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What is YesChat AI ?

YesChat AI, a groundbreaking platform, redefines human-AI interaction by integrating Chatbot capabilities with the most advanced AI models including GPT-4V, Dalle3, and Claude 2. Offering unparalleled access to real-time information, image-based interactions, and document analysis, YesChat AI stands out as a versatile and innovative tool for users seeking to harness the full potential of AI technology in their daily tasks.

Features :

  • Real-time information and event access
  • Image-based interaction and analysis
  • Document analysis with Claude 2 for PDFs, Word documents, and more
  • Dalle3-powered image generation from text prompts
  • Enhanced safety and privacy measures

Pricing :

  • Free access with daily limitations: Up to 100 GPT-4 messages every 3 hours, 10-30 Claude 2 interactions every 6 hours, and up to 10 Dalle3 image generations daily.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

370.10K /Month

User Distribution :

China - 41.61% | Lao People's Democratic Republic - 27.28% | United States - 9.22% | Australia - 4.47% | Netherlands - 4.1%

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • 千寻 icon
    👧 97 年小姐姐 / 盐以律己,甜以待人 / 独立洒脱 🌸 实用工具分享 / 持续学习 / 干货分享 💻 All in AI 普通人的最大机遇 ✉️ 合作请 DM 私信
    Claude客户端现在可以免费用了🚀 YesChat.ai

    twitter post image
  • Serhat Sayat icon
    Serhat Sayat
    yeschat.ai ile gpt-4'ü ücretsiz kullanabilirsiniz arkadaşlar. DallE-3 ile resim de çizdirebilirsiniz.
    Bu da benim çizdirdiğim twitter kuşu 😃
    twitter post image
  • 哥飞 icon
    #公众号:哥飞 ,出海鼓励师,GPT菩萨,SEO专家,Adsense玩家。
    ChatGPT Plus 停止新用户申请了,如果你还想用GPT4 All tools,不妨试试 YesChat.ai/?gefei
    这是一个野生 ChatGPT Plus 客户端,也是一个野生 Claude AI 客户端。
    twitter post image
  • damo icon
    Product Manager trying to implement AI applications. https://t.co/wzjT5TfYwl https://t.co/ehYE1yvkQW

    twitter post image
  • kipkip数字福利 icon
    数字生活指南: https://t.co/atCaQelWFI Telegram channel:https://t.co/JI3H9M49kL 共享小火箭下载账号:https://t.co/bIvaukZHts 机场推荐:https://t.co/MTn04O2eNN
    这个网站反代?了claude.ai 让用户不用手机注册即可以直接使用
    twitter post image
  • Erman Doğan icon
    Erman Doğan
    Etsy Dijital Ürün Satış Eğitmeni • Girişimci • @Etsy
    ChatGPT 4 ve Claude2.1 ücretsiz kullanmak için bu siteye üye olmanız yeterli günlük 10 mesaj hakkınız oluyor.

    twitter post image
  • damo icon
    Product Manager trying to implement AI applications. https://t.co/wzjT5TfYwl https://t.co/ehYE1yvkQW
    chatgpt plus停止新注册了,可以试试YesChat.ai,提供claude2和GPT all tools的免费使用,包括GPT 4V dalle3以及联网,能解决一般性的用户需求。
  • Serhat Sayat icon
    Serhat Sayat
    @erinanakiiri yeschat.ai kullanabilirsiniz. Gpt-4 ücretsiz
  • topAi.tools icon
    We'll help you discover awesome AI tools and products everyday. Don't be a robot be a productivity machine.
    YesChat is an AI tool that integrates GPT-4V, DALLE3, and Claude2 to offer enhanced AI capabilities. It supports rich interactions with AI, image generation, document analysis, code generation, and conversational abilities. #aitools #topaitools

What users think about YesChat AI - from Twitter

  • YesChat AI is now available for free use without the need for phone verification or a VPN.
  • Users can access GPT-4 for free with yeschat.ai, and it's also possible to create images with DALL-E 3.
  • YesChat AI provides an alternative client to ChatGPT Plus and includes access to wild Claude AI and other GPT-4 tools without cost or need for VPN ('magic').
  • The service has been optimized and some users are finding it a suitable replacement for the official GPT-4, with support for GPT-4/Dalle3, internet connectivity, and Claude2.1; despite usage limits for free accounts, it's adequate for daily tasks.
  • YesChat AI acts as a proxy for claude.ai, allowing users direct access without the need for mobile registration.
  • By signing up on yeschat.ai, users can use ChatGPT 4 and Claude2.1 for free with a limit of 10 messages per day.
  • With new registrations for ChatGPT Plus halted, YesChat.ai offers a free alternative with access to Claude2, GPT-4, DALLE3, and internet connectivity, meeting general user demands.
  • The platform offers free access to GPT-4 and encourages users to sign up.
  • YesChat is an integrated AI tool offering features like rich AI interactions, image generation, document analysis, code generation, and conversational abilities via GPT-4V, DALLE3, and Claude2.
  • The service is available in Chinese language at yeschat.ai/zh-CN/yeschat.

YesChat AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Free access to top-tier AI technologies
  • Versatile AI applications from text to image generation
  • Enhanced user safety with content safeguards
  • Ease of use and global availability

Cons :

  • Daily usage limitations for free users
  • Dependence on internet connectivity
  • Potential learning curve for new users
  • Limited customization options in the free version

YesChat AI FQA

  • 1What is YesChat AI?

    YesChat.ai is a chatbot service that leverages GPT-4V, Dalle3, and Claude 2 AI technologies to provide users with capabilities like real-time information access, document analysis, and image-based interactions.

  • 2How does YesChat AI use Claude 2?

    YesChat AI uses Claude 2 to analyze documents up to 75,000 words, summarize texts, generate code, and engage in natural language conversations, prioritizing safety with its 'Constitutional AI' framework.

  • 3Can I use YesChat AI for free?

    Yes, YesChat AI offers free access to its services, including daily limits on interactions with GPT-4V, Claude 2, and Dalle3, making advanced AI technologies accessible without a subscription.

YesChat AI Use Cases

  • Engaging in detailed conversations with AI
  • Research and summarization of long documents
  • Creative image generation for various applications
  • Educational assistance and learning
  • Professional task automation like coding and text generation

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