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What is HeadlinesAI ?

HeadlinesAI revolutionizes essay writing and content creation by empowering users to generate captivating headlines for platforms like YouTube, Medium, Reddit, and IndieHackers. This AI tool streamlines the headline creation process, ensuring your content grabs attention and engages audiences effectively.

Features :

  • Generate engaging, attention-grabbing headlines
  • Support for YouTube, Medium, Reddit, and IndieHackers
  • Unlimited headline generation
  • Access to headline history
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Priority support

Pricing :

  • $9/month for unlimited headline generation, access to history, commercial use, and priority support

Estimated Visit Traffic :

9.99K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 10.47% | Turkey - 8.48% | United States - 7.54% | Argentina - 7.31% | Indonesia - 5.53%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Vatsal Sanghvi icon
    Vatsal Sanghvi
    building 1811 labs and shitposting
    yo @_buildspace

    @rushabtated4 & I are building a super cool tool for youtube creators

    (an extension to our existing tool - headlinesai.pro which has 100k users/mo)

    We would love your feedback and suggestions! Drop 'em in the comments ✨

    cc: @FarzaTV
    twitter post image
  • Ayesha Chaudhry icon
    Ayesha Chaudhry
    Creative Juggler: Projects, TechHive, TutorBees, Family, Friends, Needlework...
    It would be a sin to not try the new tools that are coming up literally every single day.

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  • Siddharth Tharad icon
    Siddharth Tharad
    I am a fun loving person. #Proud Indian🇮🇳 Proud Hindu but believe in the philosophy of वासुदेवाय कुटुम्बकम
    Generate headlines that convert using AI - try for free headlinesai.pro?refer=sidd2322
  • Ishmilly icon
    Domain name Investor
    Just acquired HeadlinesAi. com
    Let’s see if headlinesai. Pro is ready for a needed upgrade!
    twitter post image
  • Himanshu_Mehra icon
    I Am Fitness Model 16 y/o Batala,Punjab🏡 Follow me Instagram ID 👉 himanahumehra36 GYM_LOVER 🤘
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  • Deepak Mahto icon
    Deepak Mahto
    Lione IS BACK
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  • Raghavendra K Sindhe icon
    Raghavendra K Sindhe
    i am Raghav sindhe form mysore- karnataka, a digital & social media advertiser
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  • Tahir Hussain icon
    Tahir Hussain
    Business Development Manager
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  • Rohan icon
    hi can check my YouTube channel to ☺️
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  • GTX MOKSUD icon
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What users think about HeadlinesAI - from Twitter

  • HeadlinesAI is a tool aimed at YouTube creators, designed to help generate compelling headlines using artificial intelligence.
  • The service, located at headlinesai.pro, boasts a substantial user base with over 100,000 users monthly.
  • Feedback and suggestions for the tool are actively sought by the creators, indicating a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Interest in the platform is reinforced by the recent acquisition of the domain HeadlinesAi.com, suggesting potential upgrades and expansions.
  • Many users are promoting HeadlinesAI, with referral links indicating a free trial offer to generate AI-powered headlines that are intended to boost engagement and conversions.

HeadlinesAI Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Easy to use and generates headlines quickly
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Unlimited headline generation with subscription
  • Commercial use and priority support for subscribers

Cons :

  • Limited to headline generation without broader content creation tools
  • Subscription required for full benefits

HeadlinesAI FQA

  • 1How does the app work?

    Users select a platform, describe their content, and receive high-converting headlines in seconds.

  • 2Can I customize the headlines generated by the app?

    The website provides insights into headline customization options.

  • 3Is the app free?

    There's a mention of both free trial options and subscription plans.

HeadlinesAI Use Cases

  • Content creators looking to enhance their article titles
  • Social media managers aiming to increase engagement
  • Marketers seeking to improve ad headlines
  • Bloggers wanting to attract more readers

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