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What is Kits AI ?

Kits AI is an innovative AI voice platform tailored specifically for musicians, offering creative possibilities for transforming vocal expression. It provides a rich library of AI voices, including officially licensed artist voices and royalty-free options, enabling users to access a diverse range of vocal styles for enhancing their creative output.

Features :

  • AI Voice Library with licensed artist voices and royalty-free options
  • Custom AI Voice Models: Create, train, and share personalized AI voice models
  • Artist Collaboration: Collaborate with artists to officially release their voice models for music projects
  • .pth File Support for high-quality inference and model sharing
  • Vocal enhancement and collaborative music projects
  • Artist-inspired compositions with unique vocal styles

Pricing :

  • Not explicitly mentioned, but a free trial is available

Estimated Visit Traffic :

3.15M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 22.88% | Brazil - 10.23% | Mexico - 8.34% | Spain - 5.52% | Argentina - 4.13%

Kits AI Review: Is This VOICE Tool Really WORTH the HYPE?

Today, we dive into the world of Kits AI, examining whether this voice tool lives up to its growing buzz. Is Kits AI the transformative tech for voice enhancements that it claims to be, or should you steer clear? Let's find out together.

1. What Exactly is Kits AI?

Kits AI is turning heads with its claim to transform music creation using advanced voice AI technology. It's designed to supercharge your music by enhancing your voice.,The platform offers a library of officially licensed AI voices that content creators can employ to craft unique auditory experiences for music, jingles, and brand promotions.,At its core, Kits AI seeks to empower musicians, songwriters, and digital content creators by providing a tool that can morph and model voices to their taste, without the need for expensive studio sessions.

2. The Pros of Kits AI Explored

Kits AI simplifies the creation process, allowing users to generate a custom AI voice with ease. This could give your audio content a uniquely personal touch.,It boasts the ability to produce tracks featuring the stylings of your favorite artists rapidly, facilitating the blending of influences at the click of a button.,Community engagement is another perk. Share your creations, receive feedback, and connect with fellow artists, leveraging communal knowledge to refine your work.

3. Potential Downsides to Consider

Despite the many advantages, Kits AI doesn't escape the rule that nothing is perfect. As of the review writing, no glaring issues stand out, but the potential for improvement persists.,Challenges may arise as users delve deeper into the software's nuances, placing importance on the role of responsive customer support.,Users should also be mindful of the technology's infancy in the market meaning that a community consensus on the software's effectiveness is still forming.

4. Understanding Kits AI's Pricing

The entry-level pricing for Kits AI stands at $9.99 per month—an enticing starting point for those looking to dabble in AI-aided voice creation.,However, there are different subscription options available, each with its own set of features and capabilities, suited for a variety of needs and budgets.,Interested users should take advantage of the free trial, which offers a risk-free opportunity to assess Kits AI's fit for their creative workflow.

5. User Opinions on Kits AI

Up-to-the-minute user feedback on Kits AI is limited, making it difficult to establish a community verdict on the software's effectiveness.,Statements from early adopters highlight satisfaction with the tool's ability to generate custom voice models and the fun of improvising with different artists' voices.,A consistent thread through user remarks is appreciation for Kits AI's customer service, often described as helpful and responsive—a cornerstone for any tech offering.

6. My Final Take

Kits AI presents itself as an innovative and potentially groundbreaking voice AI tool, especially when it comes to music production. The platform's user-friendly nature and the quality of output it promises could make it an invaluable asset for creators.,It's important to stay vigilant about its evolution, as early-stage tech can quickly pivot in terms of quality and user experience.,My concluding advice is to dip your toes in with the free trial, experience its features firsthand, and decide if Kits AI sings in harmony with your creative endeavors.

7. Kits AI Video Summary

Concluding our exploration of Kits AI, it emerges as a promising tool for those looking to infuse AI technology into their audio content. With features that allow for voice customization and collaboration with others, Kits AI presents a user-friendly platform that can save both time and money. The strong customer support and variety of voice models are additional pluses. However, to make an informed decision, one must weigh the pros and cons, examine the pricing tiers, and consider the lack of broadly voiced user feedback.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • そねち | AIクリエイター icon
    そねち | AIクリエイター
    AI情報を発信 / AI動画, AIイラスト, AI音楽, AIアート, AI副業, AI出版多数 / AIアニメが海外映画祭に招待, AI映画制作 / DeepFake / Pika, Runway, Kaiber, Dalle3, Midjourney, Leonardo, Pixverse, Decohere

    「Kits AI」で、既存曲(Youtubeリンクの曲もOK)を簡単に別アーティストの声に変えられます!


