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What is 2short ?

2short.ai is an innovative AI tool designed to transform long YouTube videos into engaging, bite-sized content ideal for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Leveraging AI, 2short.ai extracts the most captivating moments from your videos, repurposing them into short clips that can significantly enhance your content's reach and engagement. This tool is a game-changer for content creators looking to optimize their video creations for the fast-paced digital landscape, offering a seamless way to amplify their presence across various social media platforms.

Features :

  • Advanced facial tracking to keep speakers centered.
  • One-click animated subtitles for enhanced engagement.
  • Unlimited high-quality exports without watermarks.
  • Support for various aspect ratios to fit different platforms.
  • Advanced editing and cropping tools for creative flexibility.
  • Brand presets for a consistent and professional look.

Pricing :

  • Free Starter Plan: 30 minutes of AI video analysis per month, view and export generated short clips, full feature access.
  • Lite Plan: $9.90/month for everything in Starter plus 5 hours of AI video analysis and 60 minutes of fast server-side exports per month.
  • Pro Plan: $19.90/month includes everything in Lite plus 15 hours of AI video analysis and unlimited fast server-side exports.
  • Premium Plan: $49.90/month for all Pro features, 50 hours of AI video analysis, and priority support with access to new beta features.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

378.54K /Month

User Distribution :

Brazil - 46.48% | India - 10.68% | United States - 9.82% | Russia - 3.63% | United Kingdom - 3.63%

How to Create a Buzz: Editing Viral AI Shorts for a Faceless YouTube Channel

Are you looking to make a splash on YouTube with captivating short videos, but prefer to stay behind the camera? Discover the magic of AI and learn how to produce engaging, viral shorts in minutes – perfect for your faceless YouTube channel. Get ready to wow your viewers with punchy content and skyrocket your online presence!

1. Unleashing AI Power

Imagine the possibility of creating 30 engaging YouTube shorts in just 4 minutes. AI technology has brought this within reach, transforming the content creation landscape.,To harness AI for editing shorts, start by selecting an AI-powered video editing tool that aligns with your content style and goals. Platforms like 2short AI offer intuitive interfaces geared for speed and creativity.,With AI, editing becomes seamless, allowing for rapid cuts, automated subtitle generation, and even creating animations or visual effects that make your videos pop.

2. Cultivating a Faceless Persona

To connect with your audience without revealing your identity, create a compelling faceless character or narrator. This persona can be the thread that ties your content together.,AI can also lend a hand in generating unique voiceovers that suit your brand's tone, ensuring your videos feel personal and engaging despite the lack of a visible presenter.,Your faceless channel can stand out by focusing on attractive visuals, enthralling storylines, and leveraging AI to keep the editing crisp and the content dynamic.

3. Viewer Praise and Interaction Request

Viewers have been thoroughly impressed by the potential of AI in creating content, with comments like 'I have so impressed with you good job 10q' highlighting the positive response.,Another viewer remarks on their excitement to present their video: 'Hi, viewers. I am extremely happy to do this video. Would you please help me by adding your comments, suggestions, and advice for how I can work more on online marketing contents?' This shows an eagerness for engagement and collaboration.,The call to action for viewers to contribute their thoughts suggests a desire for interactive community building, essential for any growing YouTube channel.

4. Gratitude for Accessible Tutorials

The sentiment of appreciation for user-friendly tutorials is echoed through feedback, as one viewer expresses: 'I really appreciate what you have done for all of us. Thank you profusely for your videos, easy-to-follow tutorial and extremely useful.',This acknowledgement signifies the high value placed on clarity and practicality in instructional content, proving that viewers seek out and respect guides that enable them to achieve their creative visions with ease.,The emphasis on 'extremely useful' content also underscores the demand for actionable advice that can directly impact a viewer's ability to create vibrant and successful YouTube shorts.

5. 2short Video Summary

Mastering the art of creating viral YouTube shorts with the aid of AI doesn't have to be daunting. This article provides a step-by-step guide to leverage artificial intelligence for crafting compelling videos that resonate with audiences – all without showing your face. Embrace the tips, tricks, and insights offered here to efficiently produce a stream of content sure to capture attention.

