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What is Cycle ?

Cycle stands out as a revolutionary platform, expertly unifying customer feedback and user research into a single, cohesive interface. It simplifies the insight extraction process, all while being fueled by the latest AI advancements. This innovative approach ensures that understanding and acting upon customer feedback becomes effortless and efficient, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing product development through direct user input.

Features :

  • Unification of customer feedback and user research in one platform
  • AI-powered insight extraction for effortless understanding of feedback
  • Integration with Slack, HubSpot, and Intercom for comprehensive feedback management
  • Customizable feedback forms and rich text documentation for user interviews
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts for efficient feedback processing and inbox management
  • Real-time collaboration features, including incognito mode for privacy
  • Customizable data models and views to match unique workflow needs

Pricing :

  • Cycle offers a 7-day free trial which can be accessed following an onboarding call. For detailed pricing information, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Cycle team directly or book a demo.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

38.29K /Month

User Distribution :

France - 24.41% | India - 13.53% | United States - 8.96% | Germany - 5.43% | Canada - 5.19%

Riding Through Winter with A.I.: The Future of Cycle Coaching?

Exploring an innovative approach to winter cycle training and coaching through the lens of a cutting-edge A.I. app.

1. Winter Training Challenges and Solutions

Winter can throw even the most disciplined cyclists off their game. Chilling winds and shorter days often translate to more indoor rides or battling the elements. Traditional coaching can make a difference, but it can be a pricey affair.,Turning to tech, riders have toyed with apps like Zwift or Wahoo, which offer pre-planned routines but lack the adaptability many crave. Here enters Spoke, an A.I.-based coaching app aiming to bridge this gap by tailoring workouts to your physical and mental state.,The essence of Spoke lies in its ability to readjust. Finish a cycle session feeling like it was a breeze? Spoke dials up the intensity next time. Having a rotten day? Expect a gentler workout awaiting in your schedule. It's about keeping you ticking just right, all winter long.

2. Getting to Know Spoke: Inside the A.I. Coach

Spoke feels like a personal coach in your pocket. Every day, it asks about your sleep and how you're feeling, setting up your training dynamically. Unlike rivals, Spoke doesn't rely on sleep trackers, choosing instead to focus on your input to personalize training.,Workouts and rest days are adjusted in real-time. Go harder or take it easy, and Spoke recalibrates your program accordingly. Need to swap a workout day? No problem. Planning to mix in some cross-training? Spoke incorporates that into your regimen without missing a beat.,The true magic of Spoke is in its ongoing dialogue with your life. It smartly scales your cycling efforts to consider the tiredness from additional activities, ensuring that your training remains both challenging and achievable. The glimpse into the app reveals a tool that's not just about training smarter but also about nurturing a healthier, happier cyclist.

3. User Impressions of A.I. Cycling Coaching

Feedback on Spoke varies, with veterans and newbies alike chiming in. Some prefer the simplicity of riding by feel, avoiding the rigidity of structured plans. Yet, even these skeptics acknowledge the appeal of tech that adjusts to your day.,First-time users of A.I. coaching express intrigue, often comparing Spoke to conventional static plans. The consensus? It's refreshing, not to mention motivating, to have workouts that adapt to your evolving capacities and life happenstances.,Those seasoned in the realm of fitness apps see Spoke as a positive advancement. As more users highlight the app's effective blend of personalization and flexibility, the community's excitement around these innovations grows palpably.

4. Questions, Concerns, and the Road Ahead

Potential users wonder about Spoke's compatibility with medical conditions, craving assurance that the app won't push them beyond safe limits. Reassuringly, the app's responsive nature to feedback suggests it can adapt to a broad range of individual needs and considerations.,Another prevailing concern is clarity on trial periods and subscription models. While some navigate these uncertainties, the proactive customer support from Spoke's team sheds light, ensuring subscribers understand the details and get the most out of their experience.,Looking forward, community discussions reflect a shared vision for the integration of additional data points, from heart rate variability to recovery indicators. As Spoke evolves, anticipation builds for an app that's not just reactive, but predictively fine-tuning riders' training for unparalleled personalization and performance.

5. Cycle Video Summary

As winter looms and cyclists bundle up, many turn to technology for their training needs. This article delves into the groundbreaking territory of A.I.-powered coaching, specifically through the Spoke app, which promises personalized training adjustment based on real-time data and biofeedback. We further explore public reactions and provide insights into the community's reception of this technological marvel.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Calum icon
    Growth @lazyappHQ. prev: @ProductHunt, @withMacro. Swiss/British so my accent is all over the place 🤠
    I've got a feature request!

    @googlenest please add support for more third-party apps on the Nest Hub. I’d love to integrate ChatGPT on it!

    Will you close the feedback loop with me? @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it → cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • Charly Poly icon
    Charly Poly
    Talking about Entrepreneurship, TypeScript/Node.js, and F1 🏎️ @ycombinator alumn, building @defer_run, ex-@algolia
    I have a feature request!

