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What is Resound ?

Resound, a game-changer for podcast creators, simplifies the post-production process with its AI-driven Podcast Editor. It's designed to take the heavy lifting out of editing, allowing creators to focus more on content rather than the tedious aspects of editing. This platform automates the detection and elimination of fillers, awkward silences, and other common audio issues, streamlining the editing workflow and ensuring high-quality podcasts.

Features :

  • Filler sound detection to eliminate ums and ahs
  • Silence detection for awkward pauses
  • Audio trimming with simple click and drag
  • Automatic podcast mixing and mastering
  • Empowers creators while automating mundane tasks

Pricing :

  • 1 hour of free editing each month. After this, upgrade to 4 hours of monthly processing time for $15/mo.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

70.56K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 14.52% | Antigua and Barbuda - 6.01% | Germany - 3.82% | Canada - 2.35% | United Kingdom - 2.29%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Murderous Minors™️ icon
    Murderous Minors™️
    just bringing stories of kids who've killed | a podcast by @warbabyyy ~lock up your guns~ New episodes on the 10th/20th/30th
    So excited to use this new podcast editor @resoundfm flags and removes 'ums' in seconds using AI. Try their demo to hear for yourself!) resound.fm/try-demo
  • Resound icon
    🎙️ Podcast Editing Made Effortless with AI Magic! 🎧 We're an innovative AI company on a mission to revolutionize podcast editing. Try It Today⚡️

    -Filler sound detection — Automatically find your umms and ahhs in minutes so you don’t have to listen back to every minute of your episode. Resound finds the edits, you decide whether to cut or keep them.
    twitter post image
  • Diego Maravankin icon
    Diego Maravankin
    Husband. Father of three humans and one cat. Linux and technology enthusiast. Love fixing stuff and cooking.
    @the_good_guym I think this was it: www.resound.fm/
  • Aakshi (she/her) icon
    Aakshi (she/her)
    Podcast lover 🎙working with @tinkmediaco ✨ | 👩🏻‍🎓 from @minervaUni 🗺
    So cool to be featured alongside some amazing humans in the podcast space in this article by @resoundfm on what makes a good podcast!


    Here's what I had to say about it:
    twitter post image
  • Resound icon
    🎙️ Podcast Editing Made Effortless with AI Magic! 🎧 We're an innovative AI company on a mission to revolutionize podcast editing. Try It Today⚡️
    Resound has raised $1.35M to automate podcast editing.

    We know from experience that editing podcasts takes way too long and is way too difficult.

    Our goal is to change that.

  • dotFM® | .FM Domains & Emoji Domains icon
    dotFM® | .FM Domains & Emoji Domains
    25 Yrs of Brand Registry Service. The .FM TLD features some of the most innovative brands! Streaming, Social, Podcast & Broadcast #dotFM | 📻.fm #EmojiDomains
    Expo floor at @PodcastMovement #PM22 👨‍💻👩‍💻 The AI Podcast Editing Tool for Creators @ www.resound.fm #podcast #podcasts #PodcastMovement
    twitter post image
  • Athul icon
    Writer | Marketer| UI/UX Strategist Tweets about Marketing, Copywriting, Generative AI, Remote work, Immigration
    6. Cleanvoice.ai
    7. Podcastle.ai
    8. Altered.ai
    9) Clipchamp.com
    10) resound.fm
    #AI #GenerativeAI
    Retired Government Electrical Engineer ஓய்வு பெற்ற அரசு மின் பொறியாளர்.
    @Greesedabba2 The most common filler words in speech are like "um", "ah," "like", and "you know." The most common filler phrases in writing are "Needless to say," "in my humble opinion," "for what it's worth," "basically," and "simply." 

  • DigitalMarketingNews icon
    News about #DigitalMarketing tools and techniques for #marketing professionals.
    Part 1 | Mastering The Podcast Game with [Video] Introducing the first ever 12 hour podcast livestream with 20+ industry leading experts sharing how they are mastering the podcast game. We were challenged by to put on an event for podcasters in just 2… dlvr.it/SpP7lw
  • Resonate Recordings icon
    Resonate Recordings
    We edit podcasts for visionaries | Audio and video production, marketing, producer support, and more 🎙🎧
    I only have so many characters, but join us!
    Meet the experts behind Resonate, Resound.fm, and steal opportunities to grow YOUR show 🤩 Best of all, it's all FREE! Register here: podcastlaunchagency.com/mastering-the-podcast-game/
    Resonate and Resound experts will be featured from 1-2:30!
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What users think about Resound - from Twitter

  • Resound.fm offers an AI-powered podcast editing tool that quickly flags and removes filler sounds like 'ums' and 'ahs'.
  • The platform simplifies the editing process by automatically detecting these fillers so podcasters don't need to review every minute of audio.
  • Excitement about the tool is evident among users who share their positive experiences and suggest others try the Resound demo.
  • Resound.fm has secured $1.35 million in funding to focus on automating and streamlining the podcast editing experience.
  • The company has been featured at industry events like Podcast Movement and is recognized in the podcasting community.
  • Resound.fm has been mentioned in articles discussing what makes a good podcast, indicating their influence in the space.
  • The platform also shares insights on common filler words and phrases in both speech and writing, providing educational content for creators.

Resound Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Saves significant editing time
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality audio output
  • Free tier available

Cons :

  • Limited free editing time before requiring a subscription
  • May not capture every nuanced edit a professional editor could

Resound FQA

  • 1What is Resound?

    Resound is the AI editing app for podcasters, designed to automate the tedious parts of podcasting, allowing creators to focus on their content.

  • 2Is Resound free?

    Resound offers 1 hour of free editing each month, with the option to upgrade for more extensive features.

  • 3Do I need experience to use Resound?

    No experience is required. Resound is built for podcasters of all levels to easily edit out common mistakes.

Resound Use Cases

  • Podcast post-production
  • Enhancing audio quality of recordings
  • Streamlining the editing process for podcast creators
  • Automatic detection and removal of unwanted audio elements

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