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What is PhotoScissors ?

Discover PhotoScissors, the AI-powered Background Remover. Trained on millions of images, our deep neural networks autonomously extract objects and clear backgrounds. With remarkable precision and ease, PhotoScissors simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Embrace the future of background removal today with PhotoScissors.

Features :

  • AI-powered Background Remover
  • Automatic object extraction and background clearing
  • Supports editing and removing backgrounds from images
  • Option to replace background with a transparent, solid color, or background image
  • Trained deep neural networks on millions of images

Pricing :

  • PhotoScissors Desktop Version: $29.99
  • Pay As You Go: 1,000 Credits for $29.99, 200 Credits for $19.99, 50 Credits for $9.99, 10 Credits for $4.99
  • PhotoScissors + Inpaint Bundle: $49.98
  • Photo Editing Tools Bundle (PhotoScissors + Inpaint + iResizer + PhotoStitcher + DupHunter): $84.95

Estimated Visit Traffic :

324.45K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 28.77% | India - 5.78% | Poland - 4.12% | Argentina - 3.78% | China - 3.7%

PhotoScissors makes it easy peasy to remove backgrounds from photos

Hey there! It's Karen, and I'm here to guide you through the hassle-free process of stripping away photo backgrounds using PhotoScissors. You'll be amazed at how a few simple clicks can bring your images to life.

1. Getting Started with PhotoScissors

Once you've loaded your image into PhotoScissors, you decide what stays and what goes. With just a swipe of the green line across what you want to keep, and a dash of red over what you want to cut out, the process is set in motion.,The application is smart enough to work its magic quickly, outlining in yellow the areas that are being considered for removal or retention, providing you with an almost instantaneous preview.,Tos and fros of adjustments are a breeze; adding to the green or trimming with the red refines your selection. You're in control, and PhotoScissors is your trusty sidekick, making sure the background removal is spot-on.

2. Fine-Tuning Your Edits

Precision is key, and with PhotoScissors, you can tackle the tiny trouble spots with ease. Whether it's a sliver of background peeking through or a little too much taken from the main subject, quick corrections ensure your image remains perfect.,The most intricate details around your subject can be preserved with a few nuanced edits, ensuring the final output is exactly as you imagined it to be.,Even without diving into the eraser tool yet, PhotoScissors offers enough finesse to address the finer points of your images. As your familiarity with the tool grows, so does your ability to tweak your photos to perfection.

3. Customizing the Background

With the background subtracted, PhotoScissors lets you fill it with color or leave it transparent, an ideal choice for those looking to layer images or create graphics for various uses.,Switching backgrounds is simply a matter of preference, and whether you fancy a white cushion behind your subject or a completely transparent one, PhotoScissors has got your back—just a click is all it takes.,Even operating system differences don't hinder your creativity; PhotoScissors caters to all, with the same intuitive experience across Mac or Windows platforms.

4. Understanding Tool Availability

Frustration over the red tool not showing up seems to be a common problem for some users. Rest assured, this hiccup is most likely a minor glitch or user error that can be easily resolved.,For those puzzled by the yellow tool, it's important to note that it actually indicates which parts of the image are being targeted for either retention or removal, a vital aspect of understanding how PhotoScissors operates.,Reaching out to customer support or seeking guidance from tutorial resources often clears up confusion, ensuring everyone can make full use of the application's capabilities.

5. Saving Your Work Correctly

Concerns about downloading the image in the correct format are understandable; users want assurance that their hard work will be saved properly. PhotoScissors typically exports cutout images as PNGs, preserving transparency for further editing or use.,For those encountering a mammoth-sized cursor, fear not: the ability to adjust the tool's size should exist within the application's settings, allowing you to continue with precision.,These apprehensions are a natural part of the learning curve, but once mastered, they lead to a rewarding, seamless experience.

6. Cheer and Appreciation

It's heartening to see enthusiastic responses from users who find PhotoScissors to be 'awesome' and a time-saver for their editing needs.,The tool has received thanks from individuals who have been seeking an easy way to eliminate messy backgrounds, highlighting its effectiveness and efficiency.,Sharing experiences and tips about PhotoScissors can foster a community that helps each other to enhance their photo-editing skills.

