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What is PhonicMind ?

PhonicMind is an AI-powered online service that specializes in music and vocal isolation. It allows users to extract vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments from any song, transforming them into instrumentals, acapellas, and minus one tracks. Ideal for musicians, DJs, and karaoke enthusiasts, PhonicMind offers an intuitive interface for easy music and vocal isolation. It was founded in 2016 by Simanas Venčkauskas, an AI developer and musician.

Features :

  • AI-Powered Vocal Remover: Advanced AI technology for separating vocals from songs.
  • Stems Maker: Enables users to isolate specific instruments from songs.
  • AI-Powered Training: AI model trained with a vast library of audio samples for accurate separation.
  • Easy Song Upload and Fast Processing: Simple upload process with quick processing times.

Pricing :

  • Contact for Pricing

Estimated Visit Traffic :

231.90K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 23.2% | India - 7.99% | Russia - 6.19% | Vietnam - 5.84% | United Kingdom - 3.05%

Phonicmind Review: A Game Changer for Music Producers and Remixers

As a music producer or remixer, you know the struggle of finding clean acapellas for your tracks. Phonicmind comes into play as a nifty online service aiming to take the hassle out of isolating vocals from music.

1. Vocal Separation Quality

Producers and remix artists have long faced the challenge of sourcing good quality acapellas for their tracks. Unfortunately, high-quality acapellas are often hard to come by, and self-made extractions usually leave much to be desired.,Phonicmind has entered the scene as a game changer, offering a service that successfully separates vocals from music. The platform is marketed toward karaoke enthusiasts, but it's clear that remixers are finding tremendous value in the clean vocal tracks it provides.,When you upload a song to Phonicmind, it swiftly processes the track and produces two separate files: a karaoke version with the vocals removed, and an isolated acapella. This separation opens the door to endless creative possibilities for music remixing.

2. User Experience and File Quality

The user experience with Phonicmind is straightforward and hassle-free. After uploading your track, it doesn't take long before you can download the processed files.,While the files may be on the smaller side, indicating a lower bitrate, this typically isn't a concern for acapellas. What matters more is the clarity of the vocals after separation, and Phonicmind delivers on this front with minimal leftover instrumentals that can often be EQ'd out.,Users can test the service with 30-second clips for free, which demonstrates Phonicmind's confidence in its capabilities. Full versions are available for purchase, providing high-quality, usable tracks for remixing and production.

3. Mixed User Experiences

Users have shared varied experiences with Phonicmind. Some have pointed out that it's an excellent option, citing its ease of use and satisfactory results. Especially producers looking to remove vocals appreciate its capabilities.,However, others have encountered issues such as 'BAD REQUEST' errors or prolonged conversion times. These technical hiccups suggest there might be room for improvement in Phonicmind's reliability.,Additionally, a few users mentioned that the vocal removal isn't always perfect, with some tracks containing noticeable vocal bleed or artifacts. This inconsistency seems to affect the overall user satisfaction.

4. Suggestions for Phonicmind

Fans of Phonicmind have a couple of suggestions that could enhance the service. An app on Google Play is a recurring request, ensuring even easier access and purchase options for global users.,Another common wish is for a more definitive vocal isolation, hoping to achieve crystal-clear vocals, regardless of how the original tracks are mixed. Despite these suggestions and some issues, many users still see Phonicmind as a leading option in the market.

5. PhonicMind Video Summary

Phonicmind stands out as a vital tool for music producers and remix enthusiasts looking to extract clean vocals from tracks for remixing purposes. Despite some minor issues reported by users, the service shows impressive results in vocal extraction, offering potential for creativity in music production.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Triple-Q icon
    Illustrator/Graphic Designer gangnam man slays shitty anime and becomes number 1 hit on itunes
  • downtown flabby icon
    downtown flabby
    🖥 Mac apps for DJs: @Stemverter & @crativityapp coming soon... 🌆 partner at @downtowntalent agency 🎧 @djcflo edits + calendar
    DJ homies! I will install a DIY acapella / instrumental converter program for you remotely via Zoom