    @X please enable file uploads in DMs for Premium users 🙏 (files = other than images or videos)

    Will you close the feedback loop with me? @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it --> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • MOMENTICA icon
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    Download MOMENTICA and
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  • Vladimir d'Ursel icon
    Vladimir d'Ursel
    Think outside the frame! @UnrevealedHQ
    I have a feature request 🤙

    @Apple could you add a number row on iPhone and iPad keywords? I struggle for half of my life now… 🤣

    Will you close the feedback loop with me?

    @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it --> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • Vladimir d'Ursel icon
    Vladimir d'Ursel
    Think outside the frame! @UnrevealedHQ
    I have a feature request 🤙

    Screen Studio could you let us blur some information on recordings? 🙏

    Will you close the feedback loop with me?

    @CycleProduct  might be the easiest way to do it --> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • Thibaut Nyssens 🐣 icon
    Thibaut Nyssens 🐣
    Passion for all things product & growth. Building @cycleproduct 🚲 – The modern way to put your product feedback on autopilot
    This is not a video, it's @CycleProduct's landing page hero animation 🤯

    See it in action on cycle.app

    ...and it's powered by @webflow
    twitter post image
  • Romain Briaux icon
    Romain Briaux
    Designer and co-founder @HerveStudio
    Please @Adobe add After Effect SVG native support, each release the entire motion community is hoping for that 🙏 Any chance we could see it in the next release? Will you close the feedback loop with me? @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it -> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • Delobbe Martin icon
    Delobbe Martin
    co CTO @CycleProduct
    I have a feature request!

    @BetterStackHQ : a better slack integration to manage incidents from Slack (à la incident.io)

    Will you close the feedback loop with me? @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it --> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • Caroline Clark 🕹 icon
    Caroline Clark 🕹
    Co-founder & CEO @arcade_demo. previously @sequoia @atlassian. she/her.
    We love this @CycleProduct landing page. Really nifty @arcade_demo example, especially with this 🚴‍♀️

    twitter post image
  • Thibaud Elziere icon
    Thibaud Elziere
    ⭐️ @hexacc (@efounders) 👥 @folkHQ 🏠 https://t.co/dkVeuPJted 🚘 https://t.co/AfF5us6lZM 💫 @gamaspace
    I have a feature request 💙

    @Superhuman can you please ship unified inbox? The workaround using tabs to switch between them doesn't work...

    Will you close the feedback loop with me? @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it
    twitter post image
  • Youcef Es-skouri icon
    Youcef Es-skouri
    Director of Product @Dropbox • Angel Investor in 25+ startups • Co-Founder & Board Member @Welovebuzz, the BuzzFeed of MENA with 11M followers.
    I have a feature request!

    @Slack: Automated nudges if I haven't responded to someone or if someone hasn't responded to me. Easy to get lost with all the unread/DMs, and threads today in the app.

    @CycleProduct might be the easiest way to do it --> cycle.app
    twitter post image
  • America First Legal icon
    America First Legal
    We work every day to fight for the American people and advance the rule of law in the United States. Join our email list! https://t.co/YYdmOR6NMg #DemolishDEI
    If you have faced racial discrimination in your workplace under the guise of "equity" or "DEI" policies, contact us TODAY!

What users think about Cycle - from Twitter

  • Cycle appears to be a versatile platform for suggesting and implementing feature requests across various apps and services, judging by users' appeals to integrate or enhance functionalities with companies like Google Nest, Adobe, and Apple.
  • Users leverage Cycle to bridge communication between themselves and companies, highlighting it as a streamlined method to suggest improvements—from adding a number row on keyboards to enabling file uploads in DMs for premium users.
  • The user-generated content praises CycleProduct's user interface and functionalities, notably its landing page's hero animation, demonstrating the platform's high-quality design and user engagement capabilities.
  • Cycle's application seems to extend beyond mere feature requests, serving as a tool for users to foster better integrations and functionalities in software products, indicating its utility in enhancing user experiences and software capabilities.

Cycle Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Centralizes feedback from multiple sources for streamlined analysis
  • AI-powered insights reduce manual work and enhance decision-making
  • Highly customizable to fit different workflow needs
  • Supports real-time collaboration, enhancing team productivity

Cons :

  • Might require an onboarding call to unlock free trial
  • Detailed pricing information not readily available without direct inquiry

Cycle FQA

  • 1How can Cycle help unify customer feedback?

    Cycle streamlines the aggregation of customer feedback and user research from various sources into a single platform, making it easier to gather insights and take actionable steps.

  • 2What integrations does Cycle support?

    Cycle integrates with popular tools such as Slack, HubSpot, and Intercom, allowing for seamless synchronization and management of customer data and feedback.

Cycle Use Cases

  • CRM for product teams, with customer info and feedback in one place
  • Product insight generation from diverse feedback sources
  • PRD (Product Requirement Document) creation with integrated customer context
  • Engagement with customers post-feature release for feedback and user research recruitment

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