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What is Kaedim ?

Kaedim stands at the forefront of innovation as a pioneering 3D Generator, transforming the landscape of digital creation. By melding machine learning with a dedicated in-house art team, Kaedim empowers game developers and creators to produce high-quality, production-ready 3D assets from 2D images within minutes. This breakthrough technology not only accelerates the development process but also opens up new possibilities for creativity and efficiency in the gaming and digital arts industry.

Features :

  • Production-quality assets in minutes
  • Integration with major 3D tools like Unreal Engine, Unity, and Blender
  • Optimized for creating usable, production-ready 3D assets
  • Support for both image and text descriptions as inputs for model generation

Pricing :

  • Unfortunately, the official website does not provide specific pricing details without starting the sign-up process.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

167.63K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 52.67% | Germany - 6.3% | Taiwan - 3.28% | United Kingdom - 3.27% | China - 2.85%

Unveiling Kaedim: Transforming Sketches into 3D Models Using AI?

Welcome back to The Happy Toolbox! This week, we're delving into an AI program called Kaedim, which promises to turn 2D artwork into downloadable 3D models. But is it as revolutionary as it sounds, or could there be a catch? Join us for an in-depth look into the functionalities, pricing, and a hands-on test run.

1. First Impressions and Pricing Overview

At first glance, Kaedim appears to be an accessible tool for anyone, promising to convert sketches and artwork into 3D models without the need for any prior 3D modeling experience.,The pricing, however, raises eyebrows. The trial plan costs $539 per month, allowing one account to output 30 models, with additional iterations on them. The price ascends steeply for professional and API integration offerings.,The platform boasts features like a color fill tool and 24/7 AI processing. Despite this, the service mentions the involvement of quality control engineers, revealing that the models might pass through human hands.

2. Uploading Artwork: Test and Wait Times

The test process involves uploading a single 2D image and awaiting the AI to generate a corresponding 3D model. It took approximately 16 minutes to get back an initial model, with a similar wait time for iterations.,The results varied in quality, with some details being captured adequately while others were missed or inaccurately represented. Some intricate parts, such as a mirror image on a fire hydrant, were omitted in the model.,While the models returned were recognizable, errors and missing elements indicate that the output from Kaedim still requires significant refinement from a user, which might include additional editing or 3D modeling work.

3. Concerns About Pricing and Cost-Efficiency

Viewers have expressed concerns about Kaedim's high subscription cost, pointing out that $20 per model may not be a bad deal, but monthly charges tip the scales unfavorably.,Given the pricing structure, some individuals question the efficiency and practicality of using Kaedim for their 3D modeling needs, considering the potential need for additional manual work on each model.,The discussions suggest a mixed reception, where some see potential value, while others find the cost prohibitive, especially for an AI service that may still rely on human 3D artists.

4. Speculation About the True Nature of AI

There is skepticism about whether Kaedim's technology truly operates on AI, as some comments refer to job adverts suggesting the company recruits artists capable of fast model creation.,The accuracy and human-like quality of the geometry in the models generated by Kaedim have led to speculation that human modelers, not AI, are playing a substantial role in the process.,Comments suggest disbelief in the AI claims, with some calling the service a scam and others humorously likening the process to modern-day pharaohs whipping artists to produce models swiftly.

5. Kaedim Video Summary

Kaedim claims to harness AI to convert 2D art into 3D models with ease, but upon closer examination, it seems to carry a steep price and may still require human intervention. An in-depth review and trial, including a comparison with handmade 3D models, suggests that while Kaedim shows potential, the technology has yet to replace the nuanced skills of a human artist.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Yota Tasaki/田崎陽太🇷🇴 icon
    Yota Tasaki/田崎陽太🇷🇴
    UnrealEngine5とBlenderを軸に高品質な映像制作を追求するグローバルなアーティスト集団「Episode3」に所属 @episode3_ro Generalist,EnvArtist ご連絡はDMかWebサイトからお願いします 個人制作 https://t.co/MHiuduAgrA
    twitter post image
  • nakashun / Witchpot icon
    nakashun / Witchpot
    English Account: @nakashun_ten ゲーム開発+AI @Witchpot_ Founder&CEO Discord: https://t.co/z0Qt556Vnv 仕事相談はDMかメールへお気軽に [email protected]
    Image to 3Dですごいの来てた
    twitter post image
  • christmasy Store icon
    christmasy Store
    Enhance your reading with our Books Lamp! 📚✨ Cozy up with your favorite stories. Order now!
  • Fujito | バーチャル空間デザイナー icon
    Fujito | バーチャル空間デザイナー
    建築からバーチャルまで空間をデザインしてます|XR空間デザイン ・プロデュース| VRワールド制作|ARクリエイター|都市XR |一級建築士|NEWVIEW | UE5 UEFN |フリーランス|案件のご依頼はお気軽に。


    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Luc Chaissac icon
    Luc Chaissac
    Designer & co-founder @dock_us | I share my design stuff here™️ — Fun @ogimage_gallery @wearemuxu @DLPGallery

    Ok, so this morning I tried Kaedim.com to turn 2D images into 3D content. With one of my little avatar explorations and I just can believe this is the actual result.

