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What is Artisans ?

Artisans, revolutionizing team dynamics, introduces Ava, the Sales Assistant, a pinnacle of outbound sales efficiency. With a mere 10-minute onboarding, Ava epitomizes the seamless integration of AI digital workers into human teams, enhancing productivity and sales processes.

Features :

  • End-to-End Workflow Automation
  • Participating Members of Your Team
  • Onboarded in Under 10 Minutes
  • Self-Improvement through Interaction and Independent Research

Pricing :

  • Pricing details were not directly available on the website. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Artisan for the most current pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

166.53K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 25.05% | India - 10.31% | France - 7.87% | Turkey - 6.68% | Germany - 5.99%

Metaverse Artisans - Crafting the Future in Virtual Space

Embark on a visionary journey with Metaverse Artisans as they wield the tools of virtual reality to sketch the outlines of tomorrow. With creativity as their compass, they navigate the uncharted territories of collaborative design, inviting us to peek over the digital horizon.

1. The Prelude to Innovation

The Metaverse Artisans, a collective of forward-thinking designers, introduced themselves before immersing into their VR adventure. From fashion to architecture, their varied backgrounds form the tapestry of their shared vision.,Each member's physical location, spanning continents and encompassing cultural diversity, blends into the digital fabric, creating a melting pot of global creativity.,Accentuating their common aim to explore and create in the metaverse, the pre-sketch conversation underscored their enthusiasm for the collaborative project ahead, offering a glimpse of the individual inspirations about to convene.

2. Creating with Intent

Striding into the virtual realm, they divided the landscape of a Martian crater into segments, envisioning a self-sustaining ecosystem protected by a glass dome.,The artisans demarcated zones within this future-forward city, tackling challenges from residential areas to green spaces and infrastructure, each one injected with unique functionality and aesthetic by its creator.,By considering the particulars of Mars – reduced gravity and harsh landscape – their designs not only pushed the frontier of creativity but demonstrated sharp problem-solving adaptability, envisioning a viable future in extraterrestrial living.

3. Techniques and Tools for Creators

An online comment from a viewer captures the creative conundrum faced by many digital artisans: the need for precision in a tool that prioritizes creative freedom.,The remark sheds light on the balancing act between the fluidity of freehand creation and the stringent accuracy necessary for tangible, functional design, a challenge often encountered in VR design platforms.,This feedback underlines the community's search for inventive hacks or tool improvements that could tackle the issue, highlighting the engagement and investment of the user base in the evolution of the application.

4. The Pursuit of Definition

Another viewer airs their wish for an orthographic precision tool within the program, underscoring the struggle of designers wishing to push beyond the current limitations to fully realize their designs.,Such insights hint at a universal desire for a definitive tool that caters to both the whims of the artist and the discipline of the engineer, a sweet spot that VR design tools continue to refine.,It appears creators are both wistful and hopeful, calling for the enhancement of their digital toolbox, which would undeniably empower them to forge creations with an even greater impact.

5. Artisans Video Summary

In an electrifying display of collaborative innovation, the Metaverse Artisans gather in a virtual space to live-sketch and construct futuristic habitats on Mars. Each artisan, equipped with VR gear, contributes unique skills and vision, developing a piece of an interconnected dome city. They present an inspiring model of collective creation – a fusion of varied backgrounds and disciplines manifesting in a singular, harmonious vision.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Artisan AI icon
    Artisan AI
    We're leading the next Industrial Revolution with out of the box, human-like digital workers called Artisans. Backed by @ycombinator 🧑‍🎨
    A new era is upon us, with AI employees and humans working in symbiosis.

    We've just released Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan. She's an AI BDR on steroids, and she's available to hire now.

    The best part? Manage everything by chatting to her.

    Learn more: artisan.co/ava-sales-rep/
    twitter post image
  • Artisan AI icon
    Artisan AI
    We're leading the next Industrial Revolution with out of the box, human-like digital workers called Artisans. Backed by @ycombinator 🧑‍🎨
    Meet Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan - Now In Beta.

    Ava is already the most powerful AI SDR, and we're just getting started.

    Hire Ava from $95 per month today at artisan.co/ava-sales-rep/.

    This is the next Industrial Revolution.
    twitter post image
  • Johnny Mor icon
    Johnny Mor
    Founder of Side Hustle Empire. I help creators build, grow and scale profitable businesses from home.
    Meet Artisan.co and Ava!

