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The Best Tools for AI Image Background Removal: Removing Backgrounds Made Simple

von Similartool.AI     Aktualisiert Jan 8, 2024

Are you tired of spending hours manually removing backgrounds from images? Well, look no further! In this analysis article, we will introduce you to the best AI tools for image background removal. With these tools, removing backgrounds from images has never been easier. Whether you're a professional designer or a casual user, these tools offer quick and accurate object detection, one-click solutions, and even AI-powered background replacement. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to beautiful, clean-cut images in no time.

1. Removal.AI

Removal.AI is an AI tool designed for removing unwanted elements from images and videos. It is suitable for professionals and casual users alike, offering quick and accurate object detection and removal. The tool also enhances the quality of images and videos, providing a user-friendly interface for visual enhancement.

Removal.AI homepage image


  • Freemium


  • AI-powered Background Removal

  • Fast Processing

  • Background Options

  • API Integration

  • Photo Editor Tool


  • Powerful background removal and editing capabilities

  • Wide range of features for various user needs

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • May have limitations with complex images with fur edges or intricate details

  • Premium plan required for advanced editing features

2. is a web-based service designed to automatically remove backgrounds from images using AI technology. It efficiently separates foreground layers from the background without manual selection, suitable for various image types including people, products, animals, and cars. homepage image


  • Subscription: Ranges from 9€ for 40 credits to 389€ for 2,800 credits

  • Pay As You Go: Ranges from 1.99€ for 1 credit to 390€ for 1,000 credits

  • Discounts available for annual payments; unused credits roll over


  • Automatic Background Removal

  • Plugins and Integration with software like Photoshop, Gimp, Figma

  • API Access for custom application integration

  • Magic Brush Tool for detailed editing

  • Batch Processing for multiple images

  • Versatility for different image types


  • Instant background removal

  • Advanced edge-detection algorithms

  • Processes photos in 5 seconds

  • Automatic pixel selection

  • Integration with design programs and APIs

  • High-quality end results


  • May struggle with extremely complex backgrounds

  • Possible quality degradation in some cases

  • Limitations on free usage

  • Potential privacy concerns

3. BGremover

BGremover is an AI-powered online tool for removing backgrounds from images. It is designed for various users including designers, bloggers, and online shop owners, offering a one-click solution to get clean cut-outs.

BGremover homepage image


  • Free online tool

  • Additional features and capabilities available in the paid version


  • Removes backgrounds from JPG, JPEG, and PNG images

  • Converts images to PNG

  • Offers transparent cut outs and background changes

  • Designed for e-commerce, advertising, and graphic design industries

  • Available as a free online tool and a desktop application


  • Easy and quick background removal

  • Supports batch processing

  • Versatile for various industries

  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited features in the free version

  • May require a paid subscription for advanced features

4. is an AI-powered background image remover tool. It allows users to easily remove backgrounds from images of humans, animals, or objects with just one click. The tool is designed for a wide range of users, including individual users, professional photographers, developers, e-commerce businesses, and enterprise customers. homepage image


  • Freemium model

  • $29 per month for advanced features


  • One-click background removal

  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS

  • Bulk image support

  • Smart editing and export options

  • Create premium display pictures

  • Picture-perfect quality editing


  • Easy to use with one-click removal

  • Support for a variety of image formats

  • Useful for a wide range of creative needs


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription

5. PhotoScissors

Discover PhotoScissors, the AI-powered Background Remover. Trained on millions of images, our deep neural networks autonomously extract objects and clear backgrounds. With remarkable precision and ease, PhotoScissors simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Embrace the future of background removal today with PhotoScissors.

PhotoScissors homepage image


  • PhotoScissors Desktop Version: $29.99

  • Pay As You Go: 1,000 Credits for $29.99, 200 Credits for $19.99, 50 Credits for $9.99, 10 Credits for $4.99

  • PhotoScissors + Inpaint Bundle: $49.98

  • Photo Editing Tools Bundle (PhotoScissors + Inpaint + iResizer + PhotoStitcher + DupHunter): $84.95


  • AI-powered Background Remover

  • Automatic object extraction and background clearing

  • Supports editing and removing backgrounds from images

  • Option to replace background with a transparent, solid color, or background image

  • Trained deep neural networks on millions of images



      6. Clipping Magic

      Clipping Magic is an online platform designed for removing backgrounds from images. It combines AI-driven auto-clip features and a smart editor for both automation and manual control in background removal tasks. The tool is useful for a variety of purposes, including eCommerce, graphic design, and general image editing.

      Clipping Magic homepage image


      • $3.32 / month (billed yearly, 180 credits/year)

      • $6.65 / month (billed yearly, 1,200 credits/year)

      • $16.65 / month (billed yearly, 6,000 credits/year)

      • $24.99 / month (billed yearly, 12,000 credits/year)

      • $37.49 / month (billed yearly, 24,000 credits/year)

      • $62.49 / month (billed yearly, 48,000 credits/year)

      • $0.030 to $0.221 per credit depending on the plan


      • AI-driven automatic background removal

      • Smart Editor for manual adjustments

      • Bulk removal for large catalogs of product photos

      • Scalpel tool for precision cuts

      • Instantly shareable edited images with secure URL


      • Efficient and fast background removal

      • High precision in editing

      • Suitable for professional use in eCommerce and graphic design

      • Continuous improvement with AI learning from real-world images


      • Issues with subscription model and billing practices

      • Lack of refunds and credit retention after cancellation

      • Some customer service concerns

      7. Mokker AI

      Mokker AI is an AI-powered tool specializing in instant background replacement for product photos. It enables users to upload a product image and have the AI replace the background in a realistic way, suitable for high-resolution, print-ready product images. This tool is particularly useful for e-commerce product imagery, providing tailored, high-quality images for websites and social media.

      Mokker AI homepage image


      • Free version available

      • Starter plan: $13/month, includes 500 photos per month

      • Team plan: $29/user/month, offers unlimited photos

      • Organization plan: Starting from $83.25, includes priority support and a custom AI model


      • Instant AI background replacement

      • 100+ templates available

      • High-quality images suitable for websites, social media, and print

      • Flexible and customizable to match brand aesthetics

      • Industry-specific templates and examples

      • No need for manual Photoshop editing

      • User-friendly and accessible to all skill levels


      • Ease of use with no technical knowledge required

      • Wide range of templates catering to various industries

      • High-quality, tailored product photography

      • Free trial available


      • Free plan is limited to 40 photos once and then 12 photos per day

      • AI model may not perfectly capture the nuances of more complex or creative shots


      In conclusion, there are several excellent AI tools available for image background removal. Removal.AI is a professional-grade tool with quick and accurate object detection and removal capabilities. stands out for its web-based service that efficiently separates foreground layers from the background without manual selection. VanceAI BGremover offers a one-click solution for clean cut-outs, making it suitable for designers, bloggers, and online shop owners. is a versatile tool designed for various users, including photographers and e-commerce businesses. PhotoScissors uses deep neural networks for precise background removal and Clipping Magic combines AI-driven auto-clip features with a smart editor for both automation and manual control. Lastly, Mokker AI specializes in instant background replacement for high-resolution, print-ready product images, making it particularly useful for e-commerce imagery.