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What is MetaVoice ?

MetaVoice is a real-time AI voice changer designed for the Metaverse, offering ultra realistic human-like voice modifiers. It enables users to modify their voice to sound like different genders, ages, or accents, while preserving human emotion.

Features :

  • Real-time AI voice changing with emotion preservation
  • Ultra realistic voice conversion
  • One-click voice identity change on over 800 platforms
  • Support for longer clip lengths and file uploads
  • Free access option with basic features

Pricing :

  • Free Tier: Limited Credits
  • Personal: $10/month
  • Creator: $25/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, API access, and fine-tuning support

Estimated Visit Traffic :

729.77K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 14.01% | Germany - 13.92% | United States - 12.99% | Brazil - 10.38% | Indonesia - 7.14%

Artificial Intelligence Transforming Voice-Overs - What's METAVOICE Doing?

Today, we're diving into a hot development in the world of synthetic speech: METAVOICE, a platform claiming to provide ultra-realistic voice-overs. With a plethora of AI voice options out there, let's find out what sets METAVOICE apart and how it's changing the game for content creators.

1. First Impressions and Website Aesthetics

Kicking things off, METAVOICE earns a hats-off for its website design. As a web developer, the sleek and intuitive interface caught my eye, pairing beauty with functionality.,Beyond looks, the site suggests seamless integration with other applications, transitioning their AI technology beyond mere web-based recordings, which could be a huge perk for users seeking versatility.,The technology boasts real-time voice transformations with a one-click operation, signaling a leap towards more fluid and robust voice-changing experiences.

2. Test Driving the Platform

Taking METAVOICE out for a spin, the platform allows users to record directly or upload pre-existing content, catering to diverse needs.,Experimenting with different voices revealed a spectrum of qualities - from the eerily electronic to those nearly indistinguishable from human speech, hinting at impressive strides in 'crossing the uncanny valley.',Favourite picks like 'Aurora' showcased how subtle nuances like breath sounds and natural speech cadences contribute meaningfully to the feeling of realism.

3. Pricing and Accessibility

With the trial experience under my belt, let's scope out METAVOICE's pricing. It offers both a free tier, which allows for a 30-second snippet, and various paid options that vastly expand the usage.,The paid version seems like a solid deal, especially with unlimited access currently on offer. Furthermore, the promise of future API access could unlock even more creative applications and integrations.,METAVOICE's pricing structure places it within reach for both amateur and professional producers, making it an intriguing option for those looking to spice up their audio with a pinch of AI magic.

4. Reflections on Voice Authenticity

The true test of any voice-modification tool lies in its ability to deceive the ear - and in some cases, METAVOICE passes with flying colors.,Its AI voices include the subtle imperfections that make human speech so unique, such as the clicks of the tongue and the smacking of lips. These imperfections help dial down the 'uncanny valley' effect often associated with artificial voices.,Referring to my personal experience, METAVOICE may just be one of the most sophisticated voice enhancers I've encountered, redefining what we can expect from such technology.

5. Performance Issues

A user reports technical hiccups with the message 'failed to fetch' popping up, indicating potential reliability issues or bugs that might need addressing.,When technology fails to perform consistently, it doesn't just frustrate users, it can also undermine trust in the product, an important aspect for METAVOICE to focus on in their journey.,A question about the possibility of using METAVOICE in real-time on calls suggests that users are looking for dynamic and immediate applications of the technology.

6. Comparisons to Other AI Voices

Some voiceover enthusiasts argue that while METAVOICE is a strong contender, there are other platforms like Murf and Well Said Labs that also deliver highly realistic AI voices.,It's evident through community feedback that reaching the benchmark set by relatively new industry entries like ElevenLabs will be crucial for METAVOICE, striving for the top spot in AI voice-over quality.,There's a video reference provided by an audience member, showcasing Murf's capability, which could serve as a learning curve for METAVOICE to understand and potentially outshine its competitors.

7. MetaVoice Video Summary

METAVOICE is making waves in the world of AI-driven voice-overs. Through a detailed exploration of its capabilities, user interface, and various voice options, we uncover how this new player stands out. Additionally, we include public opinions to glean a broader perspective on its performance compared to other AI voice platforms.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Vlad icon
    I build things and share how I do it. 2023 https://t.co/qH5FieoJPJ https://t.co/IYAp2tNhLc https://t.co/p8W9kzxjSx https://t.co/TcCEcC5dXC and more🚀
    I took a couple of answers from askthee.vercel.app/ and ran them through @vatsal_aggarwal 's metavoice tts.themetavoice.xyz/ and this is what I got.
    twitter post image
  • phill.ai icon
    Not quite a robot yet, but I'm exploring AI and creating video, audio and text...the latter only when absolutely necessary.
    TheMetaVoice.xyz Voice Changer: The Future of Voice Modification Technology
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made remarkable progress in recent years and has revolutionized various industries. #ai #artificialintelligence
    twitter post image
  • MetaVoice icon
    Create ultra-realistic AI voices at scale with #GenerativeAI. MetaVoice Studio Beta is now live - https://t.co/Fm4NEWoODL Join us: https://t.co/dr8lyxPcE1
    Uniqord is now Metavoice.

