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What is Speak AI ?

Speak AI is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way we handle meetings through its AI Meeting Assistant. This assistant not only records and transcribes meetings across major platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex by Cisco but also provides in-depth analysis of the content. It's designed to save you time, reduce research costs, and offer insights by automatically extracting, visualizing, and prompting functions from your discussions.

Features :

  • Automatic transcription for audio and video with high accuracy and fast turnaround
  • Advanced NLP and AI insights including keyword, topic trends, and sentiment analysis
  • Customizable shareable recorders for capturing recordings anywhere
  • Integration with major platforms like Zoom and Vimeo for seamless workflow
  • Shareable library for transcripts, media, and insights with advanced search and visualization.

Pricing :

  • Speak AI offers Custom Pricing, allowing users to mix and match features according to their needs. This flexible model includes unlimited hours, users, and storage, catering specifically to large transcription orders with volume discounts available.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

110.87K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 13.7% | India - 5.53% | United Kingdom - 3.49% | Germany - 2.9% | Mexico - 2.27%

Speak Ai: Progress and Insights from May 2022

Tyler Brydon of Speak Ai shares an introspective glance into May 2022, emphasizing the value of reflecting on progress. Among the key updates are product enhancements, user growth, and notable technological strides. This review captures Speak Ai's journey within the month, revealing both personal connections and the forward momentum of the business.

1. New Language Integrations

Speak Ai has expanded its repertoire by adding five new languages: Danish, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. This multilingual support is seamlessly integrated, allowing for fluent transcription and analysis across various media types.,The process is intuitive; users simply select the desired language from a dropdown menu, which then facilitates the transcription and analytical components of the platform, maintaining the same ease of use as the English version.,This addition enhances the platform's accessibility, catering to a wider audience and enabling more users to harness the power of Speak Ai's analytical toolkit in their language of preference.

2. Flexible Pricing Plans

Speak Ai has responded to user feedback by innovating a custom plan builder for pricing. Users can now tailor their plans by selecting team size, hours, and premium features, followed by specifying the duration of commitment.,The real-time pricing visibility and the flexibility to choose between annual or shorter project-based commitments cater to diverse user needs, attracting clients including multinational corporations and niche businesses.,This customer-centric approach to pricing not only meets various project demands but also reduces friction in the signup process, leading to a boost in user engagement and satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Screen Recording

Screen recorder functionality has become a central element of Speak Ai's offerings, with improvements aimed at capturing visual feedback, presentations, and more, supported by integrated video analysis.,New features include seamless bundling of recordings, and the feedback process has been refined to allow users the option of submitting anonymous contributions, hence respecting privacy concerns.,Additionally, Speak Ai now supports the uploading and analysis of text documents, further diversifying the types of content that users can explore and extract insights from.

4. Affiliate Program and Innovative Prototypes

Spearheading growth is the new affiliate program, encouraging those who believe in the power of Speak Ai to spread the word and capitalize on its expansion.,In a continuous quest for innovation, Speak Ai also tested a prototype analyzing earnings calls. This feature could potentially unlock new insights for businesses by enabling a thorough examination of financial dialogues.,The team’s agility in product development exemplifies Speak Ai's commitment to staying ahead of market needs while providing valuable, insight-driven services.

5. Future Endeavors and Sustainability

Even with market uncertainties and a tumultuous tech industry climate, Speak Ai remains concentrated on sustainable growth, anticipating the launch of a Zoom integration and other advanced search functionalities.,The delicate balance between innovation, user feedback, and market conditions defines Speak Ai’s forward-looking vision. Plans to improve sentence structure analysis within the platform will further refine the accuracy and utility of the insights provided.,Speak Ai's adaptability and resilience are evident as they navigate changes, remaining steadfast in their mission to deliver a platform that truly resonates with their users’ needs.

6. Community and Support

Tyler expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of the Speak Ai community, acknowledging that their suggestions have propelled many of the platform's recent enhancements.,Whether it's product testing, feature requests, or constructive criticism, community feedback is instrumental in shaping the platform's development trajectory, ensuring that it aligns with real user needs.,Looking ahead, Speak Ai is dedicated to nurturing this relationship with its user base, laser-focused on cultivating a product that not only excels in performance but also fosters a strong sense of inclusivity and collaboration.

7. Speak AI Video Summary

May 2022 at Speak Ai was marked by significant strides in technology improvements, user engagement, and business development. Key highlights include the integration of new languages, pricing plan flexibility, an innovative screen recorder feature, and an affiliate program launch. With a focused eye on sustainable growth amidst a challenging tech landscape, Speak Ai demonstrates resilience and commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Lyle Kruger icon
    Lyle Kruger
    AI Entrepreneur | AI Consultant to businesses & high performers (10,000+) to 10x with AI | MBA | Course: The 4-Hour AI Workweek | 4-Hour AI Premium Skool
    5 Best AI tools to save your time daily

    1. Content - www.narrato.io
    2. YouTube transcripts - www.speakai.co
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    4. Presentation - www.beautiful.ai
    5. Images - www.canva.com
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  • Ihtesham Haider icon
    Ihtesham Haider
    Helping you build a brand and scale online business. Writing on AI and growth strategies. Co-founder of @theprohumanai. Building my writing business to $1m/yr.
    4. SpeakAI

    Want to analyze web pages? Use this AI tool to analyze.

    Check it here - speakai.co/google-chrome-extension/
    twitter post image
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    Joy Wallet || Money, Success, Happiness
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  • bertranddo icon
    Sold $4.8M online. I help busy writers ✍️ get more clients 💰 on X with sales funnel design 🎯 that inspire trust. Young dad & SaaS founder.
    @pkp_io @SamNewby_ OK so this is incredible.

    I actually needed to transcribe some videos a couple days ago..

    So I used speakai.co, which to be honest is great.

    But your UI in my eyes is superior.

    Amazing work!

    Stupid question: is the free plan leading to paid users for you?
  • Digest Prompt icon
    Digest Prompt
    An AI ecosystem with over 14+ AI tools, AI services and the best source of AI feed out there.
    Top AI Market Research Tool:

    1. quantilope- quantilope.com

    2. Speak- speakai.co

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  • Fred | Notion Punk 💡 icon
    Fred | Notion Punk 💡
    Fortune 500 Executive turned Notion template creator for agency | Insights on Notion hacks and No code tools | Scaling my Business to $100k
    3. Speak Ai

    Why you should use it :

    • Analyse mass amounts of text on the go

    • Make sentiment analysis and named-entity recognition

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  • Angela icon
    Content & technical writer 🖋️ | Prompt engineer crafting creative narratives 💡 | Bridging the gap between tech and storytelling | Wordsmith
    #AI Meeting Assistant #ChatGPT Integration #Qualitative Data Analysis #Top-Rated #Artificial Intelligence #Meeting Productivity #Virtual Assistant #Natural Language Processing #Meeting Management #Productivity Tools
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    Hasan Toor ✪
    Sharing insights on Al, Tech Tools & Online Business • Follow to learn about AI Tools, Digital Skills & Audience Building • Al Educator & Founder @theprohumanai
    13. SpeakAI

    Unlock more value from your browser sessions with sentiment analysis and named-entity recognition.

    One-Time Install. Endless Insights.
    - Capture Typing
    - Analyze Audio & Video
    - Analyze Webpages

    Check it here - speakai.co/google-chrome-extension/
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    @tylersbryden, Co-Founder at speakai.co, helped us to figure this out 👉 bit.ly/3NdSgb9
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  • Vatsal Shah icon
    Vatsal Shah
    🌳 Co-founder & CTO @speakai_co (https://t.co/pOiRZaJrNI) 👨‍💻 Experience in ML+ AI + IoT + Voice Applications + Innovations + Building team and brand
    10,000 users on @speakai_co!

    #speakai #ai #analysis
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    Cheech & Chong
    Free Shipping + 50% Off

What users think about Speak AI - from Twitter

  • Speak Ai is recognized as one of the top tools for saving time daily, especially known for its YouTube transcription capabilities.
  • Users can harness the power of Speak Ai to analyze web pages, offering insights through its Chrome extension.
  • Personal testimonials praise Speak Ai's efficiency in transcribing videos, highlighting the user interface as superior to some competitors.
  • Speak Ai ranks among the leading AI market research tools, valued for its ability to analyze large volumes of text, perform sentiment analysis, and recognize named entities.
  • The tool is geared towards enhancing productivity in meetings, integrating with platforms like ChatGPT, and providing qualitative data analysis through advanced AI technology.
  • Over 10,000 users have incorporated Speak Ai into their workflow, confirming the tool's popularity and widespread acceptance.
  • Speak Ai's Chrome extension provides users with the capability to capture typing, analyze audio and video content, and extract valuable insights from their browser sessions.

Speak AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Saves significant time and resources on manual transcription and analysis
  • Enhances meeting productivity with automatic recording, transcription, and analysis
  • Flexible pricing and customizable features to fit various needs.

Cons :

  • Dependence on audio quality for transcription accuracy
  • Requires adaptation for users unfamiliar with AI tools.

Speak AI FQA

  • 1Who uses Speak?

    Speak serves a wide range of users, including market researchers, qualitative researchers, academic researchers, education institutions, digital marketers, and go-to-market teams, offering significant value across various industries.

  • 2Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes, subscriptions can be canceled at any moment. Upon cancellation, access to Speak and all files remains until the end of the subscription cycle.

  • 3What languages does Speak support?

    Speak supports transcription and analysis in more than 70 languages, catering to a diverse global user base.

Speak AI Use Cases

  • Qualitative research to reduce cost and save manual work hours
  • Interviews and focus groups analysis with automatic extraction and visualization
  • Marketing research and competitive analysis through media analysis
  • Digital marketing insights from audio, video, and text data.

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