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What is Lobe ?

Lobe is a user-friendly, no-code AI tool designed to simplify the process of training machine learning models. It enables users to train custom machine learning models by showing examples, automatically training a model that can be integrated into apps. No coding or data science experience is required.

Features :

  • No-code machine learning model training
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable models for app integration
  • Automatic selection of machine learning architecture
  • Private training on the user's computer without data upload to the cloud
  • Export models to various formats and platforms

Pricing :

  • Free

Estimated Visit Traffic :

51.00K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 12.85% | India - 4.96% | China - 4.7% | Venezuela - 3.34% | Italy - 3.32%

Chihuahua or Muffin? Lobe.ai Solved It!

The quirky Internet challenge of identifying whether a picture depicts a Chihuahua or a muffin has been a source of amusement and confusion. Thanks to the sophisticated AI developed by Lobe.ai, this confusion is now a thing of the past.

1. The Origin of the Challenge

The Chihuahua or Muffin challenge gained popularity as netizens were stumped by images where tiny dogs resembled baked goods. This mix-up, both funny and puzzling, quickly became an internet sensation.,The similarities in texture and color between the fur of Chihuahuas and the top of muffins caused a wide range of responses, from laughter to absolute amazement.,The challenge highlighted the intricacies of human visual perception and the potential for machine learning to outpace our own categorization abilities.

2. Lobe.ai's Technological Triumph

Lobe.ai, a platform making AI development more accessible, created an algorithm specifically to solve this riddle. Its AI uses image recognition to dissect and identify subtle distinctions.,The AI was trained on a diverse dataset, including myriad photos of both Chihuahuas and muffins. Through machine learning, the AI developed an understanding of key features distinguishing the two.,After an intensive learning phase, the AI reached a point where it could accurately make the call—muffin or Chihuahua—with startling accuracy, showcasing the power and potential of machine learning.

3. Community Reactions

Internet users have expressed their admiration for Lobe.ai's achievement, with many jokingly saying that the AI has better eyesight than they do.,Others have noted the potential implications for future technology, marveling at the AI's ability to parse out details that even humans find challenging to notice.,Some comments have even taken a humorous tone, warning that if the AI can differentiate between Chihuahuas and muffins, its next challenge should be puppies and croissants.

4. The Significance of AI Advancements

Tech enthusiasts highlighted the significance of this development, suggesting that Lobe.ai's success indicates a promising future for AI in other complex recognition tasks.,Points were made about the implications for advancements in autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis, and other fields that rely on visual differentiation.,Detractors or skeptics aired cautious views on the necessity of ethical guidelines and regulations in AI, especially as it becomes more integrated into daily life and capable of more complex tasks.

5. Lobe Video Summary

Lobe.ai's advanced technology has impressively tackled the humorous yet perplexing challenge that has baffled many: differentiating Chihuahuas from muffins in images. With the AI's keen ability to analyze details and learn from patterns, distinguishing between pups and pastries is no longer a gamble.

