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The Best AI Image Upscale Tools: Enhancing Image Quality with Reliable Solutions

por Similartool.AI     Actualizado Jan 8, 2024

The Best AI Image Upscale Tools: Enhancing Image Quality with Reliable Solutions In the world of image editing and enhancement, AI-powered tools have revolutionized the way we improve the quality of images. These tools utilize sophisticated algorithms and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to upscale photographs and illustrations without losing any quality. In this analysis article, we will explore the top AI image upscale tools, namely Upscaler, Bigjpg, Deep Image AI, AVC AI, "Let's Enhance", Remini, imageupscaler, Kive, and SupaRes. With their unique features and capabilities, these tools have become trusted solutions for professional photographers, designers, and image enthusiasts alike. Let's delve into the details of each tool and discover how they can significantly enhance image quality and take your visuals to new heights.

1. Bigjpg

Bigjpg is an AI-powered image enlarging tool that utilizes Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to upscale images without losing quality. It is specifically effective for anime images and illustrations, as well as regular photos, providing high-quality, lossless image enlargement.

Bigjpg homepage image


  • Free Plan: 20 pictures per month, maximum upload size 5MB, enlarging ratio up to 4x, offline enlarging

  • Basic Plan: $6 for 2 months, 500 pictures per month, maximum upload size 50MB, enlarging ratio up to 16x

  • Standard Plan: $12 for 6 months, 1000 pictures per month, maximum upload size 50MB, enlarging ratio up to 16x

  • Premium Plan: $22 for 12 months, 2000 pictures per month, maximum upload size 50MB, enlarging ratio up to 16x


  • Intelligent noise and serration reduction

  • Supports various image types, including anime and regular photos

  • Superior quality with minimal noise compared to other tools

  • Flexible service plans with both free and paid options

  • Offline enlarging capability


  • High-quality image enlargement without loss

  • Supports a wide range of image types

  • Flexible pricing plans including a free option

  • API support for developers


  • Free plan has limitations on image size and quantity

  • Limited to certain image formats

2. Avc.ai

Avc.ai is an advanced Online AI Image Enhancer designed to elevate image editing experiences. It uses deep learning algorithms to automatically enhance and restore photo quality, offering a range of features for optimizing images.

Avc.ai homepage image


  • Paid, with plans starting from $9.95 per month


  • Upscale Resolution: Converts low-resolution images into high-quality visuals.

  • Denoise and Sharpen: Removes noise and artifacts for cleaner, crisper images.

  • Face Retouching: Enhances and sharpens blurry faces in portraits.

  • Colorize and Color Calibration: Adds life and natural hues to images.

  • AI Background Remover: Quickly and effortlessly removes backgrounds from images.


  • Utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms for image enhancement.

  • Offers a wide range of features for various editing needs.

  • Suitable for professional use with high-quality results.


  • It is a paid service, which might not be ideal for casual users.

3. Let's Enhance

Let's Enhance is an AI-driven platform designed for image enhancement, upscaling, and generation. It allows users to augment resolution and overall quality, rectify issues in blurry, pixelated, and low-resolution images, and create high-quality prints and digital art.

Let's Enhance homepage image


  • Free plan: Enhance up to 64 megapixels images; 10 free images for new users.

  • Paid plans: Upscale images up to 256 megapixels (personal) and 512 megapixels (business).

  • Subscription-based with a credit system; specific pricing details available at letsenhance.io/pricing.


  • Upscaling images to 8K resolution.

  • Improving image clarity, detail, and removing noise/artifacts.

  • Batch editing and processing up to 20 pics in one go.

  • Specialized AI for enhancing portraits and facial features.

  • Tools for color correction, sharpening, and resizing.


  • Easy to use with simple upload and enhance process.

  • High-quality, sharp, and detailed image results.

  • Wide range of features for diverse image enhancement needs.


  • Can be slow for large images.

  • Not perfect, may produce artifacts or distortions.

