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What is Zenfetch ?

Zenfetch, an AI Note Taking tool, revolutionizes how we harness digital information. It transforms articles, PDFs, and videos saved during web browsing into a personalized AI assistant. By leveraging GPT-4 technology, Zenfetch offers crisp summaries, interactive conversations, and daily recap emails to enhance learning and productivity.

Features :

  • Interactive knowledge base for engaging with saved content
  • Capability to capture diverse content types
  • AI-powered chat for rediscovering information
  • Summarization of lengthy articles and videos
  • Neural search across your knowledge without specific wording
  • Daily email recaps with summaries and takeaways
  • Integration with browsers for seamless content capture

Pricing :

  • $14.99/month for Zenfetch Premium, offering features like AI-powered summaries, daily email recaps, advanced search, customizable filters, and AI chat with your knowledge base.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

6.57K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 37.8% | Italy - 22.28% | India - 8.77% | Germany - 7.12% | France - 5.45%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Fondo icon
    Taxes, tax credits, & bookkeeping on autopilot — the average startup gets back $21k per year. Backed by @ycombinator.
    Zenfetch launched! 🚀 Increase close rate: prioritize sales opportunities w/ predictive AI + historical data ⚡️

    🔮 "Predict which deals will close"

    🌐 www.zenfetch.com

    Founders @AkashMandavill4, @GabeVillasana backed by @ycombinator (W23)

    👓 ▶ tryfondo.com/blog/zenfetch-launches
    twitter post image
  • Brand Hero icon
    Brand Hero
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    Zenfetch.com is a #startup domain name for sale. #delivery #food #app #distribution www.brandroot.com/names/zenfetch
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  • Jaime Abregana, III icon
    Jaime Abregana, III
    Owner/Founder of Home Base Zero. Army Veteran. Writer/Podcast.
    Zenfetch: Transform your web content into an AI-powered personal search engine and assistant, making it easy to save and converse with your articles, videos, and PDFs.
  • Brett Adcock icon
    Brett Adcock
    Founder @Figure_robot (AI Robotics) & Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR)
    Company: Zenfetch

    What they do: A real-time call assistant for technical sales teams.

    twitter post image
  • Brand Hero icon
    Brand Hero
    Featured domains https://t.co/EtsnUuFp7u https://t.co/4wl3PMBvhj https://t.co/4Pw1Dm0sy3 https://t.co/JeiX5SfHY3 Vivcoin (sold) CoinMetrix (sold)
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  • Brand Hero icon
    Brand Hero
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  • Gabe Villasana icon
    Gabe Villasana
    Founder @Zenfetch (YC W23) | Prev ML @Stripe | I like to write sometimes https://t.co/GJ8SifD15U
    @zenfetch is live on Product Hunt!

    Turn your notes/browsing history into a Personal AI. Get started for free here:
  • Taichi Nakashima icon
    Taichi Nakashima
    Director of Platform Engineering and SRE @mercari_inc Podcast at @e34fm
    見た記事とかビデオとかを保存しておいてChatGPTで検索できるようにするの欲しかったやつ感ある / Zenfetch Personal AI www.zenfetch.com/
  • Y Combinator icon
    Y Combinator
    We help founders make something people want. Subscribe to our newsletter: https://t.co/sjqjxxBeLc
    Congrats on the launch, @AkashMandavill4, @GabeVillasana, and @zenfetch!

    Zenfetch (YC W23) is building a world in which every meeting has an intelligent assistant to answer questions in real-time.

    Check it out at zenfetch.com
  • Zenfetch icon
    Augmenting memory with AI
    We'd love the community's support by following the link below!

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What users think about Zenfetch - from Twitter

  • Zenfetch has officially launched, offering a tool that prioritizes sales opportunities using predictive AI and historical data to forecast deal closures.
  • The technology is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of sales teams by providing a real-time call assistant for a more technical sales approach.
  • With founders Akash Mandavilli and Gabe Villasana at the helm, Zenfetch has garnered the support of esteemed startup accelerator Y Combinator in their W23 batch.
  • Zenfetch also presents a personal AI feature that allows users to transform their web content, like articles and videos, into a searchable and interactive database.
  • While there are listings mentioning Zenfetch.com as a startup domain name for sale, these seem unrelated to the core function of the AI tool itself.

Zenfetch Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Transforms saved web content into an interactive knowledge base
  • Supports a wide variety of content types
  • Offers AI-powered summarization and chat features
  • Provides a comprehensive search function without needing specific wording

Cons :

  • Requires a subscription for premium features
  • Dependent on the quality of saved content for effective summarization and interaction

Zenfetch FQA

  • 1. How does Zenfetch work?

    Zenfetch works by allowing users to save digital content with a click, access it via a dashboard or chrome extension, and interact with their knowledge base through search or chat.

  • 2. What types of content can Zenfetch capture?

    Zenfetch can capture a wide range of content including newsletters, Google Docs, blogs, YouTube videos, forums, and PDFs.

  • 3. Is there a trial period for Zenfetch Premium?

    Yes, Zenfetch offers a 14-day trial for its Premium features without requiring a credit card.

Zenfetch Use Cases

  • Leveraging saved web content for learning and productivity
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations with a personal AI based on saved content
  • Summarizing and recapping important information for easy recall

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