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What is Kive ?

Kive is an AI-powered platform designed to assist creatives and teams in managing visual assets, enhancing creative workflows, and producing their best work more efficiently. It offers a comprehensive solution for creative asset management, inspiration discovery, and collaborative presentation creation.

Features :

  • Creative asset management
  • Curated inspiration from global creatives
  • Similar search for easy image finding
  • Source tracking to trace original asset sources
  • Fast search for quick asset location
  • Multimedia content handling (images, GIFs, videos)
  • AI-powered personalized recommendations
  • Chapters feature for presentation creation
  • Seamless integration with other tools
  • Interactive presentations with video and GIFs
  • Auto layout for quick page setup
  • Collaboration tools for team presentations
  • Share with editable links
  • Various AI tools like AI upscale, frame extraction, and AI image generation

Pricing :

  • Freemium model available
  • PRO plan: $14/month

Estimated Visit Traffic :

139.87K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 12.43% | United Kingdom - 6.0% | Germany - 4.09% | Jersey - 3.38% | Guatemala - 2.63%

Kive ai: A Game-Changer in Filmmaking Pre-Production Workflow

Explore the cutting-edge Kive ai software that's revolutionizing the way filmmakers approach pre-production tasks. Dive into the world of mood boards and video treatments with an AI twist that is set to change the game.

1. Simplifying Mood Boards

Every filmmaker understands the importance of mood boards in shaping film aesthetics. Traditionally, creating these involved manually selecting and organizing reference images and videos—a time-consuming and often fiddly process.,Kive ai changes the game by allowing creators to swiftly populate their mood boards with relevant images. By simply copying a video link into Kive ai, filmmakers can automate the extraction of frames to inform their project's visual tone.,Such functionality not only reduces preparation time but also offers a bounty of visual choices—enabling a clearer and richer articulation of a film's potential atmosphere.

2. Revolutionizing Video Treatments

A video treatment is crucial for mapping out concepts and narratives. It sets the stage for production, guiding decision-making and showcasing a project's vision to stakeholders.,Utilizing Kive ai's frame extraction feature empowers filmmakers to rapidly curate visual elements that align with their treatment's objective. No longer is there a need for laborious screenshotting and editing.,By integrating seamless AI technology into this process, Kive ai offers an unprecedented level of convenience and precision, ensuring that creative visions are communicated effectively and efficiently.

3. Community Buzz

Excitement is brewing among filmmakers gearing up to utilize Kive ai in their upcoming projects. It's becoming clear that this tool has caught the attention of a creative community keen on harnessing tech to enrich their craft.,A testament to its potential impact, one user voiced their enthusiasm, noting the software's awesome capabilities and the plan to incorporate it into their next venture.,The growing discourse around Kive ai underscores a collective eagerness to embrace AI in filmmaking—as a means to not just simplify but also expand the creative horizons of pre-production.

4. Kive Video Summary

Kive ai software streamlines the pre-production workflow for filmmakers by automating the process of creating mood boards and video treatments. This tool uses artificial intelligence to extract relevant frames from video content, radically enhancing efficiency and creativity in the planning stages of film production.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Sade Ndya icon
    Sade Ndya
    Smooth Operator. Cinematographer @ GERSH. 🇧🇿🇿🇦 @_madeinherimage
    Y'all need to get privvy to kive.ai. It's Pinterest, Shotdeck, and Canva all in one 🤯
  • 何雨 IreneHe icon
    何雨 IreneHe
    Just joined the kive.ai waiting list. Looks really promising!
    twitter post image
  • Erdem Kirmitci icon
    Erdem Kirmitci
    UI designer, icon enthusiast and content curator. @studiobakers and @designerdaily_r
    Have you tried to make AI art with your friends or other creatives? Make your touch on canvas 🖼

    www.kive.ai/canvas by @getkive

    #AI #AIart #kiveai #AIArtwork
    twitter post image
  • imogen 🌴 icon
    imogen 🌴
    The frames of tears in the club 🌟🤎

    From instagram.com/kive.ai?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= on igs

    #fkatwigs ✨
    twitter post image
  • Felix Lee icon
    Felix Lee
    Co-founder, CEO @ADPList. Building humanity's access to expert knowledge. Designer, Forbes 30u30
    2/ Kive AI

    Let AI sort your visual libraries with auto-tagging, and find assets in seconds. Super useful, especially for Design Systems.

    → Website: www.kive.ai/
    twitter post image
  • JP | Enterprise Advisor icon
    JP | Enterprise Advisor
    Enterprise Advisor | Simplifying the latest trends in technology & innovation | Tweets on technology, innovation, & leadership.
    10. Kive

    Easily organize visual libraries with AI, create moods, and brief your teams with Kive.

    twitter post image
  • Chris Oliveira icon
    Chris Oliveira
    Videomaker, Colorista e Vegano
    Just joined the kive.ai waiting list. Looks really promising!
  • MarekSeptimusWieser icon
    cinematographer at - look it`s moving!
    Just joined the kive.ai waiting list. Looks really promising!
  • Md Riyazuddin icon
    Md Riyazuddin
    100k+ LinkedIn • Digital entrepreneur sharing insights on AI, tech tools, online business, and Marketing • DM for Collaboration ✨✉️
    👉 @getkive

    Leverage the capabilities of Al to automatically sort and tag your visual libraries, allowing you to locate assets quickly. This functionality proves immensely helpful, particularly for Design Systems.

    URL: kive.ai
    twitter post image
  • swapnil domade icon
    swapnil domade
    Just joined the kive.ai waiting list. Looks really promising!

What users think about Kive - from Twitter

  • Kive.ai combines features from Pinterest, Shotdeck, and Canva into one platform.
  • Users can join a waiting list to get access to Kive.ai, indicating it is either in pre-launch or has limited availability.
  • Kive.ai offers a collaborative AI art-making feature on a shared canvas for friends and creatives.
  • Kive.ai's platform seems to have an Instagram presence, suggesting it may have a role in social media visual content.
  • The AI in Kive can automatically tag and sort visual libraries, which is beneficial for organizing Design Systems.
  • Kive.ai allows users to organize visual libraries, create moods, and brief teams, streamlining creative workflow.

Kive Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Comprehensive asset management and search capabilities
  • Curated inspiration feeds for creative ideas
  • AI-powered tools for enhanced productivity
  • Facilitates collaboration and presentation creation

Cons :

  • May require a learning curve for new users
  • Dependent on the quality of AI recommendations and search accuracy

Kive FQA

  • 1What is Kive?

    Kive is an AI-powered platform for managing visual assets, finding creative inspiration, and creating presentations.

  • 2How can I use Kive?

    Kive can be used to upload and organize visual assets, search and discover assets using AI-powered features, find inspiration, and create presentations with auto-layout and AI copilot.

Kive Use Cases

  • Manage visual assets efficiently
  • Discover high-quality creative inspiration
  • Win pitches with collaborative tools
  • Create best work by harnessing AI capabilities
  • Accelerate creative workflow

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