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What is Headshots by AI ?

Headshots by AI revolutionizes the creation of professional headshots using cutting-edge AI Headshot technology. Leveraging Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth technology, it offers users a seamless way to enhance their online presence, specifically designed for platforms like LinkedIn. This service is perfect for those seeking photorealistic headshots without the hassle and expense of traditional photoshoots, delivering results in just a few hours.

Features :

  • Photorealistic AI-generated headshots
  • Uses Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth technology
  • Quick turnaround time
  • No need for expensive studio sessions
  • Secure photo storage and deletion after 24 hours

Pricing :

  • Priority Package: $50 for 180 pro headshots, delivered within 3 hours, includes Super Resolution
  • Standard Package: $35 for 120 pro headshots, delivered within 6 hours, supports Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
  • Flat Package: $25 for 60 pro headshots, delivered within 12 hours

Estimated Visit Traffic :

33.17K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 64.79% | India - 4.21% | United Kingdom - 3.66% | Mexico - 2.34% | Zimbabwe - 1.81%

AI Headshots FAIL | Try It On Headshots Review

Diving into the world of AI-generated headshots, I embarked on an experiment to test the hype. With viral AI services promising professional-grade photos at the click of a button, I decided it was worth a shot to explore. This article peels back the curtain on my experience with Try It On Headshots, revealing if it actually lives up to the buzz or if it's just a flash in the pan.

1. A Gamble on AI-generated Glamor

Getting started with Try It On was a breeze; I set up an account, followed the photo submission guidelines, and uploaded a series of my own snapshots. For $17 and the promise of a hundred headshots, it seemed like a steal.,Optimism was my sidekick as I chose my preferred style and sent my photos into the AI void, eager to see what digital wizardry would return. A day later, I was greeted by the fruits of technology—a mixed bag of results.,Assessing the quality of the headshots, I could only give them a '6' out of '10'. Oddities were abundant, from the 'lizard eyes' effect to the curious case of my blue eyes turning brown. The likenesses were off, casting these AI portraits as more fitting for a doppelgänger than myself—except for the few donning sunglasses, where the AI seemingly bypassed the eye conundrum.

2. AI's Cultural Confusion

The experiment took a wild turn when reviewing my wife's AI headshots. Regrettably, they earned a stark 'negative 10' out of '10'. Her Mexican-American heritage seemed to stump the AI entirely, resulting in a bizarre montage of various Asian personas.,This mishmash of mistaken ethnic profiles, from seemingly Korean to Chinese traits, was a stark reminder of AI's limitations. The resemblance was not only unconvincing but also a source of unintended comedy—though not the kind you'd want for professional settings.,It was a stark revelation: Even with the ever-advancing realm of artificial intelligence, some nuances of human diversity remain out of reach for these digital artists. The laugh we shared at the outcome underscored the importance of authenticity and cultural sensitivity that AI has yet to master.

3. AI Headshots: A Split Verdict

Community reception to AI headshots has been as varied as the results themselves. Some find the use of old photos to create new portraits quite impressive, appreciating the lifelike touch AI can bring to the table.,Others have experienced the hilarity and disappointment of hardly recognizing themselves in the AI-generated renderings. These less-than-accurate headshots have spurred many to advocate for the reliability and quality of human photographers.,Still, the debate continues on the accessibility and practicality of AI versus professional photography, with some viewers justifying the cost savings and others questioning the pursuit of photorealism when the technology still visibly falters.

4. Professionalism vs. Playfulness

As the chat around AI headshots bubbles on, a common sentiment suggests that when your image matters, splurging on a professional photographer is the smart move. These personal brand ambassadors capture not just a face, but an essence—something AI can't yet replicate.,Among the discussions, there remains an interest in finding a reliable AI photo generator for professional purposes, which indicates that hope for this technology has not diminished, despite current setbacks and humorous outcomes.,Some users report their disappointment and refund requests after services like Headshot Pro didn't deliver as expected, reaffirming the belief that technology should amplify, not obscure, our unique identities.

5. Headshots by AI Video Summary

In conclusion, the AI Headshots experiment with Try It On proved to be more amusing than useful. While the process itself was straightforward and the price seemed reasonable, the end results fell short of expectations. The generated images often missed the mark on accuracy and personal resemblance, highlighting the struggle AI still faces with details like eye color and ethnic diversity. This peek into the AI photography world suggests that when it comes to professional headshots, sticking with a human touch might just be the better choice.

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    @dannypostmaa 2. Headshots by AI

    → Upload at least 20 photos at once
    → Obtain professional-looking photos in minutes

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    @irtimid_harding @tdinh_me Cool project!

    I have a tech question: does headshotsbyai.com use OpenAI to process the images or does it only use ChatGPT from OpenAI?
  • Dimitri Harding icon
    Dimitri Harding
    🤖 HeadshotsByAI - https://t.co/xaFXBDPEJp 👨🏽‍💻 Tester by Profession, Developer and Photographer by Passion
    Having customers genuinely get value from headshotsbyai.com is such a great feeling.

    This particular testimonial has so much to unpack.
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  • nitesh icon
    software developer, developing in public
    @programmerByDay cool examples would be photoai.com or headshotsbyai.com
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    Building @leap_api in the @fdotinc studio | @johnshopkins CS + 🏀 alum | winners win 🏁
    @thejackobrien @leap_api @leap Lots of use cases so far around ai avatars, photography, illustrations, design assets etc!

    Some examples:
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    9. Headshots by AI

    Looking for photorealistic headshots? Headshots by AI has you covered! Our AI studies your features to create lifelike models. Elevate your headshots with AI precision!

    Try here: headshotsbyai.com
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  • Poetic Justice icon
    Poetic Justice
    @HackingGavin There's a Jamaican developer that does this: headshotsbyai.com/
  • Sameed icon
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    🔥 Comparing headshotpro.com from @dannypostmaa with it's competitor headshotsbyai.com using my new MVP.

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What users think about Headshots by AI - from Twitter

  • Headshots by AI is listed among the top AI-driven websites with functionalities surpassing those of ChatGPT, offering a unique approach to generating photorealistic headshots.
  • Users can upload a series of photos (at least 20) to Headshots by AI, which then quickly processes these images to produce professional-looking headshots.
  • Though it's a topic of discussion among tech enthusiasts, it's not clear whether Headshots by AI utilizes OpenAI's technology or if it's specifically incorporating ChatGPT.
  • Customer testimonials highlight the tangible benefits of using headshotsbyai.com, suggesting a positive user experience and satisfaction with the AI-generated headshots.
  • Headshots by AI is compared to other AI photo services, demonstrating a range of applications such as avatars, photography, illustrations, and design assets.
  • The service boasts the capability to analyze an individual's features and create life-like headshot models with impressive detail and realism.
  • Developers and digital creators are recognizing and discussing the merits of Headshots by AI, indicating a broader community interest and potential use cases for the tool.

Headshots by AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Cost-effective compared to traditional photoshoots
  • Fast delivery of high-quality headshots
  • Ease of use with simple photo upload process

Cons :

  • Lack of physical photoshoot experience
  • No refund policy for unsatisfactory results
  • Requires uploading multiple photos for model creation

Headshots by AI FQA

  • 1Why can't I try before I pay?

    Due to the use of expensive GPUs to create a personalized model, a free trial is not offered.

  • 2What will I get?

    A 99% chance of receiving a perfect headshot with 20+ options to choose from.

  • 3Do I get a refund if I don't like any of my headshots?

    Refunds are not offered due to the nature of the service.

  • 4What will happen to my photos?

    Photos are securely stored on an encrypted server for headshot generation and deleted after 24 hours.

Headshots by AI Use Cases

  • Professional LinkedIn profiles
  • Enhancing online presence for social media
  • Personal branding for freelancers and entrepreneurs

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