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What is Krisp AI ?

Krisp.ai is an AI-powered noise-canceling app designed to enhance online meetings and calls. It uses advanced AI technology to remove background noise and echo, ensuring clear and distraction-free conversations. Krisp operates in real-time, processing audio locally on the device for privacy and security.

Features :

  • AI-powered noise and echo cancellation
  • Background Voice Cancellation
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Accent Localization
  • Meeting Notes and Transcripts
  • Recording feature for meetings
  • Real-time operation with local data processing

Pricing :

  • Freemium with a free trial available
  • Paid plans: Specific pricing details not available in the sources

Estimated Visit Traffic :

827.55K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 26.3% | Philippines - 14.87% | Brazil - 4.54% | India - 3.65% | Mexico - 3.22%

Krisp ai Review - Noise Cancelling App YOU Need To Know About

Are you tired of background clamor during important calls or recordings? Look no further! Today, we're diving into Krisp ai, a game-changing noise cancelling app that promises clear audio without the hassle of external equipment. Let's uncover how Krisp stands to revolutionize our audio experiences.

1. What is Krisp ai?

Krisp ai is like having a personal soundproof booth at your fingertips. It uses advanced technology to eliminate unwanted noise, ensuring that your voice and the voices of others come through without echoes, barks, or buzzes interrupting the flow.,The magic of Krisp lies in its functionality as both a noise cancelling microphone and speaker. It means your listeners enjoy uninterrupted sound quality and, conversely, you can focus solely on what they have to say, free from audible distractions.,Installing and activating Krisp is a cinch. With a straightforward setup procedure, you'll be ready to experience cleaner audio on all your calls and recordings in no time.

2. Why consider Krisp ai?

Its affordability is a strong pull. At less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, Krisp ai comes off as a steal in the market of audio clarity.,Not just a tool for the individual, Krisp ai scales beautifully for team use. In a teeming call center or a buzzing sales floor, Krisp helps maintain a standard of professional calm.,Moreover, it offers versatility. Whether you're battling keyboard clatter during a podcast, ensuring clear strategy calls in gaming, or striving for concentration in a home office, Krisp supports it all.

3. Harnessing Technology: The Power of Krisp ai

Krisp ai relies on a proprietary neural network, crisply titled 'KrispNet DNN'. This tech marvel uses vast amounts of audio data to learn and improve, ensuring that the app can isolate a vast array of noises to keep them out of your call.,The innovative approach of processing audio locally ensures that your data privacy is completely safeguarded. With no cloud processing, Krisp guarantees security and peace of mind.,With continuous updates, Krisp is always learning and evolving, refining the quality of your audio with each upgrade. This commitment to improvement is one of the app's standout features.

4. User Accessibility and Convenience

The enthusiasm around Krisp ai is palpable, with users asking about offline usage and compatibility with other apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.,Queries about device support indicate a strong desire for the Krisp ai experience across various platforms, including anticipation for mobile versions for iPhone and Android users.,Some users are still exploring alternatives, seeking out unlimited free versions for their needs; it showcases a clear market for noise cancellation apps accessible to everyone.

5. Real-world Application

Users have creatively incorporated Krisp in various scenarios, from using it during work calls to gaming and streaming contexts.,The excitement is evident for its potential use in music, with users curious if Krisp can balance instrument and voice audio during online lessons – a testament to the app's versatility.,There's a hint of skepticism, too; a few wonder if Krisp has them covered against all kinds of noises, including static or ground loop issues. However, the overwhelming sentiment leans towards Krisp being a robust solution for most audio disturbances.

6. Krisp AI Video Summary

Krisp ai is a cutting-edge noise cancelling application that filters out background sounds in real time, enabling crystal-clear communication. It works as both a noise cancelling microphone and speaker, ensuring that your voice is heard without interruption from both ends of the call. Affordable, easy to use, and providing professional quality audio, Krisp ai is suitable for remote workers, podcasters, gamers, and beyond. Its technology ensures privacy and data security, making it a trustworthy addition to your software toolkit.

User Reviews On Twitter

  • طلال 92 icon
    طلال 92
    كود نون (SK17) ايهيرب (JNP607) نمشي (ZZZ6) تلقرام : https://t.co/em7i8uKUxX رخصة إعلانية رقم 656951 📌 للإعلان واتساب https://t.co/vUI0tkjZlR
    لو تحضر إجتماعات بتطبيق zoom مثلاً وشايل هم الأصوات المزعجه اللي ممكن تطلع أثناء الإجتماع

    هذه خدمة تكتم كل "الضوضاء" المحيطة بك بضغطة زر .. يعطيك عزل عالي ✅️

    التجربة بالفيديو ❤️ :
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  • Khaled Hammadi 🇩🇿 🇵🇸 icon
    Khaled Hammadi 🇩🇿 🇵🇸
    باحث دكتوراه إعلام واتصال، مدون اعلامي وكاتب مقالات في الميديا الرقمية والذكاء الإصطناعي Digital-media-artificial-intelligence
    لو تحضر إجتماعات بتطبيق zoom مثلاً وخائف من هم الأصوات المزعجة التي ممكن تطلع أثناء الإجتماع

    هذه خدمة تكتم كل "الضوضاء" المحيطة بك بضغطة واحدة فقط .. يعطيك عزل عالي ✅️

    التجربة بالفيديو :

    twitter post image
  • Deepak | Social media growth hacker icon
    Deepak | Social media growth hacker
    Digital marketing expert specializing in social media. Helping businesses to increase their online presence organically. 250K+ on Instagram
    2. Krisp AI

    Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI

    An AI-powered noise cancellation app that mutes background noise in real-time calls like Zoom meetings with just one click.

