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What is Dumme ?

Dumme revolutionizes video creations for content creators by leveraging AI to generate short videos from any video or podcast, regardless of length or content type. It automatically identifies clip-worthy moments while preserving the original's context and structure, creating ready-to-upload shorts complete with captions, titles, and descriptions for optimized platform performance. This tool is especially beneficial for creators with existing long-form content, supporting a wide range of languages.

Features :

  • AI-powered identification of clip-worthy moments
  • Automatic generation of shorts with captions, titles, and descriptions
  • Support for a wide range of languages
  • Designed for various content types, including video and podcasts
  • Optimization for algorithmic performance across all platforms

Pricing :

  • Pricing model details are not available as the product has not been launched yet. However, Dumme was considering a tiered pricing strategy during testing, with businesses potentially paying $0.40 per minute of video processed and smaller creators possibly opting for a monthly subscription capped at 10 hours of content per month. These details may change and during its testing phase, the product was free to use.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

21.42K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 11.9% | Italy - 8.02% | Russia - 7.87% | United States - 6.53% | Turkey - 4.07%

Use THIS AI: Master Short Content! | Dumme

Are you eager to turn lengthy videos into pithy, engaging shorts? Imagine an AI wizard that seamlessly trims, edits, and captions content for potent, bite-sized enjoyment. Although not yet publicly accessible, Dumme is the cutting-edge tool that I've had the pleasure of testing, and it's set to revolutionize content creation. Stick around as I unveil the magic behind Dumme and reveal how it could become a lucrative asset in your digital toolkit.

1. Introducing Dumme's AI Capabilities

This AI-powered tool is still under wraps, but I've had the golden ticket to try it out. Dumme specializes in condensing extensive videos into snackable shorts, complete with smart editing and captioning. Although it's just the dawn of AI tools in content creation, Dumme is a glimpse into a future where such technology only gets more refined.,Currently, joining the waitlist is the gateway to experiencing Dumme firsthand. The website itself, despite the ambiguous pronunciation, is a treasure trove of information on its offerings. Once inside, the adventure starts with a neatly organized interface, boasting features like project monitoring, short creation, and user support.,I found that podcasts and interviews get the royal treatment from Dumme, while it’s not quite ready for the action-packed frames of gameplays or sports. This is likely because the AI more effectively follows the video's narrative and less camera movement, making it a top pick for dialogue-driven content.

2. Creating Content with Dumme

Entering the creative space of Dumme, you can generate projects easily. All it takes is a YouTube link to feed the AI, and it cleverly dishes out multiple shorts. The platform ingeniously understands the context, even crafting appealing titles and summaries for your mini-masterpieces, making it a breeze to share on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.,There's a novel feature where Dumme not only adds captions in the video's original language but can also translate and subtitle in a selection of different languages. This greatly broadens the appeal and accessibility of the created content across global audiences.,Despite its prowess in generating content, I observed that Dumme's not without its foibles. It struggles with videos containing significant movement or multiple speakers and doesn’t yet recognize when the original video already includes captions. However, it's impressive in its current form, and its limitations hint at areas ripe for future development.

3. Community Buzz and Anticipation

The excitement around Dumme is tangible within the community. Viewers are already voicing their enthusiasm, chiming in with desires for invite codes and sharing in the anticipation of joining the waitlist.,Many see the potential for Dumme to facilitate content creation, and there's a definite buzz about the tool aiding in generating passive income. Prospective users are sharing tips and eagerly discussing the possibilities that Dumme opens up for them.,Not everyone is fully convinced, as some skepticism remains. A few users question the ethical implications of AI in content creation, invoking voices like Mo Gawdat to highlight the importance of mindful AI development and usage. It's a reminder that as we embrace these tools, we must also engage in the broader dialogue about their place in our society.

4. Practical Tips and Monetization Strategies

For the enterprising creators, practical methods have been floated to monetize the wonders of Dumme. Suggestions range from starting an automated YouTube channel filled with curated shorts to creating a Fiverr gig for transforming long-form content into shorts with the help of Dumme.,To excel with this AI, adding a personal touch, such as music or simple editing, seems crucial. As AI tools become more ubiquitous, standing out will require a blend of machine efficiency and human creativity.,Even for those less inclined to put in extra work, Dumme offers a chance to profit with minimal effort. Whether it's a push for individual creativity or a solution for expanding one's reach with multilingual content, this tool is carving out new economic opportunities for those prepared to ride the AI wave.

5. Dumme Video Summary

In this article, we explore Dumme, an AI tool that promises to transform comprehensive content into succinct shorts ideal for social media and more. We examine its capabilities, workflow, and potential for both content creators and those looking for passive income opportunities. Despite a few current limitations, Dumme's powerful features and future prospects make it an exciting addition to any creator's arsenal.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • しょーてぃー | Experience Designer icon
    しょーてぃー | Experience Designer
    ▶Ex.Designer | Executive AI Director at Connected Mobility Company | AIAD運営副代表 | PM DAO Core Contributor ▶事業やサービスの体験設計 | 全社AI戦略・推進 |デザイン組織AI活用相談役 | ワークショップデザイン


    twitter post image
  • Rowan Cheung icon
    Rowan Cheung
    Founder @therundownai. Sharing the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence.
    This new tool uses AI to create short-form content from existing long-form videos.