    「Suno AI」で曲を作って自分の声に変えるもいいかも。

    twitter post image
  • Adam Carter Favorites icon
    Adam Carter Favorites
    Hi it's me Adam Carter I am making photos and videos I make characters and many more.
    Hey guys sense were in 2024 I was able to keep on uploading any other voice models on kits but I can't find away that says Create a new voice that I can upload any other voice models on kits.ai for free but it's disappered.
    twitter post image
  • Yellow icon
    15|He-Him|Straight|TTTE Fan|🇵🇪I Un wey que tiene una rara obsesión con un personaje creado por broma Discord: Yellow#2811 o yellow213
    c alguien de casualidad tiene la ia del kits ai de pizzelle? (la v2 o bueno la que era más usada)
    twitter post image
  • Lightswitch lover💥💥(Peryy) icon
    Lightswitch lover💥💥(Peryy)
    another very normal person about Liy ,, ENG/ESP/PT - OSC(BFB) and barely more | NSFW DNI!! alt: @HumanBoy99
    Im gonna make liy hit a high note on kits ai wqit
  • US ClaireForce icon
    US ClaireForce
    Artist, C# programmer, energy drink connoisseur. I value humans over machines. Slava Ukraina!
  • keisou-P icon
    Vocaloid producer from the US, mainly using Hatsune Miku, AVANNA and Gumi. I aim to spread the beauty of God's creation through song! 日本語でOK!
    Apparently Kits AI no longer allows free model making. I had fond memories messing with it and then just deleting the model when I was done
  • Adrian sam icon
    Adrian sam
    https://t.co/uhZaqzqQoq https://t.co/hf6GJ9T7wq https://t.co/dqxvRezJk6
    Hey guys, now you can use the raspberry tart voice model in kits ai
  • wilton gorske icon
    wilton gorske
    marketer | 🖋 0xBC30F67B 🪙 wiltongorske.eth wilton.lens | free and open-source soft/hardware • encryption/privacy | Ξ ⌐◨-◨
    After an exciting year launching and leading marketing for Kits.AI at @arpeggi_labs, I'm looking for new work! Forever proud of what the team built and continues to pioneer in music tech. 𖥔˖.

    S/o if you hear of marketing and branding opportunities!
  • ashton johnson icon
    ashton johnson
    non-state actor
  • Paulette Arochena ✍🏻Freelance Artist icon
    Paulette Arochena ✍🏻Freelance Artist
    LIVE 🎨 on Twitch 🫶🏻 https://t.co/rGA65e4R1a ❤️ #createdontscrape ✨https://t.co/KGnGwg7mPv ⛸️ Figure Skating Coach also when less ill…♿️
    @zee2596 @Jadinjazz @wegooupp @TheCartelDel Her posting for ‘fun’ when she has such a large platform (and all credit to her for that) will directly also impact her and actually already has.





    (And there are worse…)

What users think about Kits AI - from Twitter

  • Kits AI allows users to change a vocal track to a different artist's voice in existing songs, including from YouTube links.
  • Users can register their own original voices with Kits AI, which also has a library of existing artist voices.
  • Suno AI may be used alongside Kits AI to create music and personalize it with one's own voice.
  • There are concerns about copyright when using Kits AI's voice-changing features.
  • Some users have noticed that the option to upload new voice models to Kits AI for free has been removed.
  • Kits AI has made changes to their services, and no longer allows free model making, disappointing some users who enjoyed this feature.
  • New voice models such as the 'raspberry tart' are available on Kits AI for use in voice conversions.
  • A marketing professional from Arpeggi Labs expressed pride in their work with Kits AI and is seeking new opportunities in marketing and branding.
  • There is evidence of Kits AI being used for entertainment and sharing conversions on social media.

Kits AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Extensive AI voice library including artist and royalty-free voices
  • Facilitates creation of custom AI voice models
  • Enables collaboration with artists and sharing of voice models
  • Supports .pth files for advanced usage

Cons :

  • Pricing details not explicitly mentioned
  • May require technical knowledge for custom voice model creation


  • 1What is Kits AI?

    Kits AI is an AI voice generation and free AI voice training platform.

Kits AI Use Cases

  • Vocal enhancement using various AI voices
  • Collaborative music projects with shared custom AI voice models
  • Creating artist-inspired compositions

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