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What is Capsule ?

Capsule is an innovative Video Editor designed for teams, transforming the daunting task of video editing into an effortless, AI-powered experience. Its foundation, CapsuleScript, allows for responsive video design, catering to any platform with ease. This tool is the fruition of three years of dedicated effort, aiming to democratize video editing by making it accessible to everyone in a company, regardless of their technical background. With Capsule, storytelling through video is no longer a privilege of the few but a possibility for the many, offering a platform where creativity meets efficiency.

Features :

  • CapsuleScript for responsive and resizable video design.
  • AI-powered editing for effortless video creation.
  • Design systems for consistent, on-brand motion graphics.
  • Cloud-based, collaborative editing environment.
  • Enterprise-grade security and data integrity.
  • Customizable data capture and social features for engaging community interaction.

Pricing :

  • Free for businesses during the beta phase, feedback requested.
  • Enterprise Beta available, free for 30 days, cancel anytime.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

50.76K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 26.94% | Canada - 2.43% | France - 2.29% | Guatemala - 2.25% | India - 2.24%

eMeet Meeting Capsule Review - Conference Room Camera and Speaker with AI

If you've been on the lookout for an all-in-one video conferencing setup that meshes affordability with cutting-edge technology, the eMeet Meeting Capsule might just be your best bet. Ideal for office spaces and hybrid meeting scenarios, this gadget packs some of the most impressive features in today's market. Let's dive in and see what makes the eMeet Meeting Capsule stand out from the crowd.

1. Ease of Setup

The eMeet Meeting Capsule scores high marks for its hassle-free setup, requiring only a brief glance at the concise manual to get things running. It's a testament to the product's design that sophistication does not come at the expense of user-friendliness.,Despite the array of buttons that suggest complexity, setting-up is a cinch, essentially a plug-and-play affair. Once connected to a Mac or PC to power the unit, you are ready for your first call.,The package includes a USBC cable with a neatly integrated adapter, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of laptops, be they equipped with USB-A or USB-C ports. Furthermore, the included power adapter and a substantially long cable facilitate placing the Capsule at a convenient spot in any meeting room.

2. Audio and Video Quality

The eMeet Meeting Capsule's audio output is noticeably superior to its predecessors, offering crisp and clear sound. The device is well-suited for tables seating around six to eight people, handling audio effortlessly without additional mics.,The camera's default orientation may be facing downwards, but once powered up, it's ready to capture high-quality video. It manages to offer a clear view despite varying lighting conditions, thanks to its intelligent design.,Where the Meeting Capsule really shines is in AI-driven speaker tracking. It can intelligently switch focus between speakers around the table, splitting the video feed when necessary to ensure a democratic and engaging call experience.

3. Image Orientation and Power Source

Some users might notice that the eMeet's camera feed appears to be reversed from left to right. This can usually be adjusted in the software settings, ensuring that the visuals match the actual setup of the room.,Regarding power options, there's a curiosity about whether the Capsule can be powered solely via USB-C or if it always requires an external power adapter. The latter is necessary for full functionality to ensure stable operation throughout long meetings.

4. Product Flexibility & Compatibility

It's clear the eMeet Meeting Capsule has been designed with flexibility in mind. The built-in adapter for the USB-C cable is indicative of a product aimed at fitting seamlessly into a variety of technological environments.,The fact that the eMeet is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C interfaces not only highlights its user-friendliness but also its accommodation for the transition period as many offices upgrade their hardware ecosystems from one standard to the other.

5. Capsule Video Summary

After thorough testing and use, the eMeet Meeting Capsule has proven itself to be a highly efficient video conferencing solution that stands out for its simple setup, quality performance, and advanced features including AI-driven camera work. The included accessories, such as a long USBC cable with a built-in adapter and a power adapter, make it a versatile choice for various setups. It boasts superior audio quality in comparison to other products and supports both privacy and AI-based speaker tracking during calls.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • 𝓓.♡ icon
    Can’t win a verbal match with me.
    The last couple that was in that cabin made a time capsule video and were pretty much history. Secrets were exposed. People were interrupted. Someone died.

    Like that cabin is cursed 😭
    twitter post image
  • Retour vers le Passé (ville de Québec) icon
    Retour vers le Passé (ville de Québec)
    Bienvenue à votre dose quotidienne de nostalgie , n’oubliez pas d’activer les notifications 🔔 pour ne rien manquer ! #villedeQuebec #archives #histoire
    pour une durée indéterminée ... ''
    ( 7 Février 2024 , Ville de Québec )

    Voici une capsule vidéo montrant, au début des années 40, l'importance de bien se préparer pour ne pas ''geler à mort ''avant d'atteindre votre grange ;-) !!!

