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24 Best Interior Design AI Tools for 2024 | Similartool.AI

  • Planner 5D

    Planner 5D is an AI-powered interior design tool that makes home design easy. With 3D furniture and room modeling, blueprint conversion, and a range of helpful features, it's perfect for professionals and amateurs alike.

  • RoomSketcher

    RoomSketcher is an innovative tech company providing user-friendly floor plan and home design software ideal for real estate professionals, interior design enthusiasts, and homeowners. Founded as a spin-off from a company specializing in 3D visualizations for the sub-sea oil industry, RoomSketcher applies similar technology to visualize interior spaces.

  • Foyr Neo

    Foyr Neo is a cutting-edge interior design platform using AI and machine learning tech. It provides affordable home design with top-notch 3D rendering, a vast library of furniture and accessories, and customizable options for diverse styles.

  • Homestyler AI

    Homestyler AI is an intelligent interior design tool that makes your design dreams come true. Powered by artificial intelligence, it turns your visions into personalized reality. Whether you're a professional or homeowner, Homestyler AI offers a range of features for creating, visualizing, and sharing stunning 3D spaces.

  • DecorMatters

    DecorMatters is an AR and AI-powered interior design app that simplifies home renovation and interior design. With templates or user photos, users can easily design their spaces and choose from furniture options from over 30 renowned decor brands. The app provides efficient product recommendations and design automation to make the process seamless.

  • Houzz

    Houzz is an AI-driven platform that revolutionizes interior design. Powered by deep learning technology, it elevates the home remodeling and decorating process. Its visual match tool lets users effortlessly explore and buy products by comparing photos to its vast database.

  • SketchUp Diffusion

    Introducing SketchUp Diffusion: a generative AI tool that quickly transforms 3D models into stunning conceptual renderings. This innovative tool offers a fresh approach to generating inspiring images that fuel the creative design process.

  • Space Designer 3D

    Space Designer 3D is an online architectural space-planning app that lets users visualize their projects in 3D. Developed by Asynth and co-founders Isabelle Tristrant and Baris Saricoglu, it combines expertise in architecture, object representation, light simulation, and sustainable design.

  • RoomGPT

    RoomGPT.io is a revolutionary AI tool for interior design. Simply upload photos of your rooms and discover endless design options. With advanced AI integration, get personalized suggestions for a tailored and efficient decorating experience.

  • Interior AI

    Interior AI is a cutting-edge AI platform revolutionizing interior design and virtual staging. With the ability to train AI models for personalized photoshoots, it provides a wