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What is Headshots AI ?

Headshots AI offers professional-grade, AI-generated headshots swiftly, enhancing online profiles, resumes, and portfolios with high-definition images. Acknowledged globally, the service is both rapid and efficient.

Features :

  • AI-generated high-definition headshots
  • Quick process, approximately 20 minutes
  • Email notification when headshots are ready
  • Ideal for social profiles, resumes, and professional portfolios

Pricing :

  • Starter: 1 Credit - Includes 4 AI Headshots, suitable for individuals enhancing online presence.
  • Basic: 3 Credits - Includes 12 AI Headshots, designed for professionals needing regular profile updates.
  • Premium: 5 Credits - Includes 20 AI Headshots, offering the best value and unlimited possibilities.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

18.78K /Month

User Distribution :

Russia - 8.35% | Hong Kong - 6.68% | China - 6.62% | United States - 6.06% | Netherlands - 6.02%

AI Headshots FAIL | Try It On Headshots Review

Embarking on a quest for the perfect AI-generated headshot, I put Try It On's service to the test, only to reveal its humorous shortcomings. Here’s the dish on the cyber-snafus of AI portraiture.

1. The Alluring Promise of AI Headshots

I stumbled upon Try It On with the promise of revamping my personal brand with a new suite of headshots—it seemed foolish not to give it a whirl for a mere $17, considering the rising costs of professional photography.,Signing up was a breeze, and the site efficiently walked me through the photo submission process. Needing only 8 to 12 photos, I eagerly anticipated the AI magic that would produce 100 varied headshots.,Choosing my desired headshot style should have been the highlight of this endeavor; however, after a lengthy 10–12 hour wait, the anticipation gave way to a stark reality where my own photos barely scraped by with a score of six out of ten.

2. When AI Meets the Human Face: A Comedy of Errors

Apparently, AI has a quirky sense of humor, as evidenced by it turning my blue eyes to brown, as if it played a dice game with my genetic makeup.,The most successful photos featured me in sunglasses—a humorous hideaway for the AI to cloak its confusion over human eyeballs. Unfortunately, this minor success doesn’t translate to a professionally acceptable headshot for platforms like LinkedIn.,My overall conclusion: the novelty of Try It On's AI headshots is amusing but loses its luster when you're in need of professional and accurate representation.

3. AI Fails to Grasp Human Diversity

My wife Tanya, who is of Mexican-American descent, faced the brunt of the AI's cultural blunders. Her results were staggeringly off-mark, brandishing a whopping negative ten out of ten score.,The AI’s attempt at ethnic diversity seemed to throw a random assortment of Asian characteristics her way, suggesting a lack of sophistication in recognizing and portraying diverse ethnicities accurately.,Although it fostered a good laugh, the service provided headshots that were a far cry from capturing Tanya's unique features. The truth was unmistakable: these images bore no resemblance to her at all.

4. Consumer Amusement and Dismay

While some users found alternative uses for old photos and enjoyed the AI's creative liberties, others were left scratching their heads over headshots that seemed to portray someone else entirely.,A common thread in the feedback was clear: while the AI headshots might provide a chuckle, they fall short of the mark for anyone needing professional representation for their career or online presence.,Whether it was mismatched facial features, botched skin tones, or delayed delivery times, it seems the consensus leans towards investing in a flesh-and-blood photographer.

5. The Search for a Professional AI Solution Continues

Despite the comedic value of the less-than-accurate portraits, the discussion reveals a genuine interest in finding a reliable AI headshot generator for those seeking a professional aesthetic.,Some share their relief at having been saved from the disappointment others faced, while a few still hold out hope for AI technology to one day deliver headshots that might rival a real photographer's prowess.,Amidst the critiques, there is a silver lining—a collective love for the community's shared experiences and a continued curiosity about the potential of AI in the world of photography.

6. Headshots AI Video Summary

After experimenting with the highly buzzed-about AI headshot service from Try It On, which promised a plethora of professional-looking headshots for a nominal fee, the results were far from satisfactory. The AI seems to struggle with accuracy in eye color, ethnicity representation, and overall facial resemblance, leading to a collection of photos that are more comical novelty than professional tool. It's clear that when it comes to capturing our true likeness, humanity isn't ready to be replaced by algorithms just yet.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Innowise Group icon
    Innowise Group
    We develop the world IT outsourcing company since 2007 About us, projects and job opportunities:
    Urgently need a beautiful photo for your CV or LinkedIn? No problem.

    There's a cool AI service that will generate representative portraits from your everyday photos.

    You can try it out here: www.getheadshots.ai/
    twitter post image
  • Поставки с тиктока без НДС icon
    Поставки с тиктока без НДС
    В момент, когда я пишу эти строки, мне нет еще сорока. ★ Смысловая нагрузка отсутствует.
    Сервис сгенерирует вам портреты из фоток например для резюме

    Ссылка www.getheadshots.ai/
  • Nene 👑 icon
    Nene 👑
    Graphic Designer | pianist | An IT personnel | Blogger @ https://t.co/V378cOJvuh and CEO at BlackHat Links via https://t.co/59M3qlCZfv
    The AI service will turn your ordinary photo into a professional portrait.

    You just need to upload a couple of photos to the service, and as a result you will receive ready-made representative photographs that are perfect for a resume or avatar.

    twitter post image
  • Crypto Warrior icon
    Crypto Warrior
    #Bitcoin Enthusiast & #Ethereum Explorer | Living the #Crypto Life 🌐 | Always on the Hunt for Gem #17 💎.
    Skip the photo shoot hassle for docs, resumes, or avatars! 📸🚫

    AI's got your back. Just upload 4+ clear pics of you (minus the extras) on GetHeadshots.ai, chill for 20 mins ⏳, and voila! Professional shots, ready to save. 🖼

    #PhotoMagic #Photo #Avatar #AI #Trending
    twitter post image
  • Mega Kris icon
    Mega Kris
    ИИ сгенерит профессиональные портреты из трех ваших фоток

    Идеальный вариант для оформления резюме, аватарки и тд. Загружаем на сайт несколько селфи и получаем результат в один клик.

    ⤷Пробуем тут www.getheadshots.ai/
  • Jagdish kashyap icon
    Jagdish kashyap
    Love #BuildInPublic & forte #SEO & #AffiliateMarketing Building - @zyble_io, https://t.co/QmnFL8U8CY | https://t.co/jBJpJTt4zR more loading...
    Just found about getheadshots .ai an open source project by @leap_api i badly want to deploy it but my inner #indiehacker not allowing me.

    No fun in copy-pasting.

    Am i wrong?
  • lang icon
    ex-swe at startup → build a solo company 💼 https://t.co/hWk7YcjMwQ (acquired) 🐣 https://t.co/De2JvCdRDt ✍️ https://t.co/R8Nb9J10yQ ...and, 8+ failed products
    @YehezGun @zakiego ini udah diketeng sampe productize masih mahal juga wkwk www.getheadshots.ai/get-credits

What users think about Headshots AI - from Twitter

  • Headshots AI is an AI service that generates professional-looking portraits from everyday photos, suitable for CVs and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Users can upload several of their own photos to getheadshots.ai and receive representative photographs.
  • The service offers convenience by eliminating the need for a photo shoot, providing professional headshots in about 20 minutes after uploading images.
  • Headshots AI is mentioned as an open-source project associated with @leap_api, although some users express the desire for unique implementation rather than just deploying it.
  • There is a reference to the cost associated with the service on getheadshots.ai/get-credits, implying that the service may not be free.

Headshots AI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Quick and efficient service
  • High-quality, professional headshots
  • Flexible pricing options

Cons :

    Headshots AI Use Cases

    • Enhancing online presence for individuals
    • Profile updates for professionals
    • Use in resumes and professional portfolios

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