools @BCSD_BHSPrin @BCSD_Asst_Supt
    twitter post image
  • The Friendly Agency icon
    The Friendly Agency
    Digital experience design.
    What do you think of these #graphicdesign trends for 2019? #design buff.ly/2DHoGID
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What users think about PicMonkey - from Twitter

  • PicMonkey is presented as a useful alternative to Canva for creating graphic designs.
  • Users appreciate PicMonkey for its ease of creating social media graphics and enhancing food photography.
  • PicMonkey is considered amongst other AI tools that contribute to productivity and potential earnings.
  • Some users prefer PicMonkey for creating layouts over Photoshop, but may use additional tools for more complex edits.
  • Educators use PicMonkey as a resource for creating visual materials like self-care vision boards in class.
  • PicMonkey is part of discussions regarding graphic design trends and tools.

PicMonkey Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of editing and design tools
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Regularly updated with new content and features

Cons :

  • Limited collaboration capabilities
  • Restricted file format support
  • No video editing or animation features
  • Reduced functionality in mobile version

PicMonkey FQA

  • 1Does PicMonkey support real-time collaboration?

    PicMonkey offers limited collaboration features. It lacks the ability to invite others to edit projects simultaneously or leave comments and feedback.

  • 2Can I use PicMonkey for large format images?

    PicMonkey may encounter issues with large format images, particularly in importing and exporting large-scale sizes.

PicMonkey Use Cases

  • Creating marketing materials
  • Social media post design
  • Graphic design for emails and events
  • Personal photo editing

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