7. PhotoScissors Video Summary

This article provides a walk-through for using PhotoScissors, a user-friendly tool for removing photo backgrounds. With a few straightforward steps, PhotoScissors can cleanly extract your subject from any picture, leaving behind a transparent or colored backdrop of your choice.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Tony Vincent icon
    Tony Vincent
    Dad ⭐️ Educator ⭐️ Speaker ⭐️ Former grade 5 teacher ⭐️ Substitute teacher ⭐️ @Shapegrams
    ✂️ Upload a photo to online.photoscissors.com. Mark what to keep with green and what to remove with red. See the results instantly, and download as a PNG with a transparent background. Now you can insert the picture onto a new background!
    twitter post image
  • Tony Vincent icon
    Tony Vincent
    Dad ⭐️ Educator ⭐️ Speaker ⭐️ Former grade 5 teacher ⭐️ Substitute teacher ⭐️ @Shapegrams
    ⭐️ Online.PhotoScissors.com and Remove.bg are two of my favorite online tools for cutting out objects and people from photos. #ClassyGraphics
    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Brad Dale icon
    Brad Dale
    Husband, Dad, Methacton teacher, Google Trainer, Wakelet & Flipgrid Ambassador, Apple Teacher, and Certified Microsoft Educator. Love Philly sports!
    Remove the background or parts of an image and save it to your computer with Photoscissors. online.photoscissors.com/

    twitter post image
  • Richard Byrne icon
    Richard Byrne
    I wrote 17,500 blog posts about edtech. Now I mostly make videos about it. Dad, Skier, Fly Fisher, Cyclist. 1L Student https://t.co/5bM94o2Kxv
    For those who were looking for alternatives to Remove.bg because of its cover image, try online.photoscissors.com same functions cc: @tonyvincent
    twitter post image
  • BernardAP icon
    Proud Assistant Principal of amazing staff and students of Harlow Elementary All opinions are my own
    I learned about photoscissors.com #mavericksonamission. Thanks Jennifer J! @MarionMavericks
  • Dustin Mundey icon
    Dustin Mundey
    Husband, father, teacher, math nerd, tech nerd, Believer!
    Easy online tool our students can use to spice up their work!PhotoScissors Background Removal Tool - Easily Remove Background from Photos Online! online.photoscissors.com/
  • Eric N. Rodríguez, PhD. icon
    Eric N. Rodríguez, PhD.
    Believer; Educator Y22; PhD EdTech; Digital Learning Coach; Adj. Faculty; Google Trainer; #DLCHumor;🎙️Co-host #DLDiamond Podcast w/@mrtoblerstech
    Do ever want to remove the background to an image? If you don’t have photosissors you should! Simple, easy, and free to use!! online.photoscissors.com
    twitter post image
  • Jake Miller icon
    Jake Miller
    #EduDuctTape + #TheEdTechNewsBrief, speaker, author {former #edtech coach, #STEM, Math & Science Teacher} Personalized Learning Specialist (@JakeMillerESC)
    When removing backgrounds from pictures, option 1 is remove.bg, option 2 is this one (online.photoscissors.com) and option 3 is @lunapiccom.
  • Serge Courrier | mastodon.social/@secou icon
    Serge Courrier | mastodon.social/@secou
    Consultant, formateur : veille stratégique, OSINT, intelligence économique... Désormais actif sur Mastodon, Bluesky et Linkedin. Pour mon actu #RSS : @RSSCircus
    [#IMINT] PhotoScissors Online: just a simple free online tool to help detect photomontage by removing background (before subtmiting the image to a reverse image search engine) :
    twitter post image
  • Yegor Bugayenko icon
    Yegor Bugayenko
    I love programming; co-founder of https://t.co/a85MFEh1V5; co-author of https://t.co/gPKQ7zNt5K; co-creator of https://t.co/YXwDE3eR96; co-organizer of @iccq_ru.
    Awesome online tool to remove background from your images: online.photoscissors.com/

What users think about PhotoScissors - from Twitter

  • PhotoScissors is an online tool for removing image backgrounds, accessible at online.photoscissors.com.
  • Users can upload a photo, mark the foreground with green and the background with red to remove it, and get results instantly.
  • The service allows for the download of images with a transparent background in PNG format for easy overlay onto new backgrounds.
  • PhotoScissors is recommended as a simple, user-friendly, and free alternative to similar tools like Remove.bg.
  • It is considered a useful resource for graphic design, evidenced by its mention under #ClassyGraphics.
  • Educational professionals suggest it as an easy tool for students to use to enhance their projects.
  • PhotoScissors is also recommended for preparing images for reverse image searches to help detect photomontages.

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