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16 Best AI Homework AI Tools for 2024 | Similartool.AI

  • Homeworkify

    Homeworkify is an AI-powered educational tool that provides instant homework solutions and step-by-step problem solving for students in various subjects.

  • AssignmentGPT AI

    AssignmentGPT AI is an AI-powered writing assistant for students, bloggers, and educators, simplifying academic writing and helping create high-quality essays and research papers.

  • studymonkey AI

    AI offers homework assistance and can solve various assignments. From solving math problems to analyzing complex topics, it's an ideal tool for all homework needs.

  • oddity AI

    OddityAI.com is an advanced AI homework helper, providing solutions for academic tasks. Get help with complex assignments or quick problem-solving.

  • thehomework AI

    Introduction of thehomeworkai.com is not available as the website requires JavaScript to display its content.

  • caktus AI

    caktus.ai is an AI homework helper that uses advanced algorithms to assist students in solving complex assignments and improve academic outcomes.

  • Otter AI

    Otter.ai is an AI tool that converts voice conversations into smart notes, making it perfect for meetings, interviews, and educational needs.

  • Grammarly

    Grammarly, the perfect AI homework helper, uses generative AI to provide customized communication assistance for better writing.

  • Quizgecko

    Quizgecko is an AI tool that converts text into different types of quiz questions, ideal for educators, students, and businesses. It saves time and improves educational assessments.

  • Gradescope

    Gradescope.com is an AI-powered platform helping educators and students with advanced features like AI homework solver and assistance.

  • penseum ai

    Penseum ai: an AI homework helper using advanced algorithms and machine learning to efficiently solve complex assignments.

  • TutorEva

    TutorEva is an AI homework tool designed to transform how students approach assignments by offering innovative solutions and support. The tool aims to revolutionize the educational landscape by providing assistance tailored to individual needs. This technology has the potential to enhance the learning experience for students by offering personalized help and solutions to common assignment challenges.

  • Tutorly AI

    Tutorly AI is an advanced tool that aims to streamline the completion of AI homework by providing innovative support to students. It leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enhance the learning experience and offer personalized assistance. This tool is designed to cater to the specific needs of students in their academic journey.

  • StudyX

    StudyX is an innovative AI Homework assistant changing how college students approach homework in various subjects. It combines AI technology with input from the community to create a collaborative platform offering students tools, resources, and expert guidance for better academic performance. By utilizing this platform, students can enhance their learning experience across math, science, literature, and more, making homework more manageable and engaging.


    Discover AIR MATH, an AI-driven tool revolutionizing homework help. Using state-of-the-art technology, AIR MATH tackles math problems from photos, offering step-by-step solutions in algebra, geometry, and calculus. This innovative tool provides students with a stress-free way to master math concepts, making homework a breeze rather than a burden. With AIR MATH, students can access support anytime, anywhere, transforming math struggles into successes.

  • Inkey

    Inkey is a leading AI Homework tool with over 30 specialized features for students. It helps with essay writing, math problems, and ensures academic integrity with plagiarism checks. The user-friendly platform makes learning accessible to all students, simplifying their educational journey effectively.