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The Best AI Image Extender Tools for Enhancing Visuals.

By Similartool.AI     Updated Jan 4, 2024

Whether you're a professional designer or a beginner, there's an AI image extender tool out there to suit your needs. In this analysis article, we'll explore the best tools available, including Canva, PhotoRoom, Fotor, BeFunky, Pixelied, PicMonkey, and Luminar Neo. Each of these tools offers unique features and functionalities that can enhance your visuals and make your designs stand out. From graphic design platforms with intuitive interfaces to AI-powered photo editing tools for mobile devices, read on to discover the perfect tool for your next project.

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that integrates AI tools to make design accessible for various mediums, from social media posts to presentations. It's designed to be user-friendly, catering to both professional designers and beginners.

Canva homepage image


  • Pricing varies between free and paid plans. Paid plans include Pro or Teams, offering more AI features and usage limits. The free plan offers limited usage of AI features.


  • AI-powered tools such as Background Remover, Magic Media, Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, Magic Morph, Magic Write, Magic Design, Magic Animate, Instant Presentations, Beat Sync, Magic Design for Video, Translate, and Magic Switch.

  • AI-powered music apps for creating tunes, including Soundraw, MelodyMuse, Tunetank, and Beat Sync.

  • AI integrations for social media marketing and content creation.


  • Easy to use for both professionals and beginners.

  • Wide range of AI-powered tools for different design needs.

  • Facilitates quick and efficient design processes.


  • Limited usage of AI features in the free plan.

  • AI features more extensively available in paid plans.

2. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is an AI-powered photo editing tool designed for mobile users, offering functionalities like background removal, object retouch, and the creation of professional-looking images. It's particularly useful for online sellers, small business owners, and social media influencers, providing them with the ability to create professional product and portrait pictures using just their phones.

PhotoRoom homepage image


  • Freemium


  • Background removal and replacement

  • Product showcasing

  • Portrait editing

  • AI-powered image enhancement

  • User-friendly interface

  • Instant Backgrounds

  • Retouching

  • Batch Editing


  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface

  • Efficient for online sellers to create professional product images

  • Provides a variety of editing features like background removal, retouching, and batch editing


  • May not have advanced features for professional photographers

  • Limited to smartphone usage

3. Fotor

Fotor is a multi-platform photo editing software first launched in 2012. It is available on mobile devices, desktop computers, and online as a web app. Fotor offers a suite of image editing tools and features for quick and easy photo enhancement, including AI-powered tools like background remover, image enlarger, and object remover.

Fotor homepage image


  • Free version with basic to moderate editing tools, watermark on final output

  • Paid version for advanced features and watermark-free downloads


  • Photo editing and graphic design tool

  • AI Background Remover

  • AI Image Enlarger

  • AI Image Generator

  • Photo collage and graphic design templates

  • Professional design features


  • User-friendly interface

  • AI-powered capabilities

  • Wide range of tools, filters, and effects

  • Quick learning curve

  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android


  • Limited advanced features for professionals

  • Watermark on the free version

  • Limited capabilities in free version

  • Difficulty in deep image retouching

4. BeFunky

BeFunky is an online photo editing and graphic design platform that offers a range of tools and features for editing photos, creating graphics, and designing various visual content. It is designed for a diverse range of users and industries with intuitive technology and a user-friendly interface.

BeFunky homepage image


  • Free version available

  • $5.99 per month for a yearly plan

  • $11.99 per month for a monthly plan


  • Basic editing tools like cropping, resizing, brightness and contrast adjustments

  • Advanced features like layers and blending modes

  • Different types of blurs and Funky Focus

  • Customizable collage grids with text and stickers

  • Background remover tool

  • Portrait retoucher for facial adjustments

  • Artistic filters and effects


  • Multiple features from basic to advanced

  • Responsive UI

  • Quick results


  • Many features are behind a paywall

5. Pixelied

Pixelied is an AI-powered graphic design tool that enables businesses and individuals to create stunning designs quickly and easily. It offers a comprehensive suite of image editing tools and a vast library of templates, specifically tailored for businesses. The tool is known for its user-friendliness, allowing even those with no design experience to create professional-grade visuals.

Pixelied homepage image


  • Freemium: Basic features and limited template access.

  • Pro Plan: Access to all templates, advanced features, and priority support.

  • Pro+ Plan: $6.5/month ($79 paid annually) includes 300 AI image generation credits, unlimited background remover credits, and more advanced features.


  • Extensive Template Library

  • Powerful Photo Editing Tools

  • Background Removal in a Click

  • Collaborative Workspaces


  • User-friendly interface suitable for non-designers

  • Extensive library of templates and design assets

  • Efficient collaborative workspaces for team projects


  • Limited features in the free plan

  • May not have advanced features required by professional designers

6. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an easy-to-use photo-editing software that helps create beautiful, professional-looking images without prior experience. It offers powerful tools for editing, retouching, and adding text and effects, suitable for beginners to professional photographers.

PicMonkey homepage image


  • Basic Plan: $7.99/month or $6/yearly, includes essential editing tools, limited fonts, templates, and graphics, low-resolution JPEG exports, with ads.

  • Pro Plan: $12.99/month or $10/yearly, includes advanced editing tools, premium fonts, templates, and graphics, high-resolution PNG or PDF exports, ad-free experience.

  • Business Plan: $23/month or $19/yearly, includes everything in Pro Plan plus team management tools, advanced security features, and collaboration options.


  • Photo editing

  • Design tools

  • Touch-up features

  • Template and graphics library

  • Branding tools


  • User-friendly interface

  • Wide range of editing and design tools

  • Affordable pricing plans

  • Regularly updated with new content and features


  • Limited collaboration capabilities

  • Restricted file format support

  • No video editing or animation features

  • Reduced functionality in mobile version

7. Skylum Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an innovative AI-powered image editing application that has won numerous awards. It simplifies complex editing routines, enabling creators to realize their bold ideas.

Skylum Luminar Neo homepage image


  • Monthly or yearly subscription

  • Lifetime license available


  • AI Preset Suggestions

  • Face AI for facial feature enhancement

  • Body AI for body shaping

  • Skin AI for skin smoothing

  • Portrait Bokeh AI

  • Color Harmony for color control

  • Structure AI for detail enhancement


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

  • Wide range of AI-powered tools

  • Compatibility with major photo editing platforms


  • May require a powerful computer for optimal performance

  • Some features might be too automated for professional editors


In conclusion, the best AI image extender tools for enhancing visuals are Canva, PhotoRoom, Fotor, BeFunky, Pixelied, PicMonkey, and Luminar Neo. These tools offer a wide range of functionalities, from graphic design to photo editing, with the use of AI technology. Whether you are a professional designer or a beginner, these tools provide user-friendly interfaces and powerful features to enhance and transform your images. With these tools, anyone can create stunning visuals with ease, regardless of their level of experience.