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What is MinutesOwl ?

MinutesOwl leverages AI to elevate meeting experiences by transforming notes into actionable insights. This innovative tool is designed to capture every detail, ensuring that discussions are meticulously summarized, organized, and ready for action. By processing meeting audio in real-time, MinutesOwl promises a revolutionary approach to handling meeting documentation, streamlining the process from transcription to decision-making.

Features :

  • AI-driven transcription and analysis of meeting audio
  • Transformation of discussions into actionable insights
  • Real-time processing for instant summaries and organization

Pricing :

  • Currently, pricing details are unavailable as MinutesOwl is in the early access stage. Interested users are encouraged to sign up for updates.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Carlin icon
    Building from 5-9 to escape the 9-5 :)
    SaaS Building in Public - Week 1 (1/3)

    *Open to advice*

    Idea: MinutesOwl -- an AI meeting assistant for teams to summarise & action their discussions

    Landing Page: minutesowl.com

What users think about MinutesOwl - from Twitter

  • MinutesOwl is an AI-driven assistant designed to summarize and organize points from team meetings.
  • A landing page for the service is available at minutesowl.com.

MinutesOwl Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Enhances meeting efficiency with AI-driven insights
  • Saves time by summarizing and organizing discussions
  • Facilitates better decision-making with actionable insights

Cons :

  • Currently in early access, not widely available
  • Pricing details are not yet disclosed

MinutesOwl FQA

  • 1How does MinutesOwl transform meeting notes?

    MinutesOwl uses advanced AI to transcribe, analyze, and summarize meeting discussions into actionable insights, streamlining the meeting process.

  • 2Is MinutesOwl available now?

    MinutesOwl is currently in the early access phase, with a waitlist available for those interested in being among the first to experience its benefits.

MinutesOwl Use Cases

  • Summarizing and organizing meeting notes
  • Converting discussions into decisions and actions
  • Streamlining meeting processes for teams and businesses

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