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What is ZeroGPT ?

ZeroGPT is an AI Detector designed to enhance various applications with advanced language understanding. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology, ZeroGPT enables precise detection and analysis, making it a valuable tool for diverse industries.

Features :

  • Advanced language understanding
  • Customizable solutions
  • Scalable for enterprise use
  • Seamless integration

Pricing :

  • Flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs
  • Contact for enterprise pricing options

Estimated Visit Traffic :

4.70M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 34.34% | Canada - 7.23% | India - 6.54% | United Kingdom - 5.02% | Kenya - 3.83%

Is ZeroGPT a Reliable AI Detector?

With AI's ever-growing presence, it's crucial to distinguish between human and AI-generated content. But just how reliable are AI detectors like ZeroGPT? This article delves deep into the effectiveness of ZeroGPT in flagging AI-written text.

1. Experimenting with ZeroGPT

To evaluate ZeroGPT's capabilities, we conducted an experiment where three distinct texts were scrutinized—a human-written essay, an AI-generated sample, and a paraphrased AI text.,Our findings were unsettling: the human essay was erroneously flagged as AI-generated, leading to potential concerns about the technology's reliability.,Contrary to its purpose, the AI-produced sample escaped detection, donning the guise of human craftsmanship, which raises red flags for those relying on such a tool for authenticity checks.

2. Mixed Results Raise Doubts

While ZeroGPT did accurately recognize the paraphrased AI text, this sole success story isn't enough to certify it as a foolproof AI detector.,The platform's inconsistent performance highlights a larger issue wherein tools like ZeroGPT could inadvertently undermine genuine student or staff work, complicating academic integrity measures.,The random nature of the results prompts a question of trust. Can educators and professionals depend on ZeroGPT to differentiate between human and AI-generated content? The evidence suggests caution.

3. Real-Life Implications of False Flags

Imagine the distress of a student whose original work is flagged as AI-generated—ZeroGPT's shortcomings could spark unjust accusations.,Should individuals worry about being discredited due to the unpredictable nature of AI detectors like ZeroGPT?,It's a digital dilemma that calls for immediate attention, lest we undermine the credibility of earnest efforts in academic and professional circles.

4. The Search for a Better Solution

Given ZeroGPT's erratic performance, the quest for a reliable AI detection tool becomes more pronounced.,Collaboration between AI experts, educational institutions, and tech companies is necessary to create solutions that can accurately distinguish human from machine.,While ZeroGPT may not currently fit the bill, the potential for improved technology exists—prompting a push for innovation and stricter testing criteria for AI detectors.

5. ZeroGPT Video Summary

After a thorough review, it seems that ZeroGPT does not consistently identify AI-generated content accurately. When faced with the challenge of discerning between human and AI writings, it incorrectly marked human writing as AI-generated. Surprisingly, it recognized AI-generated text as human-written but managed to correctly identify a paraphrased AI text. Such inconsistencies make ZeroGPT an unreliable tool for academic or professional verification.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Shayne Kawalilak Author icon
    Shayne Kawalilak Author
    Writer, mostly... speaker, sometimes... husband & father of nine & four grandkids, always... and happily married to my ex-wife while working on another book.
    @clarkesworld If anyone submits writing to me I run it through here first... www.zerogpt.com/
  • christopher mitchell icon
    christopher mitchell
    travel content creator & speaker, 💻 ultimateontario, @weexplorecan, 📩 @weekinblogging, 🌍 @tbexevents NA Director, 🤝@tobloggers founder
    It's a new world out there for publishers with AI in the mix. Just had someone send me an article, and ran it through ZeroGPT, and this was the result.

    It's a useful resource during this time - www.zerogpt.com/

    #ai #zerogpt #chatgpt
    twitter post image
  • ReThynk AI icon
    ReThynk AI
    Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Business Intelligence. DM for Credit or Removal!
    Tool to Detect AI Content:

    1. Copyleaks.com
    2. contentatscale.ai
    3. contentdetector.ai
    4. sapling.ai
    5. smodin.io
    6. duplichecker.com
    7. zerogpt.com

    What more would you like to add?
    #ai #content
  • Morgan Tingley 🐦🏳️‍🌈 *mwtingley.bsky.social* icon
    Morgan Tingley 🐦🏳️‍🌈 *mwtingley.bsky.social*
    Associate Professor @UCLA @UCLAEEB studying ecological effects of global change (range shifts, #phenology, and #wildfire), partial to #birds #LGBTQ he/him
    New #PeerReview milestone:
    Authors have 100% used ChatGPT #AI to write portions of their manuscript (e.g., methods). Confirmed by zeroGPT.com.

