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What is Hello8 ?

Hello8, the revolutionary AI Video Translator, opens up the world by enabling content creators, marketers, agencies, and online educators to translate their videos into 29+ languages. This tool offers the potential to reach an impressive 8 billion viewers globally, making it an ideal partner for those aiming to broaden their audience. With Hello8, videos can be translated with human-like voices in just one click, ensuring authenticity and a personal touch in every translated piece.

Features :

  • Translate videos into 29+ languages
  • Fully automated translation with human-like voices
  • Advanced features for complete control over translation
  • Fast content translation from weeks to minutes
  • Localization to adapt content to local cultures and languages

Pricing :

  • Please visit the official Hello8 website for detailed pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Parul Gautam icon
    Parul Gautam
    140k+ LinkedIn Family ❤️, Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast,Sharing Insights on AI, LinkedIn Growth Strategist,Open for collaboration
    Introducing Hello8.ai : It's time for your videos to reach the entire world with Hello8!

    ➡ Effortless translation: Upload and let the AI do the rest
    ➡ Studio editor for proofreading and tuning.
    ➡ 29+ Languages
    ➡ Voice Cloning
    ➡ Lip Syncing [Coming soon]
    twitter post image
  • Farhan icon
    Making AI do my chores & pay my bills | Teaching others the art of tech laziness | I talk about Tech, AI & No-Code Tools | DM for Collaboration ✉️
    @Parul_Gautam7 Hello8 AI looks promising. I will definitely look into it.
  • Six Five Media icon
    Six Five Media
    Deep analysis of biggest news, releases, events, and rumors in tech. @PatrickMoorhead and @DanielNewmanUV of @MoorInsStrat and @TheFuturumGroup @SixFiveSummit
    We're back for the 5th annual #TheSixFiveSummit with a big announcement. Esteemed Chairman & CEO of @ServiceNow @billrmcdermott will be our show opening #keynote speaker! Sponsorship & reg are now open for "AI Unleashed" 6/11-13 --> hubs.ly/Q02nWZRX0

What users think about Hello8 - from Twitter

  • Hello8.ai revolutionizes video translation, making it effortless to reach a global audience.
  • The platform features a handy studio editor for meticulous proofreading and fine-tuning.
  • Supports an impressive array of over 29 languages, broadening international accessibility.
  • Innovative voice cloning technology promises to enhance audio-visual content.
  • Anticipation builds for an upcoming lip-syncing feature, set to elevate user experience.

Hello8 Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Supports a wide range of languages
  • Quick and efficient translation process
  • Enables reaching a global audience easily
  • Offers control over the translation quality

Cons :

  • Pricing information is not directly available on the website
  • Requires internet access for operation

Hello8 FQA

  • 1How many languages does Hello8 support?

    Hello8 supports translation into 29+ languages.

  • 2Is Hello8 suitable for all content creators?

    Yes, Hello8 is designed for content creators, marketers, agencies, and online educators aiming for global reach.

Hello8 Use Cases

  • Content creators looking to expand their global audience
  • Marketers aiming for a wider reach
  • Agencies working with international clients
  • Online educators teaching students around the world

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