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What is Moises AI ?

Moises.ai is an innovative app leveraging advanced AI technology to offer audio separation and manipulation features. It helps musicians in practicing, analyzing, and manipulating audio, making it a valuable tool for various music-related activities.

Features :

  • AI Audio Separation: Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments.
  • Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer: Adjust tempo and generate click tracks.
  • Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection: Change key signatures and adapt music to different vocal ranges or instruments.
  • Chord Detection: Detect and display chords in real time, with the ability to transpose.

Pricing :

  • Free version: Basic audio separation, editing tools, limited uploads.
  • Premium Monthly: $5.99 per month.
  • Premium Yearly: $39.99 per year (33% savings).
  • Pro Monthly: $29.99 per month.
  • Pro Yearly: $299.99 per year (33% savings).

Estimated Visit Traffic :

2.54M /Month

User Distribution :

Brazil - 13.75% | United States - 9.75% | Mexico - 8.15% | Spain - 5.75% | Italy - 4.85%


In the spotlight today is a game-changing tool that's shaping up to be a godsend for musicians, producers, and music aficionados alike. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Moises App - an innovative application that's the key to unlocking individual song components with clarity and precision.

1. A Treasure Trove for Learning and Teaching

Ever imagined stripping back a song to its bare essentials to understand each part in isolation? Moises makes this possible, enabling musicians to practice with precision. It's as if the rest of the band is right there with you while you fine-tune your skills on your instrument of choice.,For music teachers, Moises is a revelation. Imagine being able to highlight a particular section of a song to your students - vocals, bass, drums, you name it - in pinpoint accuracy. That's not just convenience; it's a transformative teaching aid.,Moreover, Moises isn't just about separation. The app also features a smart metronome to keep time and on-screen chord representations. Fancy learning that guitar riff at your own pace? Moises lets you slow down the playback speed without changing the pitch.

2. Studio Magic in Your Hands

Moises is a godsend for home studio owners and professional producers. Able to isolate components from a mix, the app provides the freedom to sample and remix with a finesse that was once the sole domain of expensive studio equipment.,This tool isn't just about creative freedom, it's about rescue missions as well. Got an old recording where the vocals and guitar are muddied together? Moises can clean that up, keeping the original feel intact while allowing for re-recording or remixing with ease.,Updates are as regular as clockwork, with Moises committed to monthly enhancements. They're constantly tweaking their algorithms to deliver the best separation quality possible.

3. Diving into Classic Rock

One user ponders the possibility of deconstructing Led Zeppelin tracks for a mastery-through-dissection experience. The Moises App allows for exactly that, with capabilities that enable the user to upload songs and zero in on those legendary riffs and solos.

4. Creating Custom Backing Tracks

A solo guitarist expresses the struggle to find backing tracks that fit their needs. They long for a simple solution to remove the guitar from originals, so they can be the star of their own show. Moises addresses this by providing the option to isolate and eliminate specific instrument tracks, fulfilling those solo gig dreams.

5. Editing Lyrics and Vocal Nuances

Questions about editing lyrics and differentiating lead from backup vocals are in the air. While Moises excels in instrumental separation, it sparks curiosity about its ability to handle these more nuanced aspects of vocal production.

6. Mastering the AI Way

A user casts a critical ear on AI mastering, favoring the human touch over automated processes. However, they concede that Moises' track separation is impressive. This mixed bag of feedback underlines the ongoing conversation about the capabilities and limitations of AI in music production.

7. Moises AI Video Summary

The Moises App has stormed onto the scene, offering an impressive capability to separate vocals and instruments from virtually any song. As a highly versatile tool, it presents endless opportunities for music enthusiasts to practice, teach, produce, and even salvage old recordings. With Moises, experience the next level of music interaction powered by cutting-edge AI technology that promises to revolutionize how we engage with our favorite tunes.

