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What is AnimaApp ?

AnimaApp revolutionizes the design to development workflow by transforming designs into developer-friendly code, effectively bridging the gap between design and code. It offers a seamless transition from design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch to production-ready code, empowering designers to bring their visions to life without the need for deep coding knowledge. This AI-powered platform automates the grunt work of code generation, allowing both designers and developers to focus on what they do best, thus speeding up the product development process.

Features :

  • Anima supports launching websites directly from design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch without the need for coding, converting designs into pixel-perfect HTML code, including interactions and responsive behaviors.
  • The platform enables the embedding of videos, gifs, live forms, maps, and more with just one click, and supports the export of production-ready HTML for hosting or developer handoff.
  • Anima allows for the creation of landing pages for A/B tests and portfolios without writing code, providing a fast, iterative development process.

Pricing :

  • Anima offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different teams and projects. While specific pricing details are provided on their official website, they include options for individuals and teams, with features scaling up to match enterprise needs. There's also mention of a free plan, allowing users to explore Anima's basic features without financial commitment.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

229.30K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 13.78% | United States - 11.6% | Vietnam - 4.47% | Germany - 3.98% | Russia - 3.69%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • 左子祯 icon
    ✦ 设计师和创造者,对建立一人事业充满热情 ✦ 创建了 https://t.co/bXNhTiE4ZA,https://t.co/p5m7WBmlt9,正在建造 @designstackHQ ✦ 前锤子科技,字节跳动设计师,曾负责 MasterGo 0-1 产品设计
    Anima 刚刚推出了设计系统自动化功能,简单来说就是设计系统的唯一来源是代码,然后 Anima 自动在 Figma 中同步更新生成的组件样式(包括变体、自动布局等)。
  • code w/Guillaume 💻 icon
    code w/Guillaume 💻
    💡 Je partage les pépites du web au quotidien 💻 Je code des Saas en buildinpublic 🎓 @YouLearnApp 🤖 https://t.co/GJUREp2GIN 🔎 https://t.co/qXa3Pe8iqm (new✨)
    J'ai découvert un plugin Figma qui permet de convertir ses designs directement en site web 🤯

    avec notamment un export possible en React ou encore Vuejs 👀

    Ça s'appelle animaapp.com! J ai pas encore pu le tester mais si vous l avez deja utilisé je veux bien vos avis!
    twitter post image
  • seya icon
    ソフトウェアエンジニア @ Gaudiy 最近は LLM を使ったプロダクト開発の仕組み化が趣味。https://t.co/phwcsBM8Nj | https://t.co/Wjw3jrV0mg | ルイちゃん(サイベリアン♂🐈)と暮らしてます
    Anima が Design System automation なるものを公開。
    結構長期目線のプロダクトだが最初はデザインとコードの同期に重きを置いているようで、デザインからコード生成する AI や Stroybook を Figma の Variants に反映 & 自動で Figma に push する CI 的なのから作ってる
  • Federico Terzi icon
    Federico Terzi
    Software Architect @AnimaApp. Creator of https://t.co/7T3833odPi - Technology enthusiast, mostly talk about Rust, TypeScript & open-source. Occasional blogger and YouTuber
    Yesterday we open-sourced Scooby, our internal regression and fidelity testing framework 🚀

    Think of a service like Percy or Chromatic, but working for both visual and textual datasets, at a fraction of the price.

    twitter post image
  • عادل طالبی icon
    عادل طالبی
    🔴 #نامبرده، تصور می‌کرد اندکی با بازاریابی در فضای دیجیتال آشنا است 🔴 نامبرده راه جدیدی را شروع کرده. 🔴 سلطان #املت، قطعاً، بدون تردید! 🔴 بسیار اشتباه کننده
    چقدر این «انیما اپ» ابزار جالبه. دنیا داره چه جای عجیبی می‌شه.

    البته هنوز کار داره تا به اون حد گه گاملاً کاربردی باشه و جای متخصص رو بگیره برسه ولی ما برای تبدیل یه فیگما به HTML پیور و خالص تا 40 میلیون تومن هم دادیم و حالا...
  • Arshdeep Singh icon
    Arshdeep Singh
    Exploring SaaS and Micro-SaaS Products
    Name: Design System Automation by Anima

    About: Bring your code into Figma

    Topics: Design Tools, User Experience, Developer Tools, Artificial Intelligence

    Link: ift.tt/x3XZBdm

    Tags: #products #saas #tech #producthunt #kickstarter #software #buildinpublic
    twitter post image
  • Alex Varga icon
    Alex Varga
    Designed 35+ projects • Building unique brands & designs for 7-figure business owners • Scaling @inCleveri
    7 FREE Tools to get UI Animations 🚀🔥

    ✅framer .com
    ✅animaapp .com
    ✅lottiefiles .com
    ✅flinto .com
    ✅createwithflow .com
    ✅rive .app
    ✅drama .app
  • mixer icon
    カラフルな図形やセリフ体のフォントがオシャレなデザイン。デモ画面をイラスト調にすることで、サイト全体の統一感やクリエイティビティをより一層表現します。 animaapp.com
    (デザイン→Webサイト変換ツールのサービスサイト) #SupersizedTypography #SerifFont #AbstractIllustrations
    twitter post image
  • Alex Varga icon
    Alex Varga
    Designed 35+ projects • Building unique brands & designs for 7-figure business owners • Scaling @inCleveri
    Top 7 UI Animation Tools 🚀🔥

    ✅ lottiefiles .com
    ✅ flinto .com
    ✅ createwithflow .com
    ✅ rive .app
    ✅ drama .app
    ✅ framer .com
    ✅ animaapp .com
  • Abraham John 🦄🦓 icon
    Abraham John 🦄🦓
    Product Designer ( UI / UX ) | Brand Identity Designer | Strongly Focused On Creating Beautiful, Functional UI's
    Anima helps teams to create interactive prototypes and covert them to React, Vue and HTML code.

    Website: animaapp.com
    twitter post image

What users think about AnimaApp - from Twitter

  • AnimaApp has released a design system automation feature which ensures design consistency by using code as the single source of truth and automatically synchronizing the updates to component styles in Figma.
  • The tool includes functionalities such as variants and auto layout, addressing the pain point of maintaining design system synchronization between design and code, allowing for efficient updates.
  • AnimaApp has introduced a Figma plugin that can convert designs directly into websites, with support for exports to React and Vue.js, although user experiences with the tool are still emerging.
  • AnimaApp has been recognized as a comprehensive tool for transforming Figma designs into clean, pure HTML, with some users comparing its cost-effectiveness to traditional professional services.
  • The tool is part of a list of seven free resources recommended for creating UI animations, showing its versatility and popularity in the design community.
  • Anima helps teams create interactive prototypes and converts them into code for React, Vue, and HTML, streamlining the workflow from design to development.

AnimaApp Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Facilitates a seamless design to code process, saving time and resources.
  • Supports a wide range of use cases, from websites to portfolios and interactive kiosks.
  • Integrates with popular design tools, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Cons :

  • Learning curve for designers unfamiliar with the tool.
  • Dependency on specific design tools for full functionality.

AnimaApp FQA

  • 1How does Anima pricing work?

    Anima's pricing structure is designed to accommodate various user needs, offering different tiers for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Detailed information on each plan can be found on Anima's pricing page.

  • 2Do you have a free plan?

    Yes, Anima offers a free plan that allows users to explore basic features and functionalities.

AnimaApp Use Cases

  • Launch live websites and landing pages directly from Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch.
  • Build engaging, responsive portfolios and kiosk experiences for museums, art galleries, and more without coding.
  • Generate production-ready code for developers, facilitating a smoother handoff from design to development.

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