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What is Amberscript ?

Amberscript, an innovative tool, leverages cutting-edge generative AI for free AI video translation, transforming audio and video into text and subtitles. It combines technology, language, and science to create highly accurate speech-to-text solutions, tailored for diverse business needs and languages.

Features :

  • Speech-to-text API, Machine-Made and Human-Made Transcription and Subtitles, Translated Subtitles, Dubbing, Audio Description, Translations, Support for 20+ Video/Audio Formats and 38+ Languages, High Accuracy, Fast Delivery, Easy Integration, GDPR and ISO27001 & ISO9001 Certification

Pricing :

  • Machine-Made Transcription (incl. 10min free trial), Human-Made Transcription, Subscription plans (monthly/yearly), and specialized services like Machine-Made and Human-Made Subtitles. Pricing varies based on service type and volume, with options for one-off credit purchases and volume discounts.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

442.84K /Month

User Distribution :

Germany - 45.41% | Madagascar - 7.96% | France - 7.8% | Netherlands - 7.5% | Italy - 6.71%

Amberscript Review: Your Gateway to Effortless Transcriptions and Subtitles

Ever felt bogged down by the time-consuming task of transcribing hours of audio and video files? Look no further! Today's spotlight is on Amberscript, a cutting-edge software that promises to take the pain out of transcription and subtitle creation. Let's dive into the nuts and bolts of this nifty tool and see if it lives up to the hype.

1. Ease of Use

Getting started with Amberscript is a walk in the park. The process is straightforward—simply log in, upload your files with a drag-and-drop or a click, and let the software work its magic.,The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. You won't be overwhelmed with unnecessary complexity; it's as simple as selecting the language, the number of speakers, and whether you need a text transcription or subtitles for your video.,For content creators who value their time, Amberscript offers an opportunity to bypass the tedious manual transcription process and have a ready-to-use document in a matter of minutes.

2. Accuracy and Efficiency

One of the key highlights of Amberscript is its impressive accuracy. It's designed to handle clear audio without a hitch, delivering transcriptions that require minimal adjustments.,If the software stumbles on a tricky part of the speech, it's not a deal-breaker. The built-in editor allows for quick search and replace functions, tweaking incorrect words, or standardizing punctuation with a few simple clicks.,Moreover, the software's efficiency is notable—where other services might keep you waiting, Amberscript swiftly turns around transcriptions, even emailing you once your document is ready for review.

3. Versatility in Output

Whether you're looking for a Word document or a SubRip subtitle file, Amberscript gives you a choice of formats suitable for various platforms including YouTube.,The option to include or exclude timestamps and speaker labels during export allows for customizable final products tailored to the needs of each unique project.,Additionally, if you need hard-coded subtitles for a video, Amberscript has you covered by offering to 'burn-in' captions directly into your uploads.

4. New User Queries

For those new to the world of transcription, navigating new software can be daunting. Rest assured, Amberscript has resources to guide novices through the transcription journey.,Engaging with a supportive community or reaching out to customer service could pave the way for a smoother transcription experience, ensuring that newcomers are well-assisted.,Learning a new tool is an investment in your capabilities, and Amberscript's user-friendly design is a solid choice for those starting out.

5. User Experience Feedback

The consensus is clear: users find Amberscript incredibly useful for their transcription and subtitle needs. However, even the best software can't appease everyone's sensory preferences.,One recurring piece of feedback highlights the distracting nature of background music in the tutorial videos. It's a reminder that balancing informative content with a pleasant viewing experience is key to user retention.,Taking this constructive criticism into account can aid Amberscript in refining its tutorials to be as user-friendly as the software itself.

6. Amberscript Video Summary

In a world where content is king, Amberscript stands out as a powerful tool that rapidly transforms speech into text. This comprehensive review explores its user-friendly interface, efficient performance, and versatile output options that cater to both individuals and professionals in need of quick transcriptions or subtitles. Whether you're looking to save time, streamline your workflow, or simply make your content more accessible, Amberscript might just be the solution you've been searching for.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Yaser Alosefer | ياسر العصيفير icon
    Yaser Alosefer | ياسر العصيفير
    PhD Security, Geek, Ethical Hacker, Developer, AI,Blockchain, Linux, Quantum,Researcher, Public Speaker, Adviser, Entrepreneur, Investor [email protected]
    حول اي صوت MP3 🔊 الى نص 📖 بالعربي 🇸🇦 وانجليزي 🇺🇸
    مهم للجميع وخاصة الطلاب/المقابلات لتحويل التسجيلات الى نصوص💪
    تجربتي مرفقة لتحويل نص اجنبي من podcast ونص عربي من حلقة يوتيوب لقناة BBC وحولها بنجاح الى نص بدون خطأ أو تدخل🤓
    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Yaser Alosefer | ياسر العصيفير icon
    Yaser Alosefer | ياسر العصيفير
    PhD Security, Geek, Ethical Hacker, Developer, AI,Blockchain, Linux, Quantum,Researcher, Public Speaker, Adviser, Entrepreneur, Investor [email protected]
    أداة مهمة 😍حول الصوت🔊 الى نص🇬🇧ثم للعربي🇸🇦
    مهم للإستفادة من مئات والاف البودكاست الاجنبي المهم او برامج الردايو او حتى مقاطع اليوتيوب الانجليزية لتحويلها لنص ثم لغة عربية لفهمها والاستفادة من علوم الانترنت الضخمة والكبيرة للجميع❤️
    twitter post image
  • zanah alshehri icon
    zanah alshehri
    هذا موقع يقدم خدمات الكترونية لتفريغ المقابلات المسجلة صوت أو فيديو (ترانسكريبشن). يدعم اللغة العربية ضمن مجموعة لغات أخرى ، الخدمات تقدم بالساعة أو اشتراك شهري. اسم الموقع AmberScript www.amberscript.com/en
  • বাংলার ছেলে 🇧🇩 icon
    বাংলার ছেলে 🇧🇩
    26 , Bengali . Love To Talk On Sports, Travel, Food, History . Traveller . Sports Correspondent . I Tweet 10% 🏏, 90% Other .
    After A Research By Amberscript.com #Bangladesh Film Aynabaji ( Mirror Game) Was Declared Worlds 2nd Highest Rated Film.
    1. USA: The Shawshank Redemption – 9.2
    2. 🇧🇩: Mirror Game – 9.1
    2. Kosovo: Zana – 9.1
    4. UK : The Dark Knight – 9
    4. 🇱🇰 : Aloko Udapadi – 9
    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Timo Behrens icon
    Timo Behrens
    Co-founder at @amber_script | automatically create subtitles and transcripts for your videos | https://t.co/4qfbcHkpPi
    @PascalPrecht We are looking for a react developer in Amsterdam. Check this out: www2.amberscript.com/en/page/react-developer
  • Tobias Morell icon
    Tobias Morell
    Entrepreneur / PR & Marketing Consultant - supporting technological and social innovations that have a positive impact on our environment and society
    Können #startups bei der automatischen #spracherkennung eine Rolle spielen? In welchen Nischen ist neben #Google, #Apple und Co. noch Platz? www.amberscript.com hat sich auf Sprachen wie #Niederländisch und #Deutsch spezialisiert. #Digitalisierung #saas
  • Tendai icon
    Better than yesterday
    🎥 Software Engineering Career
    🎬 Take 2

    Today I take the next step in my career and begin work at Amberscript, a speech recognition platform. The past few years have brought immense growth as I explored opportunities outside of c…lnkd.in/dTZc-KJ lnkd.in/dqQJNCU
  • Jan-Kees Verschuure icon
    Jan-Kees Verschuure
    Freelance redacteur bouw en transport Wooncarrière: galerijflat, woonerf, tweekapper, duplex, studentenflat, studio, rijwoning (Leiden/Zeeland/Utrecht).
    Every country’s highest rate movie www.amberscript.com/?p=26623
  • Haidee Molejon icon
    Haidee Molejon
    Virtual Assistant/Social Media Marketing Specialist
    Transcribing or ‘transcription’ is a synonym for ‘writing out’ or ‘typing out’ and is a crucial part of qualitative research. more on source: www.amberscript.com/en/automatic-transcriptions/what-is-transcription
    twitter post image
  • Olga Rodríguez icon
    Olga Rodríguez
    De momento, Madrid. Periodista. Máster en Estudios Norteamericanos 🇺🇸. Sueño con la Costa Brava y con Big Sur 🌊.
    Tienen un plan de transcripción de hasta 3 horas al mes por 30 euros y varias opciones según la prisa y la finura que quieras al transcribir. www.amberscript.com/es/ Me he acordado de @Patriciaenverde y de lo que hablamos ayer!

What users think about Amberscript - from Twitter

  • Amberscript can convert audio (MP3) into text in both Arabic and English, which is highly beneficial for students and professionals to transcribe recordings into texts without errors.
  • The tool is significant for utilizing English-language podcasts, radio programs, or YouTube clips by converting them into text and then into Arabic for better comprehension and accessibility to a vast amount of online knowledge.
  • Amberscript offers electronic services to transcribe audio or video interviews, supporting Arabic among other languages, with services available per hour or via a monthly subscription.
  • Research by Amberscript.com has recognized 'Aynabaji (Mirror Game)' as the world's second-highest rated film.
  • Amberscript is hiring for a React developer position based in Amsterdam.
  • The company specializes in speech recognition for languages such as Dutch and German, presenting opportunities for startups in automated speech recognition beyond major companies like Google and Apple.
  • A career move to Amberscript by a software engineer highlights the company's position as a speech recognition platform.
  • Amberscript has compiled a list of the highest-rated movies per country.
  • Amberscript defines 'transcription' as writing or typing out content and articulates its importance in qualitative research on their website.
  • The platform offers various transcription plans, including a plan that provides up to 3 hours of transcription per month for 30 euros, with different options based on urgency and desired level of detail in transcription.

Amberscript Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Highly accurate speech-to-text tooling, Fast service, Variety of languages and formats supported, Tailored business solutions, Integration via API, Compliance with GDPR and ISO standards, Human touch in service delivery

Cons :

  • Pricing may be higher for human-made services, Machine-made services may not always reach 100% accuracy, Specific use cases may require tailored solutions, which could involve additional costs or setup time

Amberscript FQA

  • 1Can I get a volume-discount?

    Amberscript offers volume discounts for enterprises on bulk orders.

  • 2Can I pay via PayPal?

    Yes, PayPal is accepted globally.

  • 3Can I transfer my credits to another account?

    Credits can be transferred to a new account but not to another person’s account.

  • 4Can I transfer unused hours to the following month?

    No, hours allocated to an account cannot be rolled over to the next month.

  • 5Do you make use of invoices?

    Amberscript provides invoices for its services, with special arrangements for enterprise clients.

  • 6Do you provide bulk discounts?

    Yes, special rates are available for bulk orders.

Amberscript Use Cases

  • Media and Broadcasting, Business Solutions, Various Industries, Partnerships, Accessibility for Hearing Impaired, Education, Government, Content Creation

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