User Reviews On Twitter

  • leni icon
    cluster民です✨ Vtuberさんを応援したり、可愛いイラストにいいねを押すアカウント(’-’*)♪ その他、クラシックギター等🎵


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  • Hardfliper icon
    How the end always is
  • Zeis - 🎬 Editor de vídeos & Youtuber icon
    Zeis - 🎬 Editor de vídeos & Youtuber
    ・Youtuber de Mine! 🌳 ・Editor De Vídeos ⤷+4k Subs. 🤏 ・E eu Amo Minecraft.
    @tharlles_kawa @NatanEditor usa o moises.ai eu acho q é assim, ai vc abaixa o video tira o vocal e usa o shazam na musica
  • Madbun icon
    I Do Nintendo and mii content 15 year old boy
    I Checked in Moises.ai Lyrics Translation and It's not showing up! it's putting the English Instead! This is kind of an issue! Help?! PLZ!
  • zophie icon
    いつもねむたい 一応DJ 昭和の懐かしいもの好き 昔のユーロビート(ハイエナも)好き 今のユーロビートよりハウスが好き パラパラは好きだった(1996年まで※マルビル閉店) カレー好き(週3~6) 料理するのも好き(ほぼ毎日) 最近、大喜利好き
    @blACkbOxXx828 moises.ai/ja/
  • あきの@きくうし icon
    グラブルツイ救援アカだったもの。#グラブル は6周年の頃にスタートして一度引退して復帰。#プリコネ は初期にスタートして一度引退して復帰。無言フォローとかします
  • Hilgos Foundation icon
    Hilgos Foundation
    Documentary narrated by Olivia de Havilland on positive impact of art, museums, music & creativity on people w/ Alzheimer’s. Co-host weekly care chat @alzchat
    @helenfindlay @creativitycare Thanks! That's fantastic! #AlzChat "playing an instrument naturally leads to increased physical activity" moises.ai/blog/tips/benefits-of-playing-an-instrument/
  • ゆんた⛓🗾⛩⛓ icon
    10/9ディナーショー🍸🍽絵馬願▶︎4/14、4/15P、5/5、5/6、5/7P、5/13、5/14P、6/2、6/3 Revoのオタク。祖母兼壁購入。Sound Horizon Kingdom!!! #SHAXV⛩ ちなみにミリオンライブも大好きです(歌織さんP)
  • neoseazon🐑🥐🍹🍬🍩🪐🐾 icon
    橘リツカさんを応援しています。YoutubeリツカCh▶️ https://t.co/5AVgHTse2S ルーナイト。たまに何かつくります。音楽とVtuberが好き



  • Ceci. 🩶 icon
    Ceci. 🩶
    Maria Cecília e Sabrina Carpenter, conta de mãe e filha 🫶🏼

What users think about Moises AI - from Twitter

  • Moises.ai is an app that can separate tracks from a CD source into individual parts for each instrument.
  • The app seems to have a paid version that might offer more detailed track separation options.
  • Users discuss the app's features, signaling a function that allows for vocal removal, which can be combined with apps like Shazam.
  • There are some issues reported with the lyrics translation feature, showing English instead of the expected language.
  • There's enthusiasm and surprise about the capabilities of the app, with users finding it amazing.
  • Moises.ai is suggested for at-home DJ experiences, and it offers both a free plan with a limit of 5 songs per month and a premium plan without this limitation.
  • It has a high accuracy for separating audio into vocals and instruments, which users believe could have impacted the music mashup scene if it had been available earlier.
  • Some users express ecstatic and humorous praise for the app's functionality.

Moises AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Efficient audio separation with high-quality results.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Versatility in music practice and creation.
  • Accessible on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web).

Cons :

  • Free version has limitations on features and uploads.
  • Advanced features only available in paid versions.

Moises AI FQA

  • 1. Can I use Moises to remove vocals from a song?

    Yes, Moises’ AI Audio Separation feature allows you to remove vocals from any song.

  • 2. Is Moises suitable for professional musicians?

    Absolutely, Moises is designed for musicians of all levels, including professionals.

  • 3. Can I access my Moises library from multiple devices?

    Yes, your Moises library is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device.

Moises AI Use Cases

  • Practicing music by isolating specific instruments or vocals.
  • Creating remixes, mashups, and covers.
  • Enhancing music learning and teaching experiences.
  • Professional audio editing and music production.

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