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What is Imagga ?

Imagga is an innovative AI-driven image tagging and classification platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze images, providing comprehensive tags and metadata. It is designed for easy integration into workflows and offers various features like image recognition, categorization, and automatic tagging.

Features :

  • Automated Image Tagging
  • Effortless Image Categorization
  • Smart Image Cropping
  • Insightful Color Analysis
  • Intuitive Visual Search
  • Custom Training
  • Custom Model Creation
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Localization
  • Text Recognition
  • Content Moderation

Pricing :

  • Indie: $79 per month
  • Pro: $349 per month

Estimated Visit Traffic :

59.81K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 11.12% | India - 6.13% | Germany - 4.05% | Canada - 3.88% | Guatemala - 3.09%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Edgekonnect icon
    We connect people to knowledge
    Image Recognition Is Changing Interactive Marketing ⁦@imagga⁩ ⁦@RandyHlavac⁩ ⁦@NUsocialmktg⁩ ⁦@ContStrategy⁩ imagga.com/blog/image-recognition-is-changing-interactive-marketing/
  • pheara icon
    she/her. white, trans, pan, poly, feminist, vegan. BLM, sex work is real work. senior user-researcher, ux-designer, webdev. ♡ making music. mostly retweeting.
    my #algorithmicbias moment for today: wanted to test the image-auto-tagger at imagga.com, queried google images for some pics to test with. note the search results and the auto-tagged job-descriptions.
    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Richard Nemeth icon
    Richard Nemeth
    Imagga's API for Image Recognition Applications:
  • あらゆ icon
    https://t.co/6NtuiLSvGt https://t.co/7vRs8cFBCA https://t.co/swXRjtytRL https://t.co/52aXPZQZ1M

    Imagga API
  • Ben H. icon
    Ben H.
    @SZ Journalist, Open-Source Investigations @SZ_Investigativ #OSINT #verification
    In case you'd been wondering if it's possible to automate the #OSINT tagging process to establish whether an images contains a 'gun', let's say in a large basket of images (e.g. 1 Tb of img data), systems like imagga.com/auto-tagging-demo make this possible
    twitter post image
  • 1clickdeploy icon
    https://t.co/djsRPqXUMQ Deploy your favourite apps with one click
    Image Recognition Trends in 2020 ift.tt/2Xepj4L
  • jose grillo icon
    jose grillo
    Desarrollador Next.js Curriculum: https://t.co/ld1pKY02uc https://t.co/h8jQXMrVpS (Comunidad para compartir conocimiento de Sollidity, Next.js y
    I.A para trabajar con imágenes

    NOTA: En mi discord inserte un bot que te ayuda a crear tus propias imagenes.
    twitter post image
  • Pavel Andreev icon
    Pavel Andreev
    Founder @imagga | Addicted to Product, Design and UX.
  • Farid Sabitov icon
    Farid Sabitov
    DesignOps, EPAM | @Coda_hq #ProductOps Community Champion | Friends of @Figma #DesignOps Community Advocate Leader | YOE 12+ years
    I wish @figmadesign could suggest me tags for the icons directly in the component description. Is there any trained ML that could do that? Tried imagga.com but it's used mostly for images. The @nounproject has a lot of data

    #featureRequest #figma #ML
    twitter post image
  • Chris Georgiev icon
    Chris Georgiev
    Curious guy, currently based in #Seoul. Founder @imagga, #AI startup. In love with #SouthKorea. Love to travel, fly my drone, explore and learn
    Image Recognition Explained via @Imagga Blog buff.ly/36GmQmJ #imagerecognition #ai #MachineLearning
    twitter post image

What users think about Imagga - from Twitter

  • Imagga is involved in changing interactive marketing through image recognition technology.
  • Users experience algorithmic bias when testing Imagga's auto-tagging features on images.
  • Imagga offers an API for image recognition applications, which developers can use in various projects.
  • The Imagga API enables functions like image tagging, cropping, and color extraction.
  • Imagga's technology facilitates automated tagging for large sets of images, aiding in processes like Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).
  • Imagga is recognized for reflecting image recognition trends in 2020.
  • Imagga is listed among various AI tools suited for working with images.
  • Users express a desire for similar tagging functionality in design tools like Figma, indicating a demand for trained machine learning solutions compatible with icons.
  • Educational content regarding image recognition and machine learning is shared on Imagga's blog.

Imagga Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Comprehensive suite of image recognition solutions
  • Powerful APIs for image analysis and organization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide application across various industries

Cons :

  • Pricing may be a barrier for smaller businesses or individual users

Imagga FQA

  • 1What is Imagga and what does it do?

    Imagga is an AI-driven image tagging and classification platform that uses AI and deep learning algorithms to automatically tag, categorize, and organize images.

  • 2How can Imagga help in business?

    Imagga helps businesses improve their image management and organization processes, making it easier to find and use relevant images for marketing, advertising, and other purposes.

  • 3What types of industries can benefit from using Imagga?

    Industries like e-commerce, publishing, media, and advertising can benefit from using Imagga.

  • 4How accurate is Imagga's image tagging and classification system?

    Imagga's AI-powered image tagging and classification system is highly accurate, employing advanced deep learning algorithms and machine learning models.

  • 5Does Imagga offer an API for developers?

    Yes, Imagga offers a powerful API for developers to integrate its image tagging and classification technology into their applications.

  • 6Can Imagga recognize specific objects or people in images?

    Yes, Imagga can recognize specific objects, people, and scenes in images with its advanced computer vision capabilities.

  • 7Does Imagga offer any additional features or services?

    Imagga offers additional features and services, including image cropping, resizing, filtering, custom image recognition models, and analytics tools.

  • 8Is Imagga easy to use and integrate with existing systems?

    Yes, Imagga is designed to be user-friendly and easily integrable with existing systems.

Imagga Use Cases

  • Commerce and Retail
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising
  • Hardware/IoT

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