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What is Mokker AI ?

Mokker AI is an AI-powered tool specializing in instant background replacement for product photos. It enables users to upload a product image and have the AI replace the background in a realistic way, suitable for high-resolution, print-ready product images. This tool is particularly useful for e-commerce product imagery, providing tailored, high-quality images for websites and social media.

Features :

  • Instant AI background replacement
  • 100+ templates available
  • High-quality images suitable for websites, social media, and print
  • Flexible and customizable to match brand aesthetics
  • Industry-specific templates and examples
  • No need for manual Photoshop editing
  • User-friendly and accessible to all skill levels

Pricing :

  • Free version available
  • Starter plan: $13/month, includes 500 photos per month
  • Team plan: $29/user/month, offers unlimited photos
  • Organization plan: Starting from $83.25, includes priority support and a custom AI model

Estimated Visit Traffic :

125.75K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 21.22% | China - 16.93% | Korea, Republic of - 4.14% | India - 3.78% | France - 2.98%

Mokker ai Review: Honest Review + FULL DEMO

Hey folks, welcome to our in-depth look at Mokker.ai, the cloud-based app designed to spruce up your e-commerce product photos. In this article, we'll give you the lowdown on how it works, what you can expect, and a step-by-step demo to get you started.

1. Getting Started with Mokker.ai

Mokker.ai's interface is straightforward and intuitive, guiding users from the get-go. Starting off, you pick your product type, such as furniture or clothing, before diving deeper into your creative session.,After naming your item and selecting its category, you're one step closer to designing those eye-catching images. It's all about customization and tailoring the template to meet your needs.,Mokker.ai's platform gently walks users through every stage, ensuring that the process is seamless and user-friendly, a big plus for those less tech-savvy or newer to photo editing software.

2. Creating Your Masterpiece

Once you've selected a template that catches your eye, uploading your product images is a breeze. Mokker.ai takes it from there, processing your pictures into a professional photoset.,The wait can be a bit of suspense, taking around 30 minutes for Mokker.ai to work its magic. But patience pays off when you see your products showcased against stunning backdrops.,Downloading your new images is just a click away. It's like unwrapping a present as you scroll through various background themes—each bringing a unique vibe to your product.

3. The Final Verdict

The results are in, and they're a mixed bag. While many templates deliver impressive photos perfect for any e-commerce site, not every template hits the bullseye.,One standout image blew us away, proving that the right background can make your product pop. It's all about finding that perfect match with Mokker.ai's tools.,Whether you're a pro photographer or a hands-on shop owner, Mokker.ai has the potential to elevate your product imagery. With a few tweaks and the right choices, you could be looking at your next bestseller photo.

4. Mokker AI Video Summary

Mokker.ai promises to revolutionize the way e-commerce professionals present their products with high-quality photos. Through its user-friendly interface and diverse template selections, users can effortlessly generate a variety of professional backgrounds for their product images. However, the results may vary depending on the user's choice of templates. Continue reading for a detailed exploration of Mokker.ai's capabilities and user experience.

User Reviews On Twitter

  • The Grandmaster icon
    The Grandmaster
    Manchester United for Life!
    Use images to grab attention, and use AI to generate these fast and quickly:

    For text to image:
    ➡️ stablediffusionweb.com/
    ➡️ pebblely.com/
    ➡️ starryai.com/

    For remixing images:
    ➡️ www.artbreeder.com/

    For removing background:
    ➡️ mokker.ai/
  • David icon

    So you're telling me basically with all the online AI tools in 3 years we'll be useless as shit?

    Do you know any other AI?
  • mokker icon
    Create stunning images of your produts with https://t.co/14mHzufvfK
    Generative AI for commercial photography now reached a level where it's indistinguishable from real photos. Don't believe that? Do the test if you can tell Gen-AI and real photos apart:


    You can even test out the AI by yourself on mokker.com
  • Adrian Gombala 💎 icon
    Adrian Gombala 💎
    FullStack Designer 💎 Daily UX/UI and Graphic design tips and news 💎
    mokker.ai - Professional product photos, instantly. From a single product image.
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    Hello Chasers,

    With the revolution that is going on with artificial intelligence (AI) the job of marketing your business will be faster, efficient, cost-effective and easier...

    Read our blog post now and stay ahead of the game. 👉👉 www.ceebeks.com/mokker-ai/
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  • Tulsi Soni icon
    Tulsi Soni
    mai tulsi apne angan ki ♥ | Top LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Voice| 190k+LinkedIn | Building @growtheye_ | Ghostwriter for your Brand| Influencer Marketing|
    5. Creating Professional Photos

    Tool Name: Mokker AI

    🔸Name the Product
    🔸 Select a category
    🔸 Select Template
    🔸 Add pictures
    🔸Let AI do the magic.

    Try for free: mokker.ai
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  • Mirko Vodegel icon
    Mirko Vodegel
    Full-Time nerd, computer graphics enthusiast and creator of https://t.co/wxtlnRqeCO & https://t.co/OJ7FLqdRkT
    Launched mokker.ai today: create professional photos of your product - made with AI. Try with your own product (first training and first few images are free today)!

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    Launch Club
    Stop stressing over promoting your product launch. Join the club and let’s help each other out.
    Congratulations to mokker.ai and for making the Product Hunt Hot 100 list. Support them today at www.producthunt.com/posts/mokker-ai?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+Zapier+%28ID%3A+41%29

    Don't forget to follow us golaunchclub for pr
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  • Stefan Lobnig icon
    Stefan Lobnig
    🦾 transforming visual content creation
    Launched mokker.ai today: create professional photos of your product - made with AI. Try with your own product (first training for free)
  • Sharyph icon
    📝Tech Writer | 👨‍💻Digital Creator | Growth Strategist | AI Content Marketer
    5. Creating Professional Photos

    Tool Name: Mokker AI

    → Name the Product
    → Select a category
    → Select Template
    → Add pictures
    → Let AI do the magic.

    Try for free: mokker.ai/
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What users think about Mokker AI - from Twitter

  • Mokker AI is a tool for generating professional product photos quickly from a single product image.
  • The platform allows users to name a product, select a category and template, add pictures, and let AI create the images.
  • Mokker AI has functionalities for removing the background from images and remixing them to create new visuals.
  • There's an online community buzz suggesting that in a few years, with the rise of AI tools like Mokker AI, traditional skills might become obsolete.
  • Users can test the AI by creating images on mokker.com and there is a challenge to differentiate between AI-generated and real commercial photos.
  • Mokker AI has been featured on Product Hunt, making the Hot 100 list, indicating its growing popularity.
  • The service offers free trials, allowing users to test it with their own products without upfront costs.

Mokker AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Ease of use with no technical knowledge required
  • Wide range of templates catering to various industries
  • High-quality, tailored product photography
  • Free trial available

Cons :

  • Free plan is limited to 40 photos once and then 12 photos per day
  • AI model may not perfectly capture the nuances of more complex or creative shots

Mokker AI FQA

  • 1Can Mokker AI replace backgrounds in any type of product image?

    Yes, Mokker AI is designed to work with a wide range of product images across various industries.

  • 2How long does it take to generate AI photos with Mokker AI?

    Mokker AI generates high-quality product photos in a matter of seconds.

  • 3Can I customize the AI-generated photos to match my brand’s aesthetic?

    Absolutely! Mokker AI allows customization of the AI-generated photos to align with your brand’s aesthetic.

Mokker AI Use Cases

  • E-commerce product imagery
  • Creating professional photos for websites
  • Generating engaging images for social media
  • Producing high-resolution, print-ready product images

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