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What is Auphonic ?

Auphonic is an AI-driven audio post-production service that automates audio editing tasks. It improves the quality of audio recordings using advanced algorithms, simplifying the process for podcasters, broadcasters, educators, and audio book producers.

Features :

  • Intelligent Leveler
  • Noise & Reverb Reduction
  • Filtering & AutoEQ
  • Cut Filler Words and Silence
  • Multitrack Algorithms
  • Loudness Specifications
  • Speech2Text & Automatic Shownotes
  • Video Support, Metadata & Chapters
  • Automatic Content Deployment
  • API and 3rd-Party Integrations
  • White Label API and Customization

Pricing :

  • Free for up to 2 hours of audio per month
  • Paid plans available for more extensive use, offering faster processing times, priority support, and increased monthly audio processing limits

Estimated Visit Traffic :

179.50K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 22.16% | Russia - 16.5% | Germany - 8.97% | Austria - 5.35% | Canada - 5.12%

Auphonic Review Plus Comparison to Award-Winning Podcast Editor

In the world of podcasting, post-production can chew up countless hours. Today, we're taking a closer look at Auphonic, an automated audio production service that's been raising eyebrows for years. We'll see if it can really hold up against a manual edit using a top-shelf podcast editor.

1. Ease of Use

Setting up Auphonic is a breeze, with file uploads being completed in under a minute and processing in even less time.,The contrast in user experience is stark when compared to the manual labor required in a program like Adobe Audition, where each step must be carefully handled by the editor.,For podcasters looking to streamline their workflow, the user-friendly interface and automation of Auphonic present a compelling argument.

2. Time Efficiency

The test revealed that Auphonic could churn out processed audio in a total of about 6 minutes, including setup and processing time.,By comparison, using Adobe Audition took a little over 7 minutes, without factoring in the additional time needed for subsequent tasks like file conversion.,Not only does Auphonic save precious time, but its automated process also offers the luxury of stepping away from the computer, as it notifies users via email once processing is complete.

3. Audio Quality Comparison

On a superficial level, the quality of audio edited by Auphonic is virtually indistinguishable from that processed by an experienced human editor.,However, a detailed analysis by industry professionals revealed a slight preference for the warmth of the Auphonic-processed audio over the slightly brighter tone of the manually edited file.,Speculations suggest this could be due to microphone characteristics or personal bias, further emphasizing the subjective nature of audio quality.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Auphonic's pricing model is remarkably reasonable, particularly when compared to the steep costs of professional audio editing services.,A comparison with past market rates highlights the substantial savings one can achieve with Auphonic's automated process, without sacrificing audio quality.,For podcasters keen on reducing production costs while maintaining high audio standards, Auphonic appears to be an economical solution.

5. Community Feedback

The community response has been largely positive, with many expressing satisfaction with Auphonic's reasonable pricing and time-saving capabilities.,A few users mentioned the free version of Auphonic as a viable option for those with minimal editing needs, despite desiring a more comprehensive or less limited package.,Questions around integration with other tools and software, like Davinci Resolve, and comparisons with other AI audio enhancers, such as Descript, were also part of the public discourse.

6. Professional Insights

Among the respondents, professional voiceover artists and audio engineers noted minimal differences between the samples but highlighted the warmth in the Auphonic-processed audio.,One reviewer pointed out the presence of a slight reverb in the Auphonic sample, which was not a dealbreaker but a noticeable aspect of the file.,There's also acknowledgment that for those who aren't technically inclined or interested in mastering the art of audio post-production, Auphonic serves as a very credible alternative.

7. Auphonic Video Summary

Upon rigorous testing, we observed that Auphonic can hold its own against traditional audio editing methods, significantly reducing the time spent on post-production. While an award-winning podcast editor might produce marginally better audio quality, the differences are minimal would likely be unnoticed by most listeners.

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User Reviews On Twitter

What users think about Auphonic - from Twitter

  • Auphonic developed an impressive audio compression technology featured in the Codec2 audio codec.
  • Codec2 allows compressing a one-hour podcast into just 1.44 MB, fitting it onto a single floppy disk.
  • Utilizing neural nets, including DeepMind's WaveNet, Auphonic achieved high-quality speech reproduction with extremely low bitrate requirements.
  • Achievements in audio compression raise questions about the efficiency of traditional audio file formats versus text-based alternatives.
  • Auphonic's work on advanced audio codecs has been highlighted as groundbreaking in the context of artificial intelligence and deep learning.
  • Their blog discusses not only their own Codec2 but also offers information on various tools useful for podcasters' production process.

Auphonic Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Automates complex audio editing tasks
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels
  • Supports a wide range of audio and video formats
  • Offers batch processing for efficiency
  • Free tier available for up to 2 hours of audio per month

Cons :

  • Limited free usage tier
  • May require internet connectivity for optimal use
  • Advanced features might be overwhelming for complete beginners

Auphonic FQA

  • 1. Can Auphonic be used for video editing?

    While primarily for audio post-production, Auphonic can enhance the audio track of videos.

  • 2. Does Auphonic support batch processing?

    Yes, Auphonic allows batch processing for efficient handling of multiple audio files.

  • 3. Is Auphonic suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! Auphonic's user-friendly interface makes it accessible for all skill levels.

Auphonic Use Cases

  • Podcasting
  • Educational Content Production
  • Video Creation
  • Audiobook Production

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