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What is Canoa ?

Interior Design is revolutionized with Canoa, an innovative AI tool. Canoa seamlessly combines technology and aesthetics, offering a unique approach to designing spaces. With intuitive features and cutting-edge capabilities, Canoa transforms interior design into a delightful and efficient experience.

Features :

  • AI-powered design recommendations
  • Real-time collaboration with team members
  • Customizable templates for quick design iterations
  • Integration with popular design software

Pricing :

  • Flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs
  • Visit https://www.canoa.supply/pricing for detailed pricing information

Estimated Visit Traffic :

31.99K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 8.01% | Colombia - 5.3% | Turkey - 4.0% | Argentina - 2.94% | Russia - 2.93%


As the World Canoe Championships in Slovakia approach, Italy pins its hopes on a rising star: 18-year-old canoeist Edoardo Collesi from Tifernate. Discover how this young athlete earned his spot and what this means for his club and country.

1. Rising Star from Tifernate

The small town of Tifernate has a new hero in 18-year-old Edoardo Collesi, whose skilled paddling has propelled him onto the international stage.,In a riveting display of athleticism at the qualifiers in Valle Stagna, Collesi clinched his position on the national squad, a feat that has filled his hometown club with immense pride.,This young gun, with a paddle in hand and determination in his stroke, now turns his gaze towards the global arena, where the World Canoe Championships wait.

2. A Club's Joy and a Seven-Year Wait

Members of the Canoa Club Città di Castello are brimming with satisfaction as they prepare to send one of their own to compete among the world's best.,It's been seven years since club athletes Martino Beccari and Michele Pasqui received a similar honor, signaling a comeback for the club on the international canoeing scene.,Their excitement is not just about Collesi's personal accolade; it represents the club's ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and achieving excellence in the sport.

3. Emotions and Dedication Behind the Success

Upon hearing his name announced by the national coach, Collesi was nearly moved to tears, overwhelmed by a cocktail of emotions difficult to articulate.,His confession shines a light on the passion that fuels him—a love for nature, water, and the unmatched thrill of the sport.,Edoardo's grueling schedule involves up to seven training sessions a week, including both gym and canoe workouts, a routine that underscores the dedication underpinning his journey to the world championships.

4. A Surprise Call to Action

While the national team selection may have come as a surprise at the end of the Valstagna race, it was a well-earned reward recognizing Edoardo's steadfast commitment.,The consensus is clear: Edoardo's humility and respectful demeanor, coupled with his athletic prowess, make him an ideal representative for Italy on the world sporting stage.,With all the right ingredients in place—talent, hard work, and a positive attitude—Edoardo Collesi is poised for success at the World Championships, and his home country is rallying behind him.

5. Canoa Video Summary

Edoardo Collesi, the young canoeing sensation from Città di Castello, is set to make a splash at the upcoming World Canoe Championships held in Slovakia. Collesi's national team call-up is a testament to his hard work and exceptional talent, marking a proud moment for his local Canoa Club, which celebrates its first national athlete in seven years.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Federico Negro 🛶🇺🇾🇺🇸 icon
    Federico Negro 🛶🇺🇾🇺🇸
    CEO @trycanoa 🇺🇾🇺🇸
    Tomorrow @trycanoa launches its v2 of its marketplace for our active accounts. Our biggest release of the year. The first fully circular b2b shop. So many brands out there trying to do good. All we needed was an initial push. Sign up for more updates here: canoa.supply/newsletter-sign-up
    twitter post image
  • Canoa icon
    Reinventing the way businesses shop for the office. Designs, products and a little wonder. #decarbonization #esg #futureofwork
    Sign up at www.canoa.supply 🌎🌍🌏
    twitter post image
  • Nicolas Chaulet 🛶 icon
    Nicolas Chaulet 🛶
    Mathematician, computational designer and long time geometry enthusiast. Building tech to support a greener architecture @ https://t.co/PBRltGGWiW
    And this happened!! Super proud of the team and excited about what this will allow us to achieve

  • Kat Dovjenko AIA icon
    Kat Dovjenko AIA
    Just a 4D girl living in a 3D world. Making some dope #AI tools for better buildings @hyparAEC // 🦇🔊❤️🏡🦙
    this is one of the most exciting things I've seen in the AEC space. 🙌