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  • HiperZeka icon
    Bilgi Yayıcı, Yapay Zekâ Meraklısı, Prompt Kurcalayıcı, Teknolojik Geek 🤖🚀
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    [Mutlaka kaydet lazım oluyor📩 ]

    1/ opus.pro
    2/ submagic.co
    3/ klap.app
    4/ 2short.ai
    5/ dumme.com
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  • Johnny Mor icon
    Johnny Mor
    Founder of Side Hustle Empire. I help creators build, grow and scale profitable businesses from home.
    The only 8 AI tools you need to 10x your productivity in seconds:

    1. AI Resume Builder

    2. Redesign Rooms

    3. Text to Video

    4. Text Notes

    5. Viral Clips

  • Harsh Makadia icon
    Harsh Makadia
    Founder of https://t.co/FHMNUJ3oB0, a software development agency. Helping businesses with Mobile, Web, AI and SaaS Development. Sharing lessons on leveraging Tech.
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    Studio Sound: descript.com
    Auto Docs: scribehow.com
    YouTube Shorts: 2short.ai
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    I teach people How to Make Money with AI👩‍💻 Love talking about👉AI Tools, Books, Online Business & High Value Skills
    5 Top AI tools for video creators to get started in 2023:

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    Sandhya Presents🚀
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    Elevate your content with AI generated
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    🔥 AI Tools To Try Today!

    Writing: yaara.ai
    Images: stockimg.ai
    Music: decoherence.co
    Detect ChatGPT: gptkit.ai
    Studio Sound: descript.com
    YouTube Shorts: 2short.ai
    Twitter: tweethunter.io
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    Ceebeks for GOOD
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    Hello Chasers,

    The world of tech tools is now starting to take on the influence of AI due to the speed and efficiency in which this technology can deliver and produce results.

    Explore our most recent post here 2short.ai at this link: www.ceebeks.com/2short-ai/
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  • Irina Daily Tech Tips icon
    Irina Daily Tech Tips
    I regularly tweet about useful (or just fun) online tools (mostly free). #ai #nocode #chatgpt. Work in @netlas_io
    A free and very fast service that generates "shorts" from any YouTube video. Just paste the link to video, choose one of the AI suggested shorts, edit and download in MP4.

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  • Purvesh Shende icon
    Purvesh Shende
    👨‍💻 Tweets: Web Dev, Tech Tools, AI and DevOps | Developer | Tech Geek | Loves to Code & Design
    Useful AI tools for Text, Design, Video and content.
    Text :
    @OpenAI 's ChatGpt
    @Adobe 's Firefly
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    Creating AI YouTube Shorts with 2short.ai
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What users think about 2short - from Twitter

  • 2short.ai is buzzing as a game-changer for video content creators, touted for significantly simplifying the video production process.
  • Users highlight 2short.ai as one of the go-to AI tools for boosting productivity, particularly when it comes to creating engaging viral clips or YouTube shorts.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly service that can create 'shorts' from lengthy YouTube videos, suggesting AI-generated snippets that users can edit and download easily.
  • 2short.ai appears on several recommended lists for AI tools in 2023, suggesting that it's quickly becoming a favorite among tech and content circles.
  • Described as a valuable asset for video creation, 2short.ai helps users in crafting compelling content by leveraging AI to automate and enhance the video editing process.

2short Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Saves time by automatically extracting the most engaging parts of videos.
  • Facilitates content repurposing across multiple social media platforms.
  • Offers a wide range of editing features and branding options.

Cons :

  • Requires videos to have captions for processing.
  • Limited free plan with restricted video analysis time.

2short FQA

  • 1How do I get started with 2short.ai?

    Getting started is straightforward: copy your YouTube video link, paste it into the 2short app, and let the AI transform it into engaging short clips with minimal effort.

  • 2What types of videos does 2short.ai support?

    2short.ai excels with spoken word videos, like podcasts and educational content, requiring captions for optimal performance. YouTube's auto-generated captions are typically sufficient.

  • 3Which languages does 2short.ai support?

    The platform supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, and more, constantly expanding its linguistic capabilities.

2short Use Cases

  • Transforming lengthy YouTube videos into engaging short clips.
  • Creating content for multiple platforms without extensive editing.
  • Expanding audience reach with optimized, captivating shorts.

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