    $20 flat, works exactly like phonicmind.com on any song, using AI/machine learning, but on your computer with unlimited access instead of $-per-track in the cloud

    hit me
  • SKEPSIS icon
    worldwide bookings: [email protected] north america bookings: [email protected] management: [email protected]
    Monday morning trick for my music producers on here - you can use the website phonicmind.com to get the acapella / instrumental / stems for any track you want. Costs a couple quid a go and it isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely useable! 👍🏼
  • MowtenDoo 🔜 MAGFest icon
    MowtenDoo 🔜 MAGFest
    | 3D/CG Generalist | Game Art | VFX | Motion Design | Marketing | Co-Founder & CTO @VShojo
    phonicmind.com/ kinda impressed by this, creates instrumentals and acapellas from mp3s. its not great but it works in a pinch
  • FaRo icon
    @[email protected] Audio-AI researcher at @audioshakeai (Before: @inria, @FraunhoferIIS / @uniFAU). All in 17.68% of grey
    So phonicmind.com copied state-of-the-art from academia and then told everyone that they are the first using DNNs for vocal/accompaniment separation. Nice.
    twitter post image
  • i dont talk in this acc icon
    i dont talk in this acc
    private account: @hoshigahajimaru (feel free to follow)
    OMG Scarlet game acapella sounds amazing *0*

    Audio was edited by phonicmind.com
    twitter post image
  • Adam icon
    I'm making a game right now. He/him.
    If you're still not convinced that AI will be huge, try out www.phonicmind.com
  • ZM icon
    GOAL before 2021 ends 👉 AXIE Scho/Team 🤞😊
    PhonicMind | My files > With all I am Hillsong phonicmind.com/files/my-files/2113/#
  • PhonicMind icon
    AI Powered Stems Maker
    #phonicmind Our AI Vocal Remover just got a brand new separation quality update!
    Go ahead and try your music to get even more astounding results!

  • medi8corps chicago icon
    medi8corps chicago
    Audio Production. Full Instrumentation & Session Players. Songwriting, Beats, Loops, Consultation & Complete Albumrunner - Production and Consultation Services.
    (reliable) Audio Frequency Isolation + Artificial Intelligence!? phonicmind.com/
    Yes, Please..
    twitter post image

What users think about PhonicMind - from Twitter

  • PhonicMind is a software that creates stems, acapellas, and instrumentals out of any song.
  • It offers a free trial for users to test its capabilities.
  • Some services offer remote installations of a similar tool to PhonicMind, promising unlimited access for a one-time fee.
  • PhonicMind is commended for its usefulness, though it may not deliver perfect results.
  • Users have mentioned that PhonicMind's technology may be derived from academic research and may not be the first to use DNNs for vocal/accompaniment separation.
  • PhonicMind has received positive feedback for the quality of its acapella audio editing.
  • It is viewed by some as a demonstration of the potential of AI technology.
  • PhonicMind claims to have released updates that improve the quality of its AI Vocal Remover feature.
  • It is also associated with audio frequency isolation and artificial intelligence capabilities.

PhonicMind Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • State-of-the-art AI technology for precise vocal and instrument extraction
  • Versatile tool for a variety of music-related applications
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all levels of musicians

Cons :

  • Need to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements for commercial use
  • Pricing information not readily available on the website

PhonicMind FQA

  • 1Can I use PhonicMind with any genre of music?

    Yes, PhonicMind’s AI technology can handle a wide range of music genres, from pop and rock to electronic and hip-hop. It adapts to the unique characteristics of each song, ensuring accurate separation of vocals and instruments regardless of the genre.

  • 2Is PhonicMind suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians?

    Definitely! PhonicMind caters to musicians of all levels. Beginners can use it to practice alongside their favorite tracks or create simple remixes, while experienced musicians can delve into the intricate details of individual instrument parts and produce professional-grade remixes.

  • 3Can I use the stemmed versions of songs for commercial purposes?

    While PhonicMind allows you to isolate vocals and instruments from songs, it’s important to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements. The stemmed versions of songs should be used for personal practice, educational purposes, or non-commercial projects. If you intend to use the audio for commercial purposes, make sure you have the necessary permissions and licenses.

PhonicMind Use Cases

  • Creating vocal-free remixes of popular songs
  • Enhancing existing tracks with advanced audio editing tools
  • Removing vocals from any type of audio file

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