  • Still under development with limited features compared to some user needs.

4. Remini

Remini is a state-of-the-art AI tool designed to transform low-quality visuals into stunning high-definition content. It is capable of converting old, pixelated, blurry, or damaged photos and videos into high-definition images using advanced AI technology. Remini is widely used across various platforms such as social media, historical preservation, printing services, e-commerce, education, and magazines.

Remini homepage image


  • Free with optional in-app purchases and ads

  • API Integration: $39 for 100 credits, $79 for 300 credits, $199 for 1000 credits, $1399 for 10,000 credits, $2999 for 30,000 credits

  • In-App Purchases: $9.99 per week for Remini Pro Weekly, $4.99 per week for Remini Lite Weekly, $4.99 per month for a 1 Month Subscription


  • Unblur and Sharpener

  • Denoiser

  • Old Photos Restorer

  • Image Enlarger

  • Color Fixer

  • Face Enhancer

  • API Integration

  • Mobile App

  • Adobe Plugin


  • Transforms low-quality visuals into high-definition content

  • Various features like unblur, denoiser, and face enhancer

  • Broad range of uses across different sectors

  • Mobile app available for on-the-go editing

  • Simple API integration


  • Some features may not be available in all plans

  • Additional purchases may be required for certain tools

  • Technical issues with saving and uploading media on Remini Web

  • Error codes during subscription or uploading processes

5. Image Upscaler

Image Upscaler is an online platform utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to enhance image quality. Initially developed as a deep learning convolutional neural network for image upscaling, it has evolved into a multi-tool for image processing.

Image Upscaler homepage image


  • 5 free credits per month for each software.

  • Subscription plans available for additional 50 to 1000 credits monthly.


  • Upscale images without quality loss

  • Unblur images

  • Photo cartoonizer

  • AI Image generator

  • Remove background

  • Photo to anime conversion

  • Inpaint tool for object removal

  • Image colorizer


  • Wide range of AI-based photo editing tools

  • Free credits offered monthly

  • User-friendly interface

  • High-quality results with AI technology


  • Limited free credits per month

  • Subscription required for extensive use

  • Supports limited file formats

6. Kive

Kive is an AI-powered platform designed to assist creatives and teams in managing visual assets, enhancing creative workflows, and producing their best work more efficiently. It offers a comprehensive solution for creative asset management, inspiration discovery, and collaborative presentation creation.

Kive homepage image


  • Freemium model available

  • PRO plan: $14/month


  • Creative asset management

  • Curated inspiration from global creatives

  • Similar search for easy image finding

  • Source tracking to trace original asset sources

  • Fast search for quick asset location

  • Multimedia content handling (images, GIFs, videos)

  • AI-powered personalized recommendations

  • Chapters feature for presentation creation

  • Seamless integration with other tools

  • Interactive presentations with video and GIFs

  • Auto layout for quick page setup

  • Collaboration tools for team presentations

  • Share with editable links

  • Various AI tools like AI upscale, frame extraction, and AI image generation


  • Comprehensive asset management and search capabilities

  • Curated inspiration feeds for creative ideas

  • AI-powered tools for enhanced productivity

  • Facilitates collaboration and presentation creation


  • May require a learning curve for new users

  • Dependent on the quality of AI recommendations and search accuracy


In conclusion, there are numerous AI image upscale tools available that effectively enhance image quality and offer a range of features for image editing and restoration. Tools like Upscaler, Bigjpg, Deep Image AI, AVC AI, Let's Enhance, Remini, imageupscaler, Kive, and SupaRes utilize advanced AI techniques, such as deep learning algorithms and convolutional neural networks, to upscale images, rectify issues in low-quality visuals, and generate high-definition content. These tools not only provide lossless image enlargement, but also assist creatives in managing visual assets, enhancing workflows, and producing their best work more efficiently. Whether you need to enhance photos for social media, printing services, or creative projects, these reliable solutions ensure high-quality results.