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What is Nabla Copilot ?

Nabla Copilot is revolutionizing the healthcare sector with its cutting-edge AI Medical Tools, designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of medical documentation. This innovative platform supports healthcare professionals by automating clinical note-taking, thus allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Features :

  • Real-time clinical note generation
  • Customizable note templates tailored to various medical specialties
  • Direct API integration with existing healthcare tech stacks
  • Support for asynchronous care models, including chats and voice notes
  • Automatic medical code extraction from consultation notes
  • Stringent data privacy with no user data storage

Pricing :

  • Nabla Copilot is available at $119 per seat per month.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

118.61K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 37.07% | France - 21.74% | Canada - 5.77% | United Kingdom - 4.04% | Spain - 4.04%

A Look at Nabla Copilot's Automatic Clinical Documentation

In the bustling world of healthcare IT, revolutionary tools like Nabla Copilot are changing the way clinicians work. Offered by Nabla, a company at the forefront of AI healthcare solutions, Copilot is designed to streamline the tedious process of clinical documentation. Let's dive deep into how this automatic documentation assistant is making waves in the medical community.

1. The Genesis of Nabla

Nearly two decades ago, the fascination with AI chatbots sparked the creation of Nabla. Alex LeBron, the co-founder and CEO, dedicated his career to perfecting AI assistants, leading to the inception of Nabla after a successful tenure at companies like Nuance Communications and Facebook AI Research.,Born from the desire to address the considerable needs within healthcare, Nabla jumped into action by establishing its digital clinic. This in-house facility served as a critical testing ground for Nabla's AI products, ensuring efficacy and real-world application right from the get-go.,Driven by the motto 'enjoy care again,' Nabla Copilot aims to eliminate the burden of administrative tasks on physicians. The increased administrative work has clouded the joy of patient care, and Nabla strives to clear the skies for healthcare professionals.

2. How Copilot Stands Out

Copilot distinguishes itself by promising speed without the need for human intervention, producing comprehensive documentation in real-time. This agility allows physicians to complete their notes quickly, safely, and without the risk of liability often associated with delays in documentation.,Staunch advocates for privacy, Nabla ensures no patient data is stored once it's transmitted to the EHR. This policy is a stark contrast to many competitors and places a high value on the confidentiality of the patient-provider interaction.,With its unique approach of AI-driven, real-time documentation, Nabla Copilot presents a cost-effective solution to practices of all sizes. Its personalized, specialty-specific templates cater to individual physician preferences, fostering a user-friendly experience.

3. Integration with EHRs

One of Nabla Copilot's significant advantages is its ability to integrate with various electronic health records. The platform offers different levels of interfacing, from a built-in feature within EHR systems to utilizing simple browser extensions for those without advanced API capabilities.,Depending on the partnership with EHR providers, Nabla Copilot can either operate within the EHR environment or serve as an add-on that communicates and transfers data into the existing EHR format, enhancing user adoption and improving workflow efficiency.,Nabla Copilot doesn't just fill EHRs with text blocks; it inputs structured data like ICD-10 codes and CPT codes, making it easier for physicians to capture precise clinical information and streamlining the billing and coding processes.

4. Multilingual Support and Accessibility

Given the diverse lingual needs in healthcare, Nabla Copilot features support for English, French, and Spanish languages. This multilingual capability particularly benefits U.S. practitioners, enabling them to cater to a broader patient demographic.,Practitioners can experience Nabla Copilot through a convenient platform accessible via a web page or Chrome extension. There is no need for complicated setup processes, making it a tool that clinicians can effortlessly integrate into their practice.,In an increasingly connected world, Nabla Copilot stands out as a tool that not only enhances clinical practice in one language or country but extends its reach to serve a global community of healthcare providers and patients.

5. Community Feedback and Evolution

Nabla places great emphasis on user feedback to refine and perfect their solution. By cultivating a strong community of physicians, they have implemented changes that have led to continuous product improvement and customization, reflecting the true needs and preferences of their users.,Physicians are embracing the platform's capability to learn and adapt to individual practice styles, resulting in a tailor-made documentation experience. The organic evolution of the tool has allowed Nabla to cater to various specialties without dictating usage from the top down.,The feedback loop is not just a feature but a central component of the Nabla Copilot ecosystem. It not only shapes the product to better serve doctors but also signifies the company's commitment to collaboration and physician satisfaction.

6. Seamlessness Meets Adaptability

Adoption of new technology in healthcare hinges on its ability to fit into existing workflows with minimal disruption. Nabla Copilot's design considers this, eliminating the need for doctors to alter their conversational styles with patients drastically.,Over time, clinicians naturally adjust to verbalize more of their observations and findings, which Copilot deftly captures and translates into the patient's notes. This subtle shift enhances the quality of documentation while maintaining a focus on patient engagement.,The result is a symbiotic relationship between technology and healthcare provider, wherein Nabla Copilot serves as a silent partner, enhancing the clinical visit for both the practitioner and the patient without imposing itself on the process.

