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What is VoicePanel ?

VoicePanel leverages AI to transform how customer feedback is gathered and analyzed, enabling businesses to conduct numerous conversations simultaneously. By going beyond traditional surveys, VoicePanel offers deeper insights at a lower cost and faster pace, making it an invaluable tool for companies aiming to understand the 'why' behind customer behaviors and build products that resonate deeply with their audience.

Features :

  • AI moderation for deeper insights
  • Rapid recruitment of quality respondents
  • Instant synthesis of conversations into actionable insights
  • Support for both voice and video interviews
  • Automated transcription and comprehensive reporting

Pricing :

  • Pricing details were not available directly from the website. Interested users are encouraged to contact VoicePanel directly for the most current pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

3.35K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 43.18% | Italy - 12.16% | United Kingdom - 10.65% | Colombia - 8.21% | Germany - 5.85%

User Reviews On Twitter

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    Ex-Product Lead at Google launches Voicepanel

    Voicepanel is an AI moderator, getting deeper insights than a survey at a fraction of the cost of human-moderated interviews.

    Location: United States


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What users think about VoicePanel - from Twitter

  • VoicePanel is spearheaded by a former Product Lead at Google, offering an innovative approach to gathering in-depth customer insights.
  • It operates as an AI moderator, providing deeper understanding than conventional surveys with the cost-efficiency of negating the need for human-led interviews.
  • Based in the United States, VoicePanel is accessible through their website voicepanel.co.
  • Professionals interested in connecting can find the team on LinkedIn.

VoicePanel Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Efficient and scalable feedback collection
  • Deeper insights than traditional surveys
  • Rapid setup and deployment
  • Quality respondent recruitment

Cons :

  • Pricing information not directly available
  • May require some technical setup for custom integrations

VoicePanel FQA

  • 1How does VoicePanel work?

    VoicePanel recruits respondents, conducts interviews via voice and video, and synthesizes actionable insights instantly. It simplifies setting up research projects by drafting interview guides and offering format choices.

  • 2What types of interviews can be conducted with VoicePanel?

    VoicePanel supports both voice and video interviews, enabling in-depth conversations and observations of respondent behaviors and emotions.

VoicePanel Use Cases

  • Gathering consumer insights at scale
  • Concept and prototype testing
  • Collecting in-depth customer feedback

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