    Ava is an AI sales rep that can play the role of 10 outbound sales reps easily.

    Here's how she can 10x your sales starting in less than 10 minutes...
    twitter post image
  • ぽんしゅ@tokyo icon
    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image
  • The Rundown AI icon
    The Rundown AI
    Daily AI newsletter with over 450,000+ readers. Get the rundown on the latest developments in AI before everyone else. By @rowancheung
    Thanks to @GetArtisanAI for sponsoring this post!

    What do you think of Artisans? Do you think they will work alongside or replace humans?

    We live in exciting times.

    Checkout Artisians here: artisan.co/ava-sales-rep/?utm_source=influencer&utm_medium=sponsored_tweet&utm_campaign=the_rundown&utm_content=11_dec
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  • ชื่อยังไม่มี คิดอยู่ 🔜🔜 icon
    ชื่อยังไม่มี คิดอยู่ 🔜🔜
    My life 💁‍♀️❣ is better 😸 without you ��👍
    Rebranding and CI Design ครั้งแรกในชีวิต artisan.co.th/th/rebranding/
  • 須賀由美子(フリーアナウンサー・週末女優) icon
    ホリプロ所属。 テレビ新潟局アナ出身。とちぎテレビ『イブ6+』FM栃木、栃木放送、栃木ケーブルと現在4本レギュラー。 司会や言葉を大切にする朗読活動。とちぎ未来大使。さくら市PR天使。 那珂川町ふるさと大使。2020聖火ランナー。2022いちご一会とちぎ大会総合司会。2021、2022舞台にも挑戦! 2023も二刀流!



    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Ferha Design icon
    Ferha Design
    Joyeria Artesanal exclusiva y moderna! Se Única, Se Ferha
    Nehalem Business Builds Artisan Co-op Alternative to Etsy with ... - Tillamook County Pioneer dlvr.it/SmyRs1
  • Block Club Chicago icon
    Block Club Chicago
    Reader-supported nonprofit newsroom delivering essential coverage of Chicago’s neighborhoods.
    After designing heels for a woman with the world’s largest feet, a boutique has launched Chicago Artisan Co-op. blockclubchi.co/3R4BuyD
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  • 千葉貴史|AI事業開発,AIイベント主催 icon
    1,000名規模AIイベント「AI Chat/Voice Summit」主催|生成AI事業開発|RAG|PdMプロダクトマネージャー|ウェビナー|セールス|人材→ SaaS|生成AI/営業/事業開発/AIニュース発信|ご相談はDMへ📩
    AIセールス「Ava」は 10 人のアウトバウンド営業担当者の役割を果たす? artisan.co/ava-sales-rep/

What users think about Artisans - from Twitter

  • Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan, is an advanced AI business development representative (BDR) designed to work alongside human employees, offering a new level of sales efficiency.
  • Ava boasts the capability to outperform traditional sales approaches by effectively doing the work of ten outbound sales reps.
  • Accessible through a simple chat interface, Ava represents a blend of convenience and power, enabling users to manage tasks seamlessly.
  • The AI tool is launched by Artisan.co and is available for hire, indicating the beginning of what is described as another Industrial Revolution in the workforce.
  • With introductory offers, businesses can employ Ava starting at a monthly rate of $95, hinting at an affordable solution for boosting sales efforts.
  • Public reaction includes discussions on whether AI artisans like Ava will complement or completely replace human roles, reflecting the broader debate on the impact of AI on employment.
  • Artisan.co's offerings are part of a wider trend of businesses creating niche cooperative platforms and artisan communities, signalling a move towards specialized, AI-powered services.

Artisans Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Rapid onboarding process
  • Seamless integration with human teams
  • Automates complex, repetitive tasks
  • Constantly improving through interaction and new features

Cons :

  • Limited information on pricing without direct inquiry
  • Currently, only a select few Artisans like Ava are available, with others on a waitlist

Artisans FQA

  • 1. How quickly can Ava, the Sales Rep, be onboarded?

    Ava can be onboarded in just 10 minutes, requiring no technical or domain-specific skills.

  • 2. What tasks can Ava, the Sales Rep, perform?

    Ava discovers leads, writes and sends bespoke email sequences, replies to prospects' questions, and books meetings into SDRs' calendars.

Artisans Use Cases

  • Supercharging outbound sales at scale
  • Automating job functions from end to end
  • Enhancing team productivity with digital workers

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