    This means you no longer have to edit your long youtube videos into shorts, just use AI 🤯

    You can sign up for early access here: dumme.com/
    twitter post image
  • HiperZeka icon
    Bilgi Yayıcı, Yapay Zekâ Meraklısı, Prompt Kurcalayıcı, Teknolojik Geek 🤖🚀
    Video içerik üretmenizi 100x kolaylaştıracak yapay zeka destekli 7 internet sitesi 🖥️🚀

    [Mutlaka kaydet lazım oluyor📩 ]

    1/ opus.pro
    2/ submagic.co
    3/ klap.app
    4/ 2short.ai
    5/ dumme.com
    twitter post image
  • Linus (●ᴗ●) icon
    Linus (●ᴗ●)
    AI Gardener & Designer. Follow to get the latest AI trends, learn how to use AI tools to augment yourself
    Never edit your shorts again!

    This AI tool will save you hundreds of hours...

    Dumme is editing tool for shorts on steroids. Made by some fellow Swedes.

    There are currently 20.000 people in line 😬
    BUT you can jump the line using my link below 💪

    twitter post image
  • Sai Rahul icon
    Sai Rahul
    Sharing insights on Al, Tech Tools, Online Business, & Productivity 🛠️ Founder of https://t.co/zYLVAN4mWB - fastest way to grow your Insta 🚀
    3/ Dumme

    Never edit shorts again!

    Turn videos into engaging shorts in minutes with zero editing needed.

    🔗 dumme.com
    twitter post image
  • Yash icon
    Building legendary stuff. Java, Spring Boot, Angular, React, Next.js, AWS. AI enthusiast. Sharing what I learn - Developers assemble here. #buildinpublic
    5 FREE AI tools you must try (Bookmark worthy)

    1. Turn videos to shorts → dumme.com

    2. Mock Interviews → demo.useliftoff.com

    3. Image editing → photoroom.com

    4. Pro Videos → roll.ai

    5. Charts → graphy.app
  • Alhoued icon
    Businessman in the soul and analyst programmer in the heart 😎
    🙂This new tool uses #AI to create short formats from pre-existing long videos.

    This means you no longer need to edit your long youtube videos into shorts, just use AI🤯.

    You can register for early access here: dumme.com

    You create short format, would that be…
    twitter post image
  • Andrii Kladchenko icon
    Andrii Kladchenko
    Idea millionaire 💰| researching unexpected money hustles | applying AI where it makes sense
    Dumme: Use AI to transform videos into engaging shorts, quickly.

    Find out more at dumme.com.
    twitter post image
  • TechHunter icon
    Sharing insights on AI 🤖️, Tech Tools 👨‍💻 & Online Business 💼 Helping people get into Tech and make money with AI & Digital Skills
    @LatteSocial @OpusClip 3 Dumme : Video productions shorts in a minute.

    Try here :

    🔗 dumme.com
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  • IAmigo Inteligente | IA Marketing icon
    IAmigo Inteligente | IA Marketing
    Un antiguo genio de Facebook Ads que te enseña a combinar Marketing y la IA para impulsar tu negocio trabajando menos ⚡️
    5. Dumme

    Utiliza IA para convertir videos en cortos atractivos, rápidamente.

    twitter post image

What users think about Dumme - from Twitter

  • Dumme is an AI-powered tool that automatically creates short, social media-ready videos from longer content.
  • It generates numerous subtitle-included short video candidates from a single longer video, adding a layer of convenience and humor.
  • The tool is designed to significantly simplify the video content creation process, potentially by a hundredfold, and is listed among other important AI tools for content creators.
  • Dumme promises to save users hundreds of hours by eliminating the need for manual editing of short video formats.
  • The tool is so popular that there's a waiting list of 20,000 people, but referrals can help users jump the queue.
  • Dumme is recognized as a must-try, free AI tool for converting videos to shareable shorts efficiently.
  • It caters to a growing demand for easy conversion of long videos into short, digestible formats without the need for traditional editing.

Dumme Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Saves time and resources on video editing
  • Automatically optimizes content for short-form platforms
  • Supports most languages, broadening audience reach

Cons :

  • Not yet launched, with pricing model details pending
  • May not be suitable for content without spoken words, such as long gameplay videos

Dumme FQA

  • 1How does Dumme create short videos?

    Dumme uses AI to analyze videos and podcasts, identifying and extracting key moments based on the content's metadata, transcription, and emotional cues. It employs models like GPT-4 and Whisper, among others developed in-house, to determine clip-worthy segments and optimize them for short-form platforms.

  • 2What platforms does Dumme support?

    Dumme is designed for content creators looking to publish on short-form platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. It's suitable for a wide range of content types, supporting most languages.

Dumme Use Cases

  • Generating short-form content from long-form videos and podcasts
  • Creating ready-to-upload shorts for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels
  • Enhancing online presence for content creators with minimal effort

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