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What is Assistive Chat ?

Assistive Chat is a cutting-edge chatbot designed to enhance digital interactions by providing tailored support and services. It leverages advanced AI to understand and respond to user inquiries in real-time, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to improve customer engagement and support.

Features :

  • Real-time interaction and support
  • Advanced natural language understanding
  • Customizable to fit specific business needs
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Support for multiple languages

Pricing :

  • Pricing details were not directly available on the official site. It's recommended to contact their sales team for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

84.73K /Month

User Distribution :

Russia - 14.96% | United States - 14.06% | France - 13.28% | Ukraine - 6.89% | Taiwan - 4.94%

Tags :


BE MY AI │ The Future Of Assistive Technology

Every so often, a breakthrough in assistive technology revolutionizes the way individuals interact with the world. From Braille to voice recognition, these advancements open up new horizons. Now, we stand at the threshold of a new era with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into assistive technologies. Amidst concerns about AI leading to rogue robots, it's undeniable that AI has transformative potential for assistive devices. Today, we delve into 'Be My AI,' the innovative addition to the 'Be My Eyes' app, and examine its impact on those with visual impairments.

1. Introducing 'Be My AI'

Often, it's the simplest tools that can empower those with visual impairments, like the 'Be My Eyes' app, which for years has connected users with volunteers for visual assistance. Now, with the addition of 'Be My AI,' technology has sprinted forward, offering an AI to analyze and describe images for the user.,Despite some skepticism around the name 'Be My AI' not rolling off the tongue, the functionality of the app is commendable. Through a straightforward interface, users can snap a photo and receive an auditory description, crafted by AI, detailing objects, text, and even emotions in the visuals presented.,Whether interpreted through an iOS or Android device, 'Be My AI' maintains a consistent user experience, allowing visually impaired users to easily capture images and receive detailed information without the need for a live volunteer, thus adding another layer of privacy and autonomy.

2. AI's Capabilities in Detail Recognition

A vivid illustration of AI's prowess is evident when 'Be My AI' is tasked with describing complex scenes. From the texture of surfaces to the humor in poetic texts such as Silverstein's 'Snowball,' the AI successfully grasps and narrates the essence of content.,AI's ability to engage with the user and answer follow-up questions bridges the gap between machine efficiency and human-like interaction. Assessments of the AI's performance reveal its adeptness at identifying characters like Batman, even when humorously portrayed by a cat in costume.,Safety is a primary concern, and for matters requiring absolute accuracy, the developers advocate reaching out to human volunteers via the app. Pioneering AI like this does not replace human judgment in critical situations but rather acts as an additional tool to enhance everyday independence.

3. Community Impressions of 'Be My AI'

Users share a mix of excitement and constructive criticism about 'Be My AI.' Some cheekily suggest renaming it to 'Be My A-Eye' for a catchier moniker, while others humorously bring up Terminator references, hinting at the typical doomsday fears associated with AI.,Many express eagerness for direct image processing on devices, and one comment points out the usefulness of the app in organizing their refrigerator items. One user's appreciation for the app's help with understanding photo descriptions on social media highlights the emerging role of AI in digital accessibility.,While there is enthusiasm, some users note areas for improvement. Suggestions include capturing and saving photos and chats for revisiting later, wishing that health insurance could cover services like Aira, and expressing the need for handling sensitive information more securely.

4. Practical Applications and Future Outlook

Insights from users reveal that 'Be My AI' has already become a staple in their daily lives, from interpreting poetry to personal photos. It's clear that as AI continues to evolve, there's potent potential for more profound and diverse applications.,The call for AI to assist with descriptions in real-time and to save these interactions points to a future where technology means more than just passive support; it's an interactive, learning, and adaptive companion.,With the door now open for continuous improvement, the prospect of AI in assistive technology not only promises enhanced aid but cultivates a vision of a future rich with opportunity, integration, and most importantly, independence.

5. Assistive Chat Video Summary

Exploring 'Be My AI,' the novel feature in the 'Be My Eyes' app reveals the app's tremendous capabilities and highlights the significant steps AI has taken in becoming an essential assistive tool. The user-friendly interface and interaction with AI to analyze images opens a new realm of independence for the visually impaired. Despite the fears AI invokes, its meticulous attention to detail and ability to interpret complex concepts, as described in the application's use, showcases AI's beneficial potential. As AI evolves, it promises to enhance assistive technology further, paving the way for a future where limitations are significantly reduced.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Assistive icon
    Building helpful generative AI platforms for everyone. Discord: https://t.co/0XCIYaBJSo
    Introducing Assistive Chat, a multimodal LLM that can see and create text, images, videos, and audio.

    It can also remember context across conversations, allowing for even more helpful responses and suggestions.

    It’s available starting today, no waitlist.
    twitter post image
  • Jeremy Morgan icon
    Jeremy Morgan
    World's okayest developer. Currently obsessed with Generative AI, clean code, DevOps, and computer vision. Building cool stuff. Training Architect @KodeKloudHQ
    I don't have a Sora invite yet, but I have been playing with Assistive+ video, and it looks awesome. It's definitely something you should check out.

    twitter post image
  • JMIR Publications icon
    JMIR Publications
    #OpenScience publisher of #oa journals. J Med Internet Res (IF 7.4, JMIR #PublicHealth (IF 8.5), #overlay #JMIRx #planp #digitalhealth #digitalscience
    📢 #CallforPapers! JMIR Medical Informatics seeks contributions for a new section on "AI Language Models in Health Care." Explore real-world impacts, challenges, & strategies.

    Learn More: jmirpublications.com/announcements/441…

    #aiinhealthcare #medicalinformatics
    twitter post image
  • jlu icon
    studyable & @assistiveapp
    @SteveMoraco try assistive.chat/chat! unlimited gpt-4, no limits
  • Poonam Soni icon
    Poonam Soni
    Helping you Grow with AI tools and Web Development | Social Media Marketing | DM Open for collaboration | https://t.co/pN5TWWbfFX
    Best part is, Assistive Plus costs $1 less than ChatGPT, and you get unlimited access to GPT-4!

    Try it here: assistive.chat/chat
  • Assistive icon
    Building helpful generative AI platforms for everyone. Discord: https://t.co/0XCIYaBJSo
    Assistive Chat can also analyze data, browse the web, and work with documents.

    It's currently in beta, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

    Make the switch: assistive.chat/chat
  • Assistive icon
    Building helpful generative AI platforms for everyone. Discord: https://t.co/0XCIYaBJSo
    Also, Assistive Plus costs $1 less than ChatGPT Plus.

    It's built on top of GPT-4, and it's unlimited - no 40 message limit.

    Read the announcement:
  • SciSpace icon
    Making research more accessible by the day. Discover, understand, and write papers better, more efficiently. Get started today: https://t.co/z0FDVH2eMR
    Struggling to come up with your research topic?

    Try SciSpace's new GPT.

    Know which topics are trending, find over 280M papers, and generate ideas for a study on any subject.

    Get started today!
  • 木内翔大@SHIFT AI代表「日本をAI先進国に」𝕏 icon
    木内翔大@SHIFT AI代表「日本をAI先進国に」𝕏
    SHIFT AI 代表┃GMO他複数社AI顧問┃生成AI活用普及協会理事┃国内最大級AI活用コミュニティ運営(メンバー数:1000名超え、パートナー数:70)┃小5でエンジニア→“SAMURAI ENGINEER”創業→上場企業へ売却→『日本をAI先進国に』実現の為に活動中┃最新のAIトレンド、ツール情報を発信
    【会話コンテキストを記憶する、Assistive Chatが登場】
    Assistiveからの朗報です。多モーダル言語モデル「Assistive Chat」が登場しました。テキスト、画像、動画、オーディオを生成・認識し、会話コンテキストを記憶する。利用は待機リストなしで今すぐ可能です。早速、試してみましょう!
    twitter post image
  • Assistive icon
    Building helpful generative AI platforms for everyone. Discord: https://t.co/0XCIYaBJSo
    Multimodality: With Assistive Chat's ability to see videos, you could upload a video and turn it into code.

    And, you can preview the code without leaving the conversation.
    twitter post image
  • Assistive icon
    Building helpful generative AI platforms for everyone. Discord: https://t.co/0XCIYaBJSo
    Retrieval: You can upload longer documents such as PDFs which exceed Assistive Chat's 64K context length and chat with them.
    twitter post image
  • Poonam Soni icon
    Poonam Soni
    Helping you Grow with AI tools and Web Development | Social Media Marketing | DM Open for collaboration | https://t.co/pN5TWWbfFX
    Data Analysis

    Just like ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter, Assistive Chat can analyze files, visualize data, solve mathematical problems, and more!
    twitter post image
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    Step back in time with a touch of contemporary style with our "Vintage Vibe '74" Trucker Cap! Perfect 50th birthday gift for family and friends to help celebrate your big milestone event. Available in various years and colors.

What users think about Assistive Chat - from Twitter

  • Assistive Chat is a cutting-edge, multimodal Large Language Model (LLM) capable of handling text, images, videos, and audio with ease.
  • Unlike other models, Assistive Chat can maintain context throughout conversations, promising more relevant and accurate responses.
  • It's ready for immediate use with no waitlist, providing instant access to its advanced capabilities.
  • The tool boasts a feature called Assistive+ video, highly praised for its impressive functionalities in handling video content.
  • For those in academia, there's buzz about a call for papers focusing on AI Language Models in Health Care, indicating the tool's potential impact in this field.
  • With no usage limits, Assistive Chat rivals GPT-4 offerings, offering unlimited access with a cost advantage over ChatGPT.
  • The platform invites users to experiment with its beta version, encouraging feedback to refine the tool further.
  • It also provides robust support for data analysis, browsing the internet, and working with documents, showcasing versatile applications.
  • Assistive Chat's capability to handle long-form content, like PDFs, extends beyond its 64K context length, facilitating complex dialogue with extensive documents.
  • Users have the opportunity to mold videos into coding projects and preview their work seamlessly within chats.

Assistive Chat Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Enhances customer interaction with real-time support
  • Reduces operational costs by automating responses
  • Improves user engagement through personalized experiences
  • Supports a wide range of languages for global reach

Cons :

  • May require technical expertise for integration
  • Effectiveness depends on the quality of AI training data

Assistive Chat FQA

  • 1How does Assistive Chat integrate with my current systems?

    Integration details are typically customized. It's advised to consult with their technical support for a seamless integration process tailored to your specific needs.

  • 2Can Assistive Chat handle multiple languages?

    Yes, it is designed to support multiple languages, making it versatile for global businesses seeking to cater to a diverse customer base.

Assistive Chat Use Cases

  • Customer support and engagement
  • Automated helpdesk services
  • Personalized user experiences
  • E-commerce interactions
  • Feedback collection and analysis

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