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16 Best AI Email Assistant AI Tools for 2024 | Similartool.AI

  • Instantly AI

    Instantly.ai is the leading AI email assistant, offering advanced solutions for streamlined communication.

  • Superhuman Email

    Superhuman Email is an AI email assistant designed for high-performing individuals and teams to optimize email experience and increase productivity. Founded in 2014.

  • Trimbox

    Trimbox is an AI email assistant that efficiently manages inboxes by cleaning, unsubscribing, and prioritizing privacy and security.

  • Ellie Email

    Ellie Email is an AI email assistant using OpenAI tech to craft intelligent email replies, created by nomad developers Danielle and James.

  • Lemlist

    "Lemlist is the ultimate AI email assistant for improving your outreach efforts."

  • Email Hunter

    Email Hunter is the top AI assistant for email tasks, using advanced technology to find and verify email addresses accurately.

  • Dropcontact

    Dropcontact is the best AI email assistant for contact data enrichment, ensuring accurate and GDPR-compliant contact information.

  • Snov

    Snov.io is the top AI email assistant with sales tools for email finding, drip campaigns, verification, warm-up, CRM, and lead engagement.

  • Woodpecker

    Woodpecker is a top AI email assistant for cold email, sales, and agency outreach, designed for sales, agency founders, and individual emailers.

  • Saleshandy

    Saleshandy is the top AI email assistant with powerful features for improved email communication and sales productivity.

  • Ultra

    Ultra is an AI Email Assistant that transforms email communication using the power of artificial intelligence. It simplifies inbox management, boosts productivity, and provides a personalized experience. From composing emails to scheduling tasks, Ultra efficiently handles various email-related activities. Its intuitive integration feels like a natural extension of users' thought processes, streamlining email management effortlessly.

  • Canary Mail

    Canary Mail is an innovative AI Email Assistant that transforms email management. Its advanced AI technology simplifies your inbox by summarizing emails, automating tasks, and prioritizing important messages. This all-in-one solution supports multiple email accounts, boosting productivity with features like Smart Prioritization, Bulk Cleaner, and Read Receipts. Privacy is key, as Canary Mail operates with a strict no-ads and no-data mining policy, keeping your communications secure.

  • Inframail

    Inframail is a cutting-edge AI Email Assistant that transforms email management through artificial intelligence technology. It offers a more intelligent and efficient approach to handling email tasks, making it an essential tool for those seeking to streamline their inbox. By leveraging the power of AI, Inframail revolutionizes how we interact with our digital communications, providing a smarter way to manage emails effectively.

  • Mailmeteor

    Mailmeteor is an AI Email Assistant that revolutionizes email marketing by integrating with Gmail for personalized mass emailing. This smart tool enhances deliverability and engagement with features like mail merge, email tracking, and scheduling. It prioritizes privacy with minimal permissions required, making it popular worldwide.

  • ZeroInbox

    ZeroInbox is an AI Email Assistant designed to revolutionize inbox management by leveraging advanced AI technology. It aims to streamline email organization, reduce clutter, and boost productivity. The goal is to help users achieve an empty inbox, eliminating email-related stress.

  • InboxChat

    InboxChat is an AI Email Assistant that transforms overwhelming inboxes into organized efficiency by utilizing AI to sort, chat, and summarize emails, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity. It allows users to focus on priority tasks with a personal AI copilot that effectively manages email communications.