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What is Mutuo Health ?

Mutuo Health shines in the realm of healthcare innovation with its flagship product, AutoScribe, an AI Medical Tool designed to transform the medical documentation process. This cutting-edge digital assistant uses artificial intelligence to transcribe patient-clinician dialogues into accurate clinical notes, allowing healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patient care rather than paperwork. By integrating state-of-the-art AI technology, Mutuo Health aims to enhance the efficiency of patient data capture during clinical interactions, offering a solution that brings the joy back to medicine.

Features :

  • Transcription of clinician-patient dialogues into clinical notes
  • Integration with electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Customizable note templates to match clinicians' writing styles
  • Real-time generation of accurate clinic notes, saving time for healthcare professionals

Pricing :

  • Mutuo Health offers a 1-month free trial for new users to experience the benefits of AutoScribe. For detailed pricing beyond the trial, interested parties are encouraged to contact Mutuo Health directly.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

10.06K /Month

User Distribution :

Canada - 26.19% | United States - 10.34% | Indonesia - 8.9% | India - 8.78% | Nigeria - 8.21%

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Mutuo Health Solutions icon
    Mutuo Health Solutions
    Fall into efficiency! Add Mutuo's AutoScribe to your practice. Spend less time charting, more time with family, and savour the joys of the season! Sign up for a FREE trial and experience the balance you deserve: buff.ly/41wKFKw

    #HealthcareTech #AutoScribe
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  • Mutuo Health Solutions icon
    Mutuo Health Solutions
    Join our referral program and unlock rewards! Refer a colleague to AutoScribe, and when they subscribe, you'll enjoy $100 off your subscription the following month. Learn more and start referring: buff.ly/41wKFKw #AutoScribe #HealthTech
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  • Mutuo Health Solutions icon
    Mutuo Health Solutions
    Exciting update! 🌐 AutoScribe can now process 20 additional languages, making clinical interactions even more accessible for clinicians and their patients - sign up or learn more at mutuohealth.com #HealthTech #AutoScribe
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  • Mutuo Health Solutions icon
    Mutuo Health Solutions
    At AutoScribe, we're committed to delivering accurate real-time medical notes at competitive prices tailored to your specialty and practice model. Investing in our technology can yield up to 5x yearly financial returns! Discover more: buff.ly/3ZwyV9u
    twitter post image
  • Mutuo Health Solutions icon
    Mutuo Health Solutions
    🎉 Make 2024 about freeing up time for the things you love. AutoScribe is your shortcut to spend less time on medical notes, more time on what matters. 🚀 Start a free trial now: buff.ly/41wKFKw #NewYearNewYou #AutoScribe #AIinHealthcare
    twitter post image
  • Digital Health Canada icon
    Digital Health Canada
    We connect, inspire, and empower the digital health professionals contributing to the future of healthcare in Canada.
    We are delighted to welcome @MutuoHealth Solutions to Digital Health Canada StartUp Membership. Mutuo's AI-powered digital scribe tool reduces clinician burnout by creating accurate medical notes in real time. Learn more about AutoScribe at ow.ly/wiZS50PEZQ0
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  • PHABC icon
    Public Health Association of BC promotes health, wellbeing and equity for all British Columbians through leadership in public health.
    “AI is going to be transformative in 30 years, just like the internet, so we have to start now.” Dr. Noah Crampton’s team at Mutuo Health developed AutoScribe to transcribe patient-doctor conversations into medical notes in seconds. mutuohealth.com @UofT @MutuoHealth
    twitter post image

What users think about Mutuo Health - from Twitter

  • Mutuo Health's AI tool AutoScribe allows healthcare professionals to reduce time spent on charting, promoting work-life balance with more availability for personal activities.
  • AutoScribe's referral program offers monetary incentives, rewarding users with subscription discounts for bringing in new clientele.
  • The tool has enhanced its capability by adding support for 20 different languages, making it more versatile and accessible for diverse clinical environments.
  • AutoScribe promises significant financial benefits by offering specialized, competitively priced medical notes services with a potential 5x return on investment annually.
  • Momentous improvements include real-time transcription of doctor-patient interactions into medical notes, aiming to alleviate clinician burnout and improve operational efficiency.
  • Digital Health Canada has recognized Mutuo Health, incorporating AutoScribe into its Startup Membership, validating the tool's contribution to digital healthcare solutions.
  • Under the vision of Dr. Noah Crampton, AutoScribe has been developed to transform the healthcare documentation process, paralleling the transformative impact of the internet, by quickly transcribing patient-doctor dialogues into notes.

Mutuo Health Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Saves significant time in clinical documentation
  • Improves the quality of patient-clinician interactions
  • Offers customizable templates to suit individual clinician preferences

Cons :

  • Adoption requires initial learning and integration effort
  • Dependent on the accuracy of speech recognition in varied clinical environments

Mutuo Health FQA

  • 1How can I reset my password?

    Users can reset their password by clicking on their name in the top right corner and selecting the 'change password' option from the drop-down.

  • 2What happens to the data collected by AutoScribe?

    The data collected by AutoScribe is used exclusively to improve the AI models and is not shared or sold. It is protected with standard privacy and cybersecurity mechanisms required for healthcare applications.

Mutuo Health Use Cases

  • Enhancing patient-clinician interactions by reducing the time spent on note-taking
  • Improving the accuracy and efficiency of medical documentation
  • Facilitating better patient care by allowing clinicians to focus more on the patient rather than paperwork

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