    One image, ONE IMAGE. IN 15min!!!!!!!! 🫀💥
    twitter post image
  • くろさわ icon
    GameDeveloper / ArtDirector / TechArt / UnrealEngine / Houdini / Substance / Love:美術館と白ビールと美味しいご飯 / https://t.co/VhSQyAKmCu /技術書販売中:http://kurosauru
    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • phill.ai icon
    Not quite a robot yet, but I'm exploring AI and creating video, audio and text...the latter only when absolutely necessary.
    Transform Your Ideas with Kaedim3d.com: Automatically Convert 2D Images to 3D Models with #AI Tech!
    twitter post image
  • 光輝@ 25度越えると暑さで頭痛になります。 icon
    光輝@ 25度越えると暑さで頭痛になります。
    VR/AR/MRリサーチャー&futurist。空中3D投影完全ホログラムが目標。 ㈱Spacial代表。セキュリティスペシャリスト資格。緑内障。ビールを飲まない痛風予備軍。ホログラムで世界を変え(たい人求めて)ます。
    kaedim3d.com #kaedim3d
  • 光輝@ 25度越えると暑さで頭痛になります。 icon
    光輝@ 25度越えると暑さで頭痛になります。
    VR/AR/MRリサーチャー&futurist。空中3D投影完全ホログラムが目標。 ㈱Spacial代表。セキュリティスペシャリスト資格。緑内障。ビールを飲まない痛風予備軍。ホログラムで世界を変え(たい人求めて)ます。
    kaedim3d.com #kaedim3d
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  • John icon
    GPTWrapper Mobile app $120 MRR | Erevald at @_buildspace n&w s3 s4. Goal 1K MRR
    Character progression! I couldnt figure out how to post the 3D asset I made from kaedim3d.com so decided to go with the help from fiverr. The result!

    #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #IndieGameDev #unity3d #madewithunity #buildinginpublic
    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image
  • John icon
    GPTWrapper Mobile app $120 MRR | Erevald at @_buildspace n&w s3 s4. Goal 1K MRR
    Found this cool site www.kaedim3d.com/ to turn my characters into 3D!

    here are the results! Pretty good huh? #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #IndieGameDev #unity3d #madewithunity
    twitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post imagetwitter post image

What users think about Kaedim - from Twitter

  • Kaedim is gaining attention for its ability to generate 3D models from images, fostering a sense of the future despite current quality concerns.
  • Users are impressed by Kaedim's powerful conversion from 2D to 3D, though note the service can be quite pricey and comes with usage limitations.
  • People experimenting with Kaedim find the AI-generated 3D models impressive and envision a workflow from AI study to automated modeling to XR confirmation.
  • The ease of transforming a single image into 3D content in a short time span is generating excitement among users who find the results mind-blowing.
  • While the platform is perceived as innovative, enabling automatic 3D generation from illustrations, the free license may limit texture creation capabilities.
  • Kaedim is recognized for its AI technology that allows for automatic conversion of 2D images into 3D models, pushing the boundaries of digital creativity.
  • The service is praised for making modeling accessible by automatically creating 3D models from illustrations with few distortions, despite some restrictions on the free trial.
  • Kaedim's impact is likened to having a fairy that converts illustrations to 3D models overnight, with users appreciating the practical level of modeling it provides.
  • The user experience is enhanced by integrating Kaedim with external services, such as hiring from Fiverr to further refine the 3D assets created.
  • Creatives in the gaming and indie development community are finding Kaedim a cool tool for turning characters into 3D models with satisfactory results.

Kaedim Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Significantly reduces time and cost of 3D model creation
  • Intuitive platform that integrates with existing workflows and tools
  • Enables non-experts to create high-quality 3D models
  • Supports a wide range of creative and commercial applications

Cons :

  • Quality of output may vary based on the complexity of the source image
  • May require adjustments or refinements by a professional artist for optimal results

Kaedim FQA

  • 1. How does Kaedim ensure the quality of generated 3D models?

    Kaedim combines AI with an expert art team to refine and ensure the quality of each generated model, aligning with industry standards for production-ready assets.

Kaedim Use Cases

  • Game development
  • Digital art creation
  • Educational tools for learning 3D modeling techniques
  • Rapid prototyping and concept visualization

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