    twitter post image
  • 空乃うさぎ☁️固定見てね icon
    @pastelcapsule新メンバー、パステルスカイ担当🐰🩵 いっぱい食べていっぱい寝ます(ᐡ_ ̫ กᐡ)𓈒𓏸︎︎︎
    パステル☆カプセルの投稿動画を楽しみましょう!#TikTok vt.tiktok.com/ZSFFng73s/

  • ATMedia icon
    Learn To Earn💰 Helping 𝐘𝐎𝐔 Become The Best Version Of 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐅!
    Here are my top 7 websites that I have recently discovered to help me with my content. Trust me some of these websites are a game changer😉

    3️⃣ CHAT GPT
  • Valé☆ icon
    Sports, Japon & Assemblée Nationale.
    Face à Députée Youssouffa calme et posée qui expose les problèmes de Mayotte, Député Corbière à cours d'argument réalistes, alterne les "ne me coupez pas la parole" "pourquoi vous êtes agressive comme ça" "extrême droite rn rn extrême droite" => capsule vidéo ok✔
    #DirectAN #QAG
    twitter post image
  • Gisselle icon
    Music + Tech, @sonatic_ 🌐
    @VernTheLegend Capsule.video is one I’ve been impressed by
  • CapsiMôme icon
    Portail collaboratif de #capsules #vidéos réalisées par les #élèves pour les élèves #education #byod #classeinversee #numerique #educatif #ecole
    Les #élèves de #CE1 ont écrit et réalisé un #film d'animation en #stopmotion pour exprimer leurs souhaits pour le #futur !


    #capsimome #capsule #video #EDD #cycle2
    twitter post image
  • CapsiMôme icon
    Portail collaboratif de #capsules #vidéos réalisées par les #élèves pour les élèves #education #byod #classeinversee #numerique #educatif #ecole
    La #communication entre #plantes explorée par les #élèves !
    #terminale #capsimome #capsule #video #SVT #tanins #anthocyanes
    twitter post image
  • Fabien NGUYEN icon
    Fabien NGUYEN
    Photographe, dessinateur, éditeur, producteur #transmédia, maker 3D, formateur en pédagogie, numérique, conseiller pédagogique second degré, photographie.
    Comment se passer du #plastique au quotidien ? Les astuces en #allemand !
    #cycle4 #capsimome #capsule #video #college
    twitter post image
  • Grown Up Rap icon
    Grown Up Rap
    Notes from the intelligent side of hip-hop. Filtered music, news, history, and writing on the past, present, and future of the culture.
    New music: @MotmanOfficial & @MicallParknsun – ‘Life In A Capsule’ (video). Click image below to watch now ⬇️ grownuprap.com/2024/02/14/motman-micall-parknsun-life-in-a-capsule-video/

What users think about Capsule - from Twitter

  • Capsule seems to be tied to various contexts; it's mentioned in relation to a time capsule video that revealed secrets and ended in death, hinting at a dramatic narrative.
  • There's historical significance attached to 'capsule'; for instance, one user references an old video capsule that discusses the importance of staying warm in Quebec City during the early 1940s.
  • Capsule is linked to entertainment, as seen from a user's excitement about posting video content on a platform presumably called 'パステル☆カプセル' on TikTok.
  • Creatives find Capsule valuable, and it's included in a list of top websites for content assistance, suggesting it might be a resource for content creation or enhancement.
  • The term 'capsule vidéo' refers to a succinct video summary, as inferred from a political context where a deputy's arguments are reduced to such a format.
  • Feedback from users is positive, with one mentioning their impression of Capsule.video as noteworthy.
  • Educational usage of capsule videos is hinted at, with students creating stop-motion films to express their future wishes.
  • The learning about plant communication is enhanced through Capsule, indicating its use in science education.
  • Capsule video content also seems to spread awareness on environmental topics, like reducing everyday plastic use, even in different languages like German.
  • Capsule is associated with music, highlighted by a new release titled ‘Life In A Capsule’.

Capsule Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Easy to use, even for those without formal programming or video editing background.
  • Streamlines video creation process, significantly reducing the time and effort required.
  • Facilitates collaboration and brand consistency across teams.

Cons :

  • Being a relatively new platform, some features are still under development.
  • Dependence on internet connectivity for cloud-based editing.

Capsule FQA

  • 1How does Capsule work?

    Capsule enables creation of stylized video content easily with your community, requiring just an account setup and an invitation to your audience for video contributions.

  • 2How long does it take to create a Capsule?

    Starting video collection with Capsule can be done in less than five minutes on self-service plans. Customization and integration timelines vary for Pro and Enterprise plans.

  • 3Do users need to download an app to create videos?

    No, Capsule does not require an app download. Video contributions can be made using any device with internet access and video recording capabilities.

Capsule Use Cases

  • Customer testimonials and product explainer videos.
  • Webinar recaps and on-brand asset library creation.
  • Video content hub for team collaboration.

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