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What is Clipping Magic ?

Clipping Magic is an online platform designed for removing backgrounds from images. It combines AI-driven auto-clip features and a smart editor for both automation and manual control in background removal tasks. The tool is useful for a variety of purposes, including eCommerce, graphic design, and general image editing.

Features :

  • AI-driven automatic background removal
  • Smart Editor for manual adjustments
  • Bulk removal for large catalogs of product photos
  • Scalpel tool for precision cuts
  • Instantly shareable edited images with secure URL

Pricing :

  • $3.32 / month (billed yearly, 180 credits/year)
  • $6.65 / month (billed yearly, 1,200 credits/year)
  • $16.65 / month (billed yearly, 6,000 credits/year)
  • $24.99 / month (billed yearly, 12,000 credits/year)
  • $37.49 / month (billed yearly, 24,000 credits/year)
  • $62.49 / month (billed yearly, 48,000 credits/year)
  • $0.030 to $0.221 per credit depending on the plan

Estimated Visit Traffic :

1.22M /Month

User Distribution :

Vietnam - 9.41% | United States - 7.82% | Mexico - 7.54% | Guatemala - 5.4% | Poland - 4.74%

Clipping Mask Photoshop Tutorial & Shortcuts

Looking for a way to elevate your design skills in Adobe Photoshop? Don't miss our comprehensive guide on using clipping masks—a beloved feature among digital designers. Dive into this tutorial to learn the nuts and bolts of clipping masks and discover nifty shortcuts that will speed up your workflow!

1. Getting Started with Clipping Masks

To kick things off, you’ll need Photoshop, which can be quite pricey unless you're in a position to snag an educational discount. Simply download the software from Adobe’s website or consider the Creative Suite Express option, if you're eligible.,Once you’ve got Photoshop installed, open up the application and have a couple of layers ready to work with. For this tutorial, I’m using my logo as the base layer and a colorful gradient as the second layer.,Remember, the key to a successful clipping mask is to have one layer with 'negative space', such as an outline or text, which allows the details of the underlying layer to shine through.

2. Magical Shortcuts to Simplify Your Process

Photoshop is packed with shortcuts to make your life easier, and clipping masks are no exception. Use 'Command + Option + G' (or 'Ctrl + Alt + G' on Windows) on the image or color layer you want to clip to the layer beneath.,If shortcuts aren't your thing, you can also right-click the layer and select 'Create Clipping Mask' from the menu. Want to move the clipped layer around? Simply hold down the 'Command' (or 'Ctrl') key and drag to your desired position.,Incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow will not only save time but also allow you to experiment with different visual effects with ease.

3. Adding Images and Effects to Text

Clipping masks don’t just work with gradients; you can also clip images to text or other graphic elements. Websites like Pexels offer a treasure trove of royalty-free stock images that can bring your text to life.,You can drag and drop, copy and paste, or save and upload images into Photoshop to work with them. After placing the image above your text or graphic, hit 'Command + Option + G' and watch as the magic unfolds, instantly integrating the image with your design.,To add more depth, consider applying effects to your masked image. For instance, a simple drop shadow can create a sense of dimension. Simply Option-drag (or Alt-drag on Windows) an effect from one layer to the applied layer to replicate it easily.

4. Clipping Magic Video Summary

This article takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use clipping masks in Photoshop, offering time-saving shortcuts and practical examples. Whether you're working on a personal project or a professional design, mastering clipping masks can add depth and creativity to your creations. Plus, we provide insights for students and teachers on accessing Photoshop at a discounted rate. By the end of this article, you’ll not only be familiar with clipping masks but also be equipped with the know-how to apply striking visual effects effortlessly.

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    هذا موقع عظيم يشيل لك الخلفية من الصور بشكل مذهل, وبعدها تحط الخلفية اللي تبيها😍
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    |مؤسس حسابات تقنية ، عاشق للسفر ✈، ،مفضلتي كنز تقني |القوة تجذب القوة|
    هذا الموقع يسمح لك بازالة الخلفية من الصور بشكل مذهل وبعدها تستطيع اضافة الخلفية التي تريد اضافتها
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    مواقع مفيدة ومجانية لحذف خلفيات الصور بدقة عالية واحترافية ودون الحاجة لثبيت برامج
    ✅تختصر لك الوقت
    1️⃣ clippingmagic.com
    2️⃣ remove.bg
    3️⃣ backgroundcut.co
    4️⃣ photoscissors.com
    5️⃣ burner.bonanza.com
    فضلها فقد تحتاجها👌
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    علي الزويد
    معلم ومدرب | مهتم بنشر المعرفة التقنية ودمج التقنية في التعليم
    أفضل المواقع المجانية لحذف خلفيات الصور باحترافية ودون الحاجة لثبيت برامج
    background burner
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    Want a quick way to remove backgrounds from images? Try ClippingMagic.com. Been usinig it for years and it's EXTREMELY fast. Few $ a month. This screenshot [hopefully] shows/explains how I did the 2nd image.
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  • Cyber Detective💙💛 icon
    Cyber Detective💙💛
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    Compare 6 services for BG remove
    All give DIFFERENT results
    All do ERRORS
    For optimal results, it's need to combine it.
    1 remove.bg🌟
    2 inpixio.com
    3 clippingmagic.com
    4 slazzer.com
    5 removal.ai🌟
    6 spark.adobe.com
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    งาน Marvel เรามีรางวัลอัดฉีดทีมเขียวด้วยนะ


What users think about Clipping Magic - from Twitter

  • Clipping Magic is an online tool that removes image backgrounds and allows users to add a white or different background of choice.
  • Many users find Clipping Magic to be an amazing website for its ability to remove backgrounds from photos remarkably.
  • The tool is popular for its convenience as it does not require software installation and is considered time-efficient.
  • Clipping Magic is part of a list of useful and free websites that provide high-precision and professional background removal.
  • Compared to other services, Clipping Magic is noted for being extremely fast and user-friendly at an affordable cost.
  • Some users share their positive long-term experiences with the service, suggesting it outperforms other background removal tools.
  • One of the user content suggests that for optimal background removal results, combining different services with Clipping Magic may be necessary.

Clipping Magic Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Efficient and fast background removal
  • High precision in editing
  • Suitable for professional use in eCommerce and graphic design
  • Continuous improvement with AI learning from real-world images

Cons :

  • Issues with subscription model and billing practices
  • Lack of refunds and credit retention after cancellation
  • Some customer service concerns

Clipping Magic FQA

  • 1What file formats are supported?

    JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. CMYK color space may cause issues.

  • 2What is the maximum image size?

    25 megapixels, with a maximum file size of 30 megabytes.

  • 3What browsers are supported?

    Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Clipping Magic Use Cases

  • eCommerce product shots
  • Graphic design
  • Team photos
  • Scrapbooking

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