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What is VEED ?

VEED is an intuitive, web-based platform revolutionizing the way we create videos. With its user-friendly interface, VEED empowers users to craft professional-quality Video Creations without the need for complex software. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or educator, VEED offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your videos with subtitles, apply filters, and much more, making it the go-to choice for video editing online.

Features :

  • Auto-generate subtitles, text formatting, and stock library
  • Music & soundwaves, transcriptions, background removal
  • Silences & noise removal, filters & effects, auto-resizing
  • Live collaboration, images & stickers, annotations

Pricing :

  • VEED offers a range of pricing options to cater to different needs. It provides a Free Plan for basic video editing, a Basic Plan at $12/month (billed annually) for more advanced features including 1080p video quality and 24x7 chat support, and a Pro Plan at $24/month (billed annually) which includes up to 4K video quality, subtitle translation, and branding tools.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

11.10M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 12.98% | India - 11.89% | Brazil - 3.68% | United Kingdom - 3.3% | Russia - 3.06%

Unleashing Creativity with VEED.IO: The Premier AI Video Editing Application

In the ever-evolving world of content creation, video editors constantly seek tools that blend ease of use with powerful features. VEED.IO emerges as a game-changer, boasting an AI-powered platform that promises professional results without the complexities often associated with video editing software.

1. Comprehensive Dashboard Overview

Upon creating an account on VEED.IO, users are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard. It offers the ability to create new projects, record videos directly, or even craft videos with avatars for those who prefer to avoid the spotlight.,Particularly intriguing is the 'create Avatar video' feature, where AI generates a voiceover from your script, and an avatar articulates your words in the video. This allows for a level of customization and personalization that extends beyond many traditional editing tools.,Users can also take advantage of ready-made templates for varying project types, from business presentations to social media snippets, ensuring a professional edge to final outputs.

2. Recording and Editing Made Simple

VEED.IO simplifies video recording by seamlessly connecting with your camera and microphone. After recording, editing is a breeze with the application's intuitive interface that includes features such as 'clean audio' and the revolutionary 'eye contact' correction tool.,Errors during recording, such as imperfect eye contact or slip-ups in the script, can easily be adjusted post-recording, demonstrating how VEED.IO prioritizes an error-forgiving process for content creators.,Editing features include trimming, captions, and the application of various styles and transitions, supporting creators in producing content that's not only polished but also engaging and attention-grabbing.

3. Subtitle and Language Accessibility

With VEED.IO, adding subtitles is an effortless task thanks to its auto-subtitling feature. Creators can refine their audience reach with subtitle styling options and even translate the content into multiple languages—an invaluable tool in today's globalized content space.,The application supports a wide variety of languages including Arabic and Hindi, breaking down the language barriers and dramatically expanding the potential audience base for content creators.,The subtitles feature not only enhances accessibility but also improves viewer engagement, making it easier for audiences to follow along and absorb the content, regardless of their native tongue.

4. Understanding VEED.IO's Value Proposition

Users should be aware that while VEED.IO offers an extensive suite of editing tools and features, its full functionality is locked behind a paywall. This may affect those seeking a robust free-to-use solution for their editing needs.,However, the investment into a VEED.IO subscription can yield significant returns in terms of time saved and professional-level results, making it a compelling choice for serious content creators.,The platform also occasionally provides handsome discounts on their annual plans, giving budget-conscious users an opportunity to tap into its premium features without breaking the bank.

5. The User Perspective on VEED.IO

Audience feedback points to a mix of admiration and critique. Some praise VEED.IO for its powerful features and the professionalism it adds to their videos, while others yearn for unlimited access without financial commitments.,The last portion of one review explicitly denotes the need for a subscription for 'real usage', highlighting a common user sentiment regarding the cost versus benefit of the software.,Ultimately, the consensus leans positively, with users finding ample value in VEED.IO's capabilities, as long as the subscription cost aligns with their individual or business objectives.

6. VEED Video Summary

VEED.IO stands out in the realm of video editing with its intuitive interface, AI-based features for eye-contact correction, avatar videos, and automatic subtitles, among others. Its ability to facilitate editing from any corner of the world with just a web connection underscores its convenience, though it's worth noting that to unlock its full potential, a subscription is required.

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What users think about VEED - from Twitter

  • VEED.io is making waves as a must-try AI video tool in 2024, frequently mentioned in lists highlighting top AI tools.
  • It's not just the general tech crowd; VEED.io's VideoGPT feature, in particular, is garnering obsessive fans for its capabilities.
  • The AI tool has been spotlighted as a top choice for generating 'Text to Video', indicating its proficiency in transforming written content into compelling video formats.
  • VEED's user base is not limited to licensed professionals, suggesting a broader appeal and potential concerns regarding accessibility for the average user.
  • VEED.io is ranked alongside other notable names in the AI video generator space, suggesting a competitive edge in features or user experience.
  • The platform has been highlighted for its ability to create short videos, although there seems to be a time limitation on the free version's output.

VEED Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Intuitive user interface, making it easy for beginners
  • Comprehensive video editing features from basic to advanced levels
  • Wide range of templates for various sectors and video orientations
  • Versatile recording options and live streaming features
  • Superior audio options including 'Clean Audio' for noise removal

Cons :

  • Free plan is basic and may not meet the needs of all users
  • Absence of a media library can complicate managing numerous projects
  • Some users may find the tool's capabilities too basic for enterprise-level editing
  • Reports of occasional bugs following updates


  • 1Can I add subtitles to my video with VEED?

    Yes, VEED allows users to automatically add subtitles to videos. It offers super-fast, accurate transcriptions and the ability to auto-sync the subtitles based on audio or upload a .srt file.

  • 2Is VEED suitable for professional video editing?

    Absolutely, VEED is loved by both professionals and beginners for its comprehensive video editing tools that include features like background noise removal, auto-resizing for different platforms, live collaboration, and more, making it ideal for a wide range of professional video editing tasks.

VEED Use Cases

  • Subtitles and translations, meetings and communication
  • Training and e-learning, marketing and social media

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