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Drew Stock icon
    Drew Stock
    “All of it. Now please. Thanks..”
    A Cambrian explosion of DIY machine learning is nearing: training and chaining models will be way more accessible w/ tools like @runwayml + @lobe_ai. Hopefully chaining will be as easy as this @framer demo I made -- it talks to pre-trained models in Runway's beta.
    twitter post image
  • DSNai-Data Science Nigeria/Data Scientists Network icon
    DSNai-Data Science Nigeria/Data Scientists Network
    Enabling 1 million AI talents and building AI solutions to enhance the lives of 2 billion people.
    Code-less Deep Learning is getting popular with the likes of Lobe.ai, indigo.io, simplify.ai,Google AutoML, deep cognition etc.
    Simple visual interface, drag &drop.
    Code-less but not tasteless!
    Try one and share your experience here.
    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Mike Matas icon
    Mike Matas
    Entrepreneur, designer, gardener, husband, dad. | UI Design iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Nest, Paper | Founder Push Pop Press, Lobe | Designer at LoveFrom
    Designers can now train custom machine learning models with Lobe.ai and use them to create intelligent prototypes in @FacebookOrigami. Looking forward to seeing the idea that come out of this! ✨
  • Corey Sanders icon
    Corey Sanders
    Corey lives in New Jersey and is Head of Microsoft Cloud for Industry and Global Expansion. He is a pretty decent guy...
    This is pretty cool - a machine learning model anyone can set up in 10 minutes, and it's free. Check it out: lobe.ai/. I bet you'll be spending your weekends training your new machine learning model...here is one cool example which I may try...
    twitter post image
  • Andrew Wilkinson icon
    Andrew Wilkinson
    Co-founder of Tiny w/ @_Sparling_. We own @Dribbble, @AeroPress, and many other wonderful companies. Funding science and journalism at Tiny Foundation.
    This is so cool: lobe.ai
  • Kingdom of Rohan icon
    Kingdom of Rohan
    Professionally: Biotech & Medical Devices | Extracurricularly: Art, Movement, F1 | 🇮🇳🇲🇾🇺🇸🇦🇺
    @nonoesp @lobe_ai Ran into your wonderful “Getting Simple” podcast thanks to googling lobe.ai. It’s usually the other way around, X podcast introduces me to Y tool, but not in this case!
  • Andrea Volpini icon
    Andrea Volpini
    One of the better-known cyberandy. Passionate about #SEO and #ML I am co-founder and CEO of WordLift and insideout10.
    Resources to teach AI to kids and non-coders:

    1️⃣ teachablemachine.withgoogle.com/ easiest way to build a model w/ your browser
    2️⃣ developer.apple.com/machine-learning/create-ml/ Apple's version
    3️⃣ www.lobe.ai/ Microsoft's version
    4️⃣ projector.tensorflow.org/ Embeddings and Word2Vec. What am I missing?
  • Benjamin Ottensten icon
    Benjamin Ottensten
    Product, design, frontend. Currently Product Lead at @SpeckleSystems.
    Nice to see Lobe.ai finally launch publicly. So many apps will be using machine learning to create amazing new experiences because of this tool. Check out the Examples page to feel instantly inspired!
  • Easlo icon
    Productivity and Minimalism. Sharing practical tips to be more productive and organized.
    Build your next startup without writing code.

    Website: @webflow
    Automation: @zapier
    Copywriting: @copy_ai
    Community: @circleapp
    Platform Builder: @bubble
    Machine Learning: @lobe_ai
    Membership: @memberstack
    Media Generation: @bannerbearHQ

    Start building.
  • SssshenGu icon
    Hand & Face Tracker made with @lobe_ai lobe.ai/examples/hand-face-tracker

What users think about Lobe - from Twitter

  • DIY machine learning is becoming more accessible with tools like Lobe.ai that allow easy model training and chaining.
  • Lobe.ai is part of the trend towards code-less deep learning, offering a simple visual interface for creating ML models.
  • Designers are using Lobe.ai to train custom models and integrate them with prototyping tools like Facebook's Origami for creating intelligent designs.
  • Lobe.ai provides a user-friendly platform where anyone can set up a machine learning model quickly and for free, encouraging experimentation.
  • Public enthusiasm is evident for Lobe.ai's potential to democratize machine learning and inspire new applications.
  • Podcasts and indirect discovery are leading people to engage with Lobe.ai, highlighting its growing presence in the tech community.
  • Lobe.ai is listed among resources for teaching AI to kids and non-coders, emphasizing its ease of use.
  • The public launch of Lobe.ai has been well-received, with expectations for it to enable a wide range of ML-powered applications.
  • Lobe.ai is part of a toolkit for startups to build products without coding, alongside other no-code tools.
  • Users can create machine learning models for hand and face tracking using Lobe.ai, as demonstrated by their examples.

Lobe Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Free and easy to use
  • Automatic machine learning architecture selection
  • Ability to export models to various formats and platforms

Cons :

  • Currently only supports image classification
  • Requires a powerful computer for optimal performance
  • Limited control or customization over the machine learning process

Lobe FQA

  • 1Can Lobe be used without coding experience?

    Yes, Lobe is designed for easy use without requiring any coding or data science experience.

Lobe Use Cases

  • Training machine learning models for customer service chatbots
  • Creating AI-powered image recognition tools for websites
  • Developing AI-powered diagnostic tools in healthcare

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