    🔗 krisp.ai
    twitter post image
  • sy icon
    AI enthusiast, Marketing Strategy, Advertising
    @simonw I use krisp.ai to create transcripts of my meetings and come up with neat summaries and to-do lists.
  • Nextool icon
    🌐 https://t.co/ISQLULQz8d : Premier AI Tools Directory 🛠️ | Join 100K+ AI Insiders | Explore Cutting-Edge AI Solutions
    2. Krisp AI

    Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI

    An AI-powered noise cancellation app that mutes background noise in real-time calls like Zoom meetings with just one click.

    🔗 krisp.ai
    twitter post image
  • Junaid Burke icon
    Junaid Burke
    🌐 Software Developer | AI Enthusiast 🤖 | Passionate about Java, JavaScript, React, Astro 🚀 | New Jersey, USA 🇺🇸 | Hobbyist Photographer 📸
    Eleven Labs
    Voice AI
    Krisp AI

    Chat Simple
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    Research Rabbit

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    ChatGPT Plus
  • Unker Arep icon
    Unker Arep
    PSN ID: UnkerArep • #OctopathTraveler2 • YouTube:https://t.co/Iw8BvzRf8s…
    This AI really helped me in summarising the online meeting we had. krisp.ai/
  • Khaled Hammadi 🇩🇿 🇵🇸 icon
    Khaled Hammadi 🇩🇿 🇵🇸
    باحث دكتوراه إعلام واتصال، مدون اعلامي وكاتب مقالات في الميديا الرقمية والذكاء الإصطناعي Digital-media-artificial-intelligence
    لو مضطر تحضر إجتماع في البيت
    عن بعد وخايف من صوت أطفال حولك مثلا .. أو ازعاج بمكان العمل وغيره

    الخدمة هذه تحل المشكلة وتظهر صوتك صافي لوحده فقط! ⭐️

    رابط الأداة
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  • Andrew Palmer icon
    Andrew Palmer
    Co Founder https://t.co/yY2meP6hua celebrating two years+ since launch. Supporter of kind people. Founder of Freelancer Web Help. Who Am I? https://thisisandrewpalmer.
    @DannPetty krisp.ai/ That will help. I live in a very noisy area and work from a log cabin. My dogs bark at fresh air constantly and not a thing gets past Krisp. Love it!
  • Farhan icon
    Making AI do my chores & pay my bills | Teaching others the art of tech laziness | I talk about Tech, AI & No-Code Tools | DM for Collaboration ✉️
    @Whizz_ai Krisp AI seems like a must-have for anyone tired of background noise during online meetings.

    It's all about clear communication, and this AI-powered noise cancellation tool can make a significant difference.

What users think about Krisp AI - from Twitter

  • Krisp.ai is an AI-powered noise cancellation app that can mute background noise during online meetings such as those held on Zoom.
  • It can be activated with just one click, providing high-quality sound isolation in real-time.
  • Users appreciate the app for helping to maintain clear communication by filtering out distractions like street noise or barking dogs.
  • Some users utilize Krisp.ai for creating transcripts and summaries of meetings, as well as generating to-do lists.
  • The service is especially useful for remote workers or people attending meetings from home who are concerned about unexpected noises.
  • Overall, users have a positive view of Krisp.ai, highlighting its effectiveness in delivering clear audio by isolating the speaker's voice from background disturbances.

Krisp AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Effective real-time noise cancellation
  • Wide compatibility with communication platforms
  • Privacy-focused with local data processing
  • User-friendly interface

Cons :

  • Limited free usage with time restrictions
  • Not suitable for post-production audio editing
  • Paid versions may be required for extensive use

Krisp AI FQA

  • 1Is Krisp compatible with all online communication solutions?

    Yes, Krisp acts as a 'smart' layer between your device and any online communication solution, making it widely compatible.

  • 2Does Krisp store or share my voice data?

    No, Krisp processes voice data on your device only, ensuring privacy and data security.

  • 3Can Krisp be used in a contact center environment?

    Yes, Krisp's advanced features are highly beneficial for contact centers, improving call quality by eliminating background noise.

Krisp AI Use Cases

  • Enhancing remote work communication
  • Improving virtual classroom experiences
  • Quality communication for online conferences and client calls
  • Suitable for educators, students, businesses, and remote workers

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