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What is Inframail ?

Inframail, an innovative AI Email Assistant, revolutionizes how we manage our digital communications. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Inframail offers a smarter, more efficient way to handle email tasks, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to optimize their inbox.

Features :

  • The specific features of Inframail were not detailed on the website accessible during my search.

Pricing :

  • Unfortunately, the specific pricing details for Inframail were not available on the official website.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

21.98K /Month

User Distribution :

Denmark - 14.04% | United States - 11.18% | United Kingdom - 10.7% | Turkey - 5.76% | Argentina - 5.22%

Inframail Walkthrough: Simplify Your Cold Email Outreach

Dive into the world of Inframail, a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of cold email outreach. In the following walkthrough, Caduce introduces us to the seamless ease with which Inframail can help scale your outreach efforts, setting up email domains complete with all necessary records, all in the blink of an eye.

1. Quick and Easy Sign-Up

The initial step in using Inframail is a breeze with its straightforward sign-up process. By choosing 'Sign Up', entering your email and password, and confirming your account, you're off to a good start in no time.,Upon successful registration, a confirmation link is sent to your email, leading you right back to Inframail's sign-in page, laying out a welcome mat for the next simple steps ahead.,What immediately strikes users is the simplicity and efficiency of getting on board with Inframail, setting a positive pace for the remaining setup steps.

2. Subscription and Domain Set-Up

Step two involves subscribing to Inframail's unlimited plan, which invites you to host a myriad of domain emails on a dedicated IP - a key feature for ensuring safety in your outreach ecosystem.,With your payment details locked in through Stripe, the service logs you back into the dashboard, where you proceed with adding registration details for your domains—all within a user-friendly interface.,Caduce emphasizes the automation of the domain setup, including all necessary email authentication records—a monumental time-saver and a revolutionary stride for email outreach.

3. Email Automation at Its Finest

Creating domains is where the magic of Inframail shines. You can witness the automation in real-time as it registers domains, updates records, and prepares everything for a smooth email warm-up.,After purchasing your domains, the system automatically begins setting up your hosting and email records – an often tedious task distilled into a surprisingly quick and effortless experience.,The further steps, such as forwarding setup and domain redirection, contribute to an all-inclusive approach, assuring that every aspect of your outreach is polished and professional.

4. Ready to Reach Prospects

Inframail elevates cold email outreach by automating and condensing what otherwise would be hours of meticulous setup into moments of effortless preparation.,With the comprehensive automation covering SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup, plus email forwarding and domain redirects, Caduce proves that reaching a thousand new prospects a day is not just possible but impressively manageable.,Ending on a high note, the presentation showcases how the domains, now attached to emails, are primed for warm-up and campaign kick-off, ushering you to your next client sans the typical hassle or time sink.

5. Question about Domain Pricing

A noteworthy discrepancy is raised regarding the mentioned pricing of domains, which appears to have a variation between the video and the user dashboard.,This brings to light the importance of transparent pricing and the expectation of consistent information across Inframail's platforms, a factor potential users would certainly weigh.,The question speaks to a broader concern of clarity about ongoing costs that users will encounter when committing to the Inframail service for their outreach.

6. User Experience and Efficiency

Inframail's promise of a swift and straightforward process receives affirmation from a user who expresses substantial satisfaction with the service.,The feedback highlights the significance of user-friendly platforms when dealing with complicated tasks such as setting up a cold email outreach system.,Positive user experience remains pivotal in fostering trust and loyalty, and Inframail's ability to deliver on its efficiency claim is evident from the user's perspective.

7. Info on Inframail's Subscription Cost

Another user inquires about the monthly cost of the Inframail service, seeking clarity on the financial commitment involved in utilising the platform.,Understanding the cost structure is essential for businesses to calculate the ROI of their email outreach initiatives and to budget effectively for these marketing efforts.,This question serves as a gentle reminder for service providers like Inframail to ensure all pricing information is up-front and easily accessible for all current and prospective users.

8. Inframail Video Summary

This article provides a comprehensive guide on using Inframail, from sign-up to sending 1,000 prospects per day. It covers the whole process, including the sign-up, payment integration, domain registration, and setting up domain emails. The walkthrough underscores Inframail's automation, highlighting its effectiveness in setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records with zero hassle – catering to agency owners, lead generation agencies, or email marketers looking to scale their outreach efficiently.