    What next?
    (fwiw, it's largely garbage extraneous info that no one would ever write in a manuscript)
  • 【Arbiter【XX】𝐉𝐮𝐝𝐠𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭】 icon
    ꓄ꃅꍟꌩ ꀸꀤꌗꉓꍏꋪꀸꍟꀸ ꌩꂦꀎ, ꎇꂦꋪ ꓄ꃅꍟꌩ ꎇꍟ꒒꓄ ꈤꂦ꓄ꃅꀤꈤꁅ ꌃꀎ꓄ ꎇꍟꍏꋪ ꂦꎇ ꌩꂦꀎ. 【ꊼꊼ】 #ALRP #MVRP #BAMTRIGHTS parody acc. +18 Written by Bat. Bat. yes, i am, just a Bat.
    If any of you college students has had issues with zerogpt.com breaking your texts and calling them AI made, for 30 bucks per 200 words i will ensure it says 0% without changing context or the meaning of your work as a whole.
  • Federico Andres Lois icon
    Federico Andres Lois
    Geek before it became trendy. Performance, C#, Deep Learning and Financial Modeling. Former Founder of @Corvalius.
    I couldn't believe it. So I tried zerogpt.com ... Proof that time-travel exists and they brought it back from the future? /sarcasm.
    twitter post image
  • Philip Mai icon
    Philip Mai
    Co-Dir. & Sr. Researcher @SMLabTO 🤔 re: Social Media & Tech | Proj: @Communalytic @Polidashboard https://t.co/fgjr3eyTis | On Bsky as @philipmai.com 🌻
    A Chat GPT detector tool www.zerogpt.com/
  • CA. Rāṇā Rām icon
    CA. Rāṇā Rām
    ⏳ In pursuit of my childish curiosities.
    @savan21 here it is-

    ps- you can tell it's copied when they use "gas" instead of "petrol"😢
  • Mikhail Arshynski icon
    Mikhail Arshynski
    ➡Independent journalist ➡From Belarus🤍❤🤍 ➡Escaped from Lukashenko's terror ➡Director of documentary ➡Editor YT ВотТак (Belsat)
    #ZeroGPT to detect text's source whether it derives from AI tools (like #ChatGPT, Google #Bard, ...) or human brain.
  • DarkPrinceFrost icon
    I am proud to live in America.
    @OscarVReuenthal Then there are tools such as:

What users think about ZeroGPT - from Twitter

  • ZeroGPT is a detection tool used to identify whether writing has been generated by AI, including texts from tools like ChatGPT.
  • Publishers and individuals are using ZeroGPT to check submissions for AI-generated content.
  • ZeroGPT is listed among other AI detection tools like Copyleaks.com and contentatscale.ai, indicating its perceived value in this space.
  • Some users have reported the effectiveness of ZeroGPT in detecting parts of academic manuscripts written with AI assistance.
  • There are services advertised on Twitter claiming they can help alter texts so that ZeroGPT will not detect them as AI-generated.
  • ZeroGPT is referred to as a new contribution to the resources available for dealing with the challenges of AI in writing and publishing.
  • ZeroGPT's URL, zerogpt.com, is being circulated on Twitter for users seeking to verify the origin of text content.

ZeroGPT Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Accurate language analysis
  • Customizable for specific needs
  • Scalable for enterprise use

Cons :

  • May require training for optimal results
  • Pricing may vary based on customization


  • 1What is ZeroGPT?

    ZeroGPT is an AI Detector specializing in advanced language understanding for diverse applications.

  • 2How does it work?

    ZeroGPT utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze and detect patterns in text, providing accurate insights.

  • 3Can it be customized?

    Yes, ZeroGPT offers customization options to meet specific requirements.

  • 4Is it suitable for enterprise use?

    Absolutely, ZeroGPT is designed to cater to the needs of enterprises with scalable solutions.

  • 5What industries can benefit from ZeroGPT?

    ZeroGPT is versatile and can benefit industries such as healthcare, finance, and customer support.

  • 6Is there a free trial?

    Yes, explore ZeroGPT with our free trial to experience its capabilities.

  • 7How can I integrate ZeroGPT into my system?

    Integration is seamless; our documentation provides step-by-step guidance for easy implementation.

ZeroGPT Use Cases

  • Sentiment analysis in customer feedback
  • Fraud detection in financial transactions
  • Medical document analysis

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