7. Nabla Copilot Video Summary

Nabla Copilot is an AI-driven tool that automates clinical documentation, freeing physicians from the mundane tasks of note-taking and allowing them to concentrate on patient care. It's fast, secure, personalized, and seamlessly integrates with electronic health records (EHRs). With a steadfast focus on privacy and highly customizable features, Copilot is poised to revolutionize clinical workflows.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Benoit Letondor icon
    Benoit Letondor
    Apps maker, video games player and beer lover. Tech lead at @Nabla_ai, former @Evaneos, @Batch & @AppGratis
    After 3 years leading the mobile team and working with the wonderful folks of Evaneos, I'm really excited to join @NablaTech to build tomorrow's healthcare!🤩
    And we are recruiting: if you are (or know) a senior iOS developer in Paris, please send me a PM: nabla.com/careers/#Android
  • Pierre Leroy icon
    Pierre Leroy
    Now at @NablaTech, Previously @Microsoft, @VirtuOz and @availpro
    I've been at @NablaTech for 1 month and the challenge is really exciting; If you want to be part of it, take a look at our offers and don't hesitate to apply. Great developers are more than welcome (especially front-end dev)! nabla.com/careers
  • Marco® icon
    Psicólogo / Metatemas / There will be no miracles here / ψ ≥ ϕ
    twitter post image
  • Apero Health icon
    Apero Health
    Healthcare billing and workflows for digital health, providers and RCM teams. Woman and 🇺🇸 veteran-founded, by the former CTO of @drondemand @ycombinator 2019
    Excited to offer full-service API's and dashboards to healthcare innovators like @NablaTech

  • Martin Raison icon
    Martin Raison
    Co-Founder & CTO @nabla_ai, giving doctors superpowers // ex Research Engineer @MetaAI & @WitNL
    Esbuild + Typescript is quite the power combo. For example you can run scripts from the terminal like this:
  • Benoit Letondor icon
    Benoit Letondor
    Apps maker, video games player and beer lover. Tech lead at @Nabla_ai, former @Evaneos, @Batch & @AppGratis
    🙌 Very happy to finally announce this as I've been working on it since almost a year now.

    Today at @NablaTech we are launching an app aiming to become the go-to medical reference for women’s healthcare and personalized medicine.

  • Emmanuel Julliot icon
    Emmanuel Julliot
    Co-founder @anagramclub Clients include Comet, WeWork, Meetup, Nabla, Luko, Shine, Jumbo, Fortuneo, Spendesk, Planity, Qonto...
    New shot on @dribbble for @NablaTech @anagramclub... and they are actually hiring a PD in Paris www.nabla.com/position/product-designer

  • Pierre Leroy icon
    Pierre Leroy
    Now at @NablaTech, Previously @Microsoft, @VirtuOz and @availpro
    at @NablaTech we have a great roadmap ahead of us so if you're a talented full stack developer, this ad could be a great match to you www.nabla.com/careers#full-stack-engineer
  • Julie icon
    🐱 ⟡ Led design for @ProductHunt @AngelList @wearetmsf @deezer ⟡ ⵣ
    #Job Product Designer (Paris Flag of France)

    If you're interested in health and in women’s health, apply here:

What users think about Nabla Copilot - from Twitter

  • The enthusiasm is palpable as someone with a three-year stint leading a mobile team at Evaneos gears up to join NablaTech, signaling a new chapter in healthcare innovation.
  • NablaTech is actively on the lookout for tech talent, particularly senior iOS developers in Paris, hinting at growth and opportunities within the company.
  • The conversation is buzzing about GPT-3's application in healthcare, suggesting NablaTech's investment in cutting-edge AI, particularly in natural language processing and machine learning for potentially revolutionizing patient interactions.
  • Fresh recruits at NablaTech are diving into stimulating challenges and the company is casting a wide net for skilled developers, especially in front-end roles, to join their team.
  • NablaTech is pushing boundaries by providing comprehensive APIs and dashboards to empower those innovating in healthcare, showcasing their commitment to facilitating industry progress.
  • Insights into efficient tech combinations are shared, like using Esbuild with TypeScript, demonstrating NablaTech's focus on optimizing development practices.
  • A major app launch by NablaTech aims to position itself as a primary medical resource for women's healthcare and personalized medicine, reflecting their targeted approach to healthcare solutions.
  • Design talents are in demand at NablaTech, as evidenced by their hunt for a Product Designer in Paris, along with a spotlight on their design work on platforms like Dribbble.
  • NablaTech's quest for a full-stack developer is underscored by their emphasis on a dynamic roadmap, signaling a future-forward approach and an inclusive call for skilled developers.

Nabla Copilot Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Significantly reduces time spent on clinical documentation
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing healthcare systems
  • Supports a wide range of medical specialties with customizable templates
  • Ensures high data privacy and security standards

Cons :

  • Requires adaptation and learning for optimal use
  • Dependent on the quality of audio input for note accuracy

Nabla Copilot FQA

  • 1Does Nabla Copilot support real-time clinical note generation?

    Yes, Nabla Copilot returns clinical notes in real-time, approximately within 20 seconds after an appointment.

  • 2Can Nabla Copilot integrate with my existing tech stack?

    Absolutely, Nabla Copilot supports direct API integration into your existing tech stack, facilitating seamless workflow integration.

  • 3Does Nabla Copilot store any patient data?

    Nabla Copilot prioritizes data privacy and security by not storing any user data, ensuring that patient information remains confidential.

Nabla Copilot Use Cases

  • Streamlining clinical documentation for healthcare professionals
  • Enhancing patient care by reducing administrative burdens
  • Facilitating secure and efficient telehealth consultations

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