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What is Winn AI ?

Winn AI emerges as a revolutionary Sales Assistant, designed to liberate sales professionals from the drudgery of CRM updates and note-taking. By attending virtual meetings alongside you, Winn AI focuses on automating data capture and CRM updates, enabling you to concentrate on your customers rather than your keyboard. This tool is trusted by sales teams to streamline processes, ensure CRM hygiene, and enhance overall sales efficiency, promising a seamless integration into your sales strategy.

Features :

  • Automated data capture and seamless CRM updates
  • AI-Generated emails to streamline follow-up communication
  • Real-time playbook tracking to ensure key talking points are covered
  • Real-time data capture for efficient meeting note-taking
  • Upcoming feature: Real-time sales insights for instant access to needed information

Pricing :

  • Pricing information is not directly available on the website. Interested users are encouraged to try the service for free or contact Winn AI for detailed pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

33.57K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 61.24% | Mexico - 3.18% | Indonesia - 2.7% | Czech Republic - 2.42% | India - 2.37%

User Reviews On Twitter

What users think about Winn AI - from Twitter

  • Swag alert: Winn.ai is turning heads with their cool swag boxes, chopping down the competition with some serious style.
  • Tech lovers, meet Winn.AI - the love child of Alexa and Salesforce, delivering a savvy AI tool for sales.
  • Winn.AI has been climbing the corporate ladder since day one, all thanks to Meitar, the superstar leading the pack.
  • Cheers to Winn.AI for snagging the top spot as the #1 Product of the day - they're absolutely smashing it!
  • Winn.AI is on the move, stealthily launching an AI assistant that's revolutionizing sales calls, according to the buzz on TechCrunch.
  • Talk about making it rain! Winn.AI burst out of stealth mode and nabbed a cool $17 million in seed money for their real-time AI sales assistant.
  • Winn.AI is on everyone's lips, having launched a revolutionary AI assistant that's spicing up sales calls across different tech platforms.

Winn AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Significantly reduces the time spent on manual data entry and CRM updates
  • Improves sales efficiency by focusing on customer interaction instead of note-taking
  • Supports sales team alignment and consistent playbook execution
  • Offers real-time assistance during sales calls for better engagement and follow-ups

Cons :

  • Dependence on technology may require adjustment for traditional sales teams
  • Real-time sales insights feature is still upcoming, indicating not all desired functionalities are available yet


  • 1How does Winn AI integrate with existing CRMs?

    Winn AI seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, capturing and importing data automatically to ensure up-to-date customer records without manual input.

  • 2Can Winn AI help with onboarding new sales reps?

    Yes, Winn AI facilitates quicker ramp-up times for new account executives through effortless playbook adoption and maintaining CRM hygiene, making it a valuable tool for seamless rep onboarding.

Winn AI Use Cases

  • Enhancing CRM hygiene with minimal effort
  • Streamlining the sales funnel for faster, smarter, and smoother operations
  • Facilitating seamless onboarding and training of new sales representatives
  • Improving sales team alignment and playbook adoption

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