    We & the community think it better captures our mission of becoming the solution for voice identity in the metaverse.

    Check the Discord for our recent updates & to make sure you're around in time for the next Beta!

    themetavoice.xyz #Metaverse
  • MetaVoice icon
    Create ultra-realistic AI voices at scale with #GenerativeAI. MetaVoice Studio Beta is now live - https://t.co/Fm4NEWoODL Join us: https://t.co/dr8lyxPcE1
    Our one-click voice conversion Studio has been rebuilt from the ground up @ studio.themetavoice.xyz:

    ✨New UI
    🚀Even faster conversion
    🎶60Mb upload

    Creator Tier:
    🎙️5 minute recording
    🗣️2 new voice avatars (now 8 total)
    🤑Commercial use
    🎨Custom voice design (coming soon)
    twitter post image
  • phill.ai icon
    Not quite a robot yet, but I'm exploring AI and creating video, audio and text...the latter only when absolutely necessary.
    @TheMetavoice I did a little review for you and it's gone a crazy...
  • Tech To Review icon
    Tech To Review
    The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, gaming, gadgets, and more. We Help You Pick The Best Gadget!
    "Ready to unlock your full vocal potential? Look no further than studio.themetavoice.xyz. 🎶 Turn your voice into a masterpiece and leave a lasting impact on your listeners. 🌟 #VoiceTransformation #ai #ArtificialInteligence #ChatGPT #technology #TechnologyNews #gadgets
    twitter post image
  • web3d3v.eth/acc 🏴‍☠️ sonsOfCrypto.com icon
    web3d3v.eth/acc 🏴‍☠️ sonsOfCrypto.com
    CTO @sonsofcryptolab 👨‍💻 - buidling revolutionary #web3wallet 🪙 - embodiment of #crypto ideals - yield #ETH Host 📢 https://t.co/aL7gpSoZd0
    @zkHvrry @vatsal_aggarwal @TheMetavoice Thats right ser !

    Link to their stuff:

    Checkout what it sounds like, this is me speaking:
  • MetaVoice icon
    Create ultra-realistic AI voices at scale with #GenerativeAI. MetaVoice Studio Beta is now live - https://t.co/Fm4NEWoODL Join us: https://t.co/dr8lyxPcE1
    Still shipping on the weekend 🧑‍💻

    📱Record, convert your voice & post on the go with iOS mobile recording - now live 🏃‍♂️

    ⚡️No more wasted time - preview long voice conversions lightning fast & use zero minutes 🙌

    Try the new features Free at studio.themetavoice.xyz
  • Sujay icon
    A technology entrepreneur and programmer who tweets about Technology, React, Rust, Programming, AI/Productivity tools, Futurism, etc.
    MetaVoice Studio AI

    🔗 studio.themetavoice.xyz/
    twitter post image
  • Enda - The AI Guy - Domain Investor icon
    Enda - The AI Guy - Domain Investor
    I Review alot of tools and write stuff about AI, productivity hacks, cool apps, and more. I hope you enjoy and learn something. https://t.co/xY7REE0HtW
    TheMetaVoice.xyz is the online home of MetaVoice, a London-based tech company that has developed an AI-driven application that helps users to create their own unique on-chain digital voices.

What users think about MetaVoice - from Twitter

  • MetaVoice is an AI-powered text-to-speech application that allows users to convert written content into spoken voice.
  • The service offers a voice changer feature and aims to cater to voice identity solutions in the metaverse.
  • MetaVoice has a functioning website (themetavoice.xyz) and studio platform (studio.themetavoice.xyz) for voice conversion services.
  • The studio platform has been updated with a new user interface, faster voice conversion, and a larger upload limit for free users, as well as additional features for commercial use and creator tiers.
  • Users can participate in beta testing and follow updates through MetaVoice's Discord community.
  • The company has introduced a mobile recording feature on iOS, enabling voice recording and conversion on the go.
  • MetaVoice positions itself as a tool for enhancing vocal potential, transforming voices, and making an impact on audiences.
  • Previously known as Uniqord, the rebranded MetaVoice reflects the company's focus on voice identity in the digital space.

MetaVoice Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Natural-sounding AI-generated voices
  • Ability to modify voice across various parameters
  • Real-time voice changing capability
  • High level of privacy and security standards

Cons :

  • Potential for AI errors and glitches
  • Limited customization in voice modifiers

MetaVoice FQA

  • 1What platforms does MetaVoice Studio integrate with?

    MetaVoice Studio seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Twitter and Discord.

  • 2What features does MetaVoice Live offer for privacy?

    MetaVoice Live ensures privacy with features like 256-bit AES encryption and advanced security standards.

MetaVoice Use Cases

  • Content creation in the Metaverse
  • Video game development
  • Professional streaming
  • Voiceover work for artists
  • Podcasting and YouTube content creation

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