    Check them out here: www.canoa.supply/
  • Dave Fano icon
    Dave Fano
    I’ve had lots of jobs (Designer, Architect, CPO, CGO, CEO, founder). Now I built tech to help people find jobs they’ll love @teal_hq
    If I was still in the building industry, my dream job would be working for ⁦@fedenegro⁩ and being part of ⁦@trycanoa⁩ team. HUGE congrats to Fed and the Team. Can’t wait to see all the incredible things they are going to do. canoa.supply/blog/announcing-canoa-s-next-step-in-designing-a-low-carbon-economy/
  • William Wong icon
    William Wong
    Architecture enthusiast. Tech geek. Sports fanatic. Formerly Product at @WeWork and @case_inc
    “Over the years however, we learned that no new technology applied atop traditional project delivery methods could be transformational. Technology must come with, and in support of, new and lightweight business models.” medium.com/@fedenegro/a-short-manifesto-on-the-built-environment-in-2020-and-why-were-starting-a-vertically-integrated-1385f8523fa3
  • Adam Schwegman icon
    Adam Schwegman
    At the intersection of commerce, consumption, the built environment - Partner at North American Properties - Stay hungry my friends...
    Sustainable, affordable space solutions? Read @trycanoa manifesto.

  • Building Ventures icon
    Building Ventures
    Early stage venture firm committed to innovation in the built world. #ForABetterBuiltWorld
    the @trycanoa team welcomes Alma Lopez-Moses and Liz Wert of @AditionsCo as leaders of the creative team👏👏

    twitter post image
  • Daniel Hall icon
    Daniel Hall
    Asst. Professor, Design & Construction Management @BKTUDelft @tudelft. industrialized construction and decentralized systems. Formerly @ic_ethz, @GPCStanford
    Session 1) Circular + Sustainable IC.

    Hear about:
    - Sustainability @BoKlokSverige
    - The Urban Mining unit www.nest-umar.net/
    - NREL's IC program www.nrel.gov/buildings/industry-innovation.html
    - Canoa www.canoa.supply/
    - the new generation of entrepreneurs at www.kitswitch.com/

    twitter post image
  • Building Ventures icon
    Building Ventures
    Early stage venture firm committed to innovation in the built world. #ForABetterBuiltWorld
    ICYMI: @trycanoa launched multi-user design collaboration 🎉

    More on how to use the feature here 👇
    twitter post image

What users think about Canoa - from Twitter

  • Canoa is launching version 2 of its marketplace for active accounts, presenting it as their biggest release of the year which features the first fully circular B2B shop.
  • Users are encouraged to sign up for updates on Canoa’s new developments at canoa.supply/newsletter-sign.
  • The team behind Canoa has received high praise for their work, inciting excitement for the company’s future achievements.
  • Canoa is noted for being particularly innovative within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space.
  • The company’s philosophy includes implementing technology alongside new, lightweight business models, rather than on top of traditional methods, for transformative effects.
  • Canoa’s manifesto emphasizes sustainable and affordable space solutions, which aligns with their company values and direction.
  • Canoa has recently welcomed new leadership within its creative team, indicating growth and development in the company.
  • The company has been featured in discussions about sustainability and circular economy practices in the construction industry.
  • Canoa has added a multi-user design collaboration feature, which is a significant enhancement for user interaction on their platform.

Canoa Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Enhanced design creativity
  • Efficient project workflows
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Seamless collaboration

Cons :

  • Learning curve for new users
  • Internet connection required for optimal functionality

Canoa FQA

  • 1What makes Canoa stand out in interior design?

    Canoa stands out with its seamless integration of AI, offering personalized design solutions and enhancing the creative process.

  • 2How can I access pricing details?

    Visit Canoa's official pricing page at https://www.canoa.supply/pricing for comprehensive information on available plans.

  • 3Is Canoa suitable for small-scale projects?

    Absolutely! Canoa caters to projects of all sizes, providing scalable solutions for a diverse range of interior design needs.

Canoa Use Cases

  • Residential interiors
  • Commercial spaces
  • Hospitality design
  • Retail environments

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