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Aman | Inframail.io icon
    Aman | Inframail.io
    iOS/Web dev | I build outbound cold email MACHINES for free using Inframail | Catch me at central park if you want some buckets
    Why are you still setting up SPF, DKIM, DMARC for your emails?

    We automate all of this with Inframail.io
  • Kidous | Inframail icon
    Kidous | Inframail
    SaaS || I help people build outbound cold email MACHINES for free using Inframail. || PROATLIFE Clothing.
    STOP being slow with your cold email:

    - STOP spending hours setting up spf, dkim, dmarc
    - STOP setting up email forwarding manually
    - STOP setting up domain redirects manually

    Do all this for 60 inboxes in 9 mins.

  • Solar Heavy icon
    Solar Heavy
    Spacelaced Musician | Audio Mastering
    Out of this world Audio Mastering
  • Aman | Inframail.io icon
    Aman | Inframail.io
    iOS/Web dev | I build outbound cold email MACHINES for free using Inframail | Catch me at central park if you want some buckets
    We're building everyday to make Inframail a better and better product

    Providing the best possible place for the cheapest domains

    The fastest setup

    And great deliverability

  • Travis | Growth Consultant icon
    Travis | Growth Consultant
    ✍🏾Launching & Scaling High-Ticket B2C Offers DFY
    @pontivflex @thebeautyofsaas Look into inframail.io no problems on deliverability so far for me.The founders @KidousProAtLife and @Amanthedev are dope as well.
  • Ian | Lead Gen icon
    Ian | Lead Gen
    Building Olexicon into a lead generation agency with plans to build it into a saas.
    @KidousProAtLife's saas - inframail.io - looks very useful.

    Anyone ever used it? If so, was your open/reply/spam rates impacted?
  • lewis scholes icon
    lewis scholes
    @calumnolan_ Been doing it all morning haha! Waiting on inframail.io to be ready for me 😂
  • Naimul Islam 🥑 icon
    Naimul Islam 🥑
    Lightning-fast interlinking with AI-powered tool 📧 Scaling Cold Email/DM Campaigns for B2B Leads 😎 Linkbuilding Consultant 🔗 SEO since 2016 🚀
    @realJacobBowman Namecheap for domain and Google workspace and Infralmail for email. Here's my aff link if you want to try inframail (inframail.io/?via=naim)

    Happy to help you on anything related to cold outreach including email and linkedin outreach.
  • Mattie icon
    I'm a digital creator and a product promoter. I'm all about being healthy. Check out the products that I've used that worked for me
  • Kidous | Inframail icon
    Kidous | Inframail
    SaaS || I help people build outbound cold email MACHINES for free using Inframail. || PROATLIFE Clothing.
    @LukasMaxenn bro soon inframail.io is about to set up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records for you at the click of a button.

    Buying 25 domains >> warming on Instantly will take 3 minutes MAX.

    SaaS automation at its' finest!

    Sign up to get early access!!
  • Travis | Growth Consultant icon
    Travis | Growth Consultant
    ✍🏾Launching & Scaling High-Ticket B2C Offers DFY
    @IoTongChoi Just use Inframail.io bro
  • Options Johnny icon
    Options Johnny
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What users think about Inframail - from Twitter

  • Inframail.io streamlines email setup by automating the configuration of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.
  • It promises to significantly speed up processes like setting up cold emails, forwarding, and domain redirects, potentially handling 60 inboxes in just 9 minutes.
  • Users have expressed positive feedback on Inframail's ease of use for tasks such as domain purchasing and email deliverability.
  • The development team is actively working on improving Inframail, aiming to create a user-friendly platform with competitive domain pricing and rapid setup.
  • Some Twitter users recommend Inframail for its reliable email deliverability and commend the founders for their effective service.
  • There is curiosity in the Twitter community about the impact of Inframail.io on email campaign metrics like open, reply, and spam rates.
  • Individuals eagerly anticipate new features from Inframail.io, such as the one-click setup for email authentication records and domain warming.
  • There are recommendations for combining Inframail services with other platforms like Namecheap and Google Workspace for cold outreach and linkedin outreach strategies.

Inframail Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Inframail's detailed advantages were not explicitly listed on the site during my review.

Cons :

  • Any potential drawbacks of using Inframail were not mentioned on the site during my search.

Inframail FQA

  • 1Unfortunately, I couldn't find specific frequently asked questions on the Inframail website.

    Please refer to the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Inframail Use Cases

  • Details on specific use cases for Inframail were not provided on the website during my search.

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