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What is Splitter AI ?

Splitter.ai is an AI audio processing tool developed by a Swedish company, known for separating and extracting stems from music. It uses advanced machine learning software to isolate components like vocals, drums, piano, and bass.

Features :

  • Stem extraction for vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other instruments
  • Reverb removal in PRO version
  • Direct YouTube splitting in PRO version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports various audio file formats

Pricing :

  • Free version available on Splitter Dashboard
  • PRO version includes features like near-perfect 2 stem separation/extraction, reverb removal, and direct YouTube splitting
  • Free Trial of PRO features available
  • Basic Plan: $4.99 per month

Estimated Visit Traffic :

206.79K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 18.32% | Argentina - 10.09% | United Kingdom - 6.12% | Italy - 4.1% | Spain - 3.5%

Splitter AI vs Lalal AI: Stripping Down Tunes to the Core

Hey music magicians! If you're in the throes of transforming audio tracks and plucking out instrumentals, you've likely stumbled upon Splitter AI and Lalal AI. Both are top contenders in the musical ring, claiming the crown for best audio separation software. We're putting these tools to the test, seeing which one can slice up a song and isolate those beats and voices faster and with better clarity. Dive in and discover the winner in the ultimate battle of AI audio prowess!

1. Examining Splitter AI's Capabilities

Splitter AI entices with its promise of intricate separation, offering musicians the ability to divide a track into vocals, drums, bass, piano, and other elements. Notably, when only extracting vocals and instruments, the process time was competitive, keeping it neck and neck with Lalal AI.,However, despite its potential, Splitter AI displayed a notable downside in terms of audio quality. Users report hearing more artifacts in the vocals and the beats, which could hamper the overall clarity of the extracted audio.,A feather in Splitter AI's cap is its unlimited usage, freeing creators from the anxiety of track limits. Yet, it fumbles when it comes to user experience, lacking features such as audio previews before downloads, which its rival thankfully includes.

2. Lalal AI's Sleek Audio Separation

Lalal AI, although a more limited tool in terms of features, shows off by offering a swift and smoother separation process. Impressively, it churns out cleaner instrumentals and vocals, making it an excellent ally for artists keen on quality.,While Lalal AI puts forward a restriction on the number of tracks and total minutes you can process, savvy users pointed out that certain tweaks, like using a VPN, can sidestep these limitations, thus turning a con into a manageable hiccup.,The real charm of Lalal AI lies in its user-friendly interface, equipped with the priceless function of previewing the results. Such simplicity and attention to detail feed into a seamless and satisfying user experience.

3. User Feedback on Splitter AI

One user laments Splitter AI's post-processing push for payment, suggesting perhaps a less transparent pricing model that could catch users by surprise after investing time in the process.,Another user encountered technical issues within Splitter AI's upload history, reporting an inability to proceed after waiting with no clear resolution in sight.,However, a positive take on Splitter AI came from a user who notes the strength in the instrumentals and clearer vocals when using a two-stem separation over the five-stem option, although they mention that multi-stem separation tends to muddle the vocal clarity.

4. Community Praise for Lalal AI

Users seem to be singing Lalal AI's praises for its straightforward operation and the higher auditory quality of its output, granting it the status of a more reliable go-to for cleaner track isolation.,A succinct comment of 'THX SO MUCH!!!' signals a satisfied customer, hinting at a job well done by Lalal AI in delivering on its promises and meeting user expectations.,The discussion suggests that, even with its limitations, Lalal AI has managed to leave a good impression on its users, especially those placing a premium on sound quality and ease of use.

5. Splitter AI Video Summary

Each audio separation tool brings a unique flavor to the table. Splitter AI dazzles with more separation options, though it tends to leave more artifacts in the processed track. Lalal AI, while more limited in functionality, offers a cleaner separation with fewer audible imperfections. User's experiences suggest that Splitter AI is advantageous for its unlimited usage and detailed separation, although it requires tweaking to achieve a refined output. Meanwhile, Lalal AI's simplicity and quality seem to be its strong suit, despite the usage limitations that users can workaround. Weighing up the speed, ease of use, and end-result, this is an intriguing comparison for creators looking to remix or sample tracks.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Dead Meat icon
    Dead Meat
    Horror movie YouTube channel by @JamesAJanisse & @carebecc. Home of the Kill Count, the Dead Meat Podcast & more. TWEETS BY JAMES. Be good people!
    The Scream 3 ReCount will be the first episode we use this splitter.ai thing to remove all background music. I'm upset because it will at least slightly distort sound quality of movie clips but we can't keep getting claims on our work. Apologies to the filmmakers.
  • Botzero icon
    I'm not here because I'm building. #fooocus #pikalabs #replicate █▓▒░ YmUgc3VyZSBhbmQgZHJpbmsgeW91ciBvdmFsdGluZQ== ░▒▓█
    "Another Person's GPU"

    Art: Clipdrop.co SDXL/Uncrop
    Music/Vocals: Suno.ai Sing
    Video: @pika_labs
    Edits: Runwayml.com Editor
    Voice Isolation: vocalremover.org/splitter-ai
    Lipsync: Heygen.com
    Lyrics: @botzero_net

    twitter post image
  • Bitturing icon
    🗺️收集和分享资料库覆盖: 🕸️泛互联网 🔭科技 🤖AI 📖学习 🪙Crypto #BTC 💎投资 🪐Web3 🌍看都看了,点点关注 🤝 寻求合作请私信
    AI人声分离 :VocalRemover


    twitter post image
  • Ryan Kussner icon
    Ryan Kussner
    Interested in AI, AR / VR, Robotics, IoT, Raspberry Pi, and anything entrepreneurial.
    This will make drum practice more interesting...

    Check out splitter.ai that uses AI for different audio related stuff. I love it!

    #ai #ml #audio #karaoke #music via @splitter_ai
  • high calorie kewchie haver 🐉 🔮 icon
    high calorie kewchie haver 🐉 🔮
    I'm a thespian pushin 🅿️, fat, black, queer, and a hoe?? what more could you ask for?? for the astro gworlz ♑︎☉ ♍︎☾ ♑︎↑ 🔮 ✳️l
    BandLab bought splitter.ai??? Nice move BandLab. Like the way y’all think fr
  • TopTen.AI icon
    Follow https://t.co/lgnycLzERC to get latest AI software selection and find useful tools! All about Top rankings of AI and Always the best out there. Easy choice, Simple life
    A review of Splitter AI App, an AI-based music splitter, tells you what you can do with it and how to Isolate Vocals with it.
  • Rhys Pyle icon
    Rhys Pyle
    I found this editor for attempting to remove vocals from videos: vocalremover.org/splitter-ai
  • shaya (formerly petter gririfin) icon
    shaya (formerly petter gririfin)
    why u gotta fight with me at cheesecake u know I love it there ⁉️🔥💔
    @galliumxenon Splitter.ai has always existed wdym
  • moofy moop :3 icon
    moofy moop :3
    mrowwwwww twity :( 19 "invalid characters"
    anyone been having issues with splitter.ai since they changed their UI??
  • AmliArt icon
    Clumsily curious, viciously vulnerable | #AI Evangelist @splashmusicco | #youtube | #CIND advocate | #spaceshost | frmly @StabilityAi | opinions are my own
    Found this splitter, it works pretty well and it's free!

    You just load in a gen you made on Stable Audio or something, and it'll split it into tracks or "Music" "Vocal" "Bass" & "Drums"

    Then you can bring them into a DAW and mess with them a bit.


What users think about Splitter AI - from Twitter

  • Splitter.ai is used to separate background music from audio tracks, useful for content creators avoiding copyright claims.
  • Some users express concerns that using Splitter.ai may slightly distort the original sound quality.
  • Artists and editors utilize Splitter.ai for audio tasks related to music, vocals, and voice isolation.
  • The tool is recognized as useful for music practice, allowing musicians to isolate and work with individual parts of a track.
  • Splitter.ai has been acquired by BandLab, a move praised by some users.
  • Reviews mention that Splitter.ai is an AI-based music splitter that the public can use for vocal isolation.
  • Recent updates to Splitter.ai's user interface have caused issues for some users.
  • The service is noted for its free offering and the ability to split tracks into components like music, vocal, bass, and drums for further editing.

Splitter AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Advanced algorithms for efficient audio separation
  • User-friendly interface suitable for varying technical expertise
  • Compatibility with various audio file formats
  • Useful for musicians, producers, forensic engineers, audio engineers, and more

Cons :

  • Quality of separated tracks may not always be perfect
  • Internet connection required, with potential for slower speeds or interruptions
  • Not a replacement for professional audio editing software

Splitter AI FQA

  • 1What is the 5 stem model of Splitter.ai?

    The 5 stem model can extract vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other sounds like guitar and synths.

  • 2Does Splitter.ai have a tool for reverb removal?

    Yes, reverb removal is part of the advanced features in the PRO version.

  • 3Can I split and download music directly from YouTube using Splitter.ai?

    Yes, the PRO version enables direct YouTube splitting and downloading.

  • 4What is Splitter.ai's policy on copyright infringement?

    Splitter.ai is not liable for damages or misuse of its technology. Users are responsible for their actions, and the company collaborates with music authors, artists, labels, and publishers to prevent misuse and infringement of copyrighted material.

Splitter AI Use Cases

  • Music production and editing
  • Creating acapella versions of songs
  • Applying unique effects to enhance audio quality
  • Integration into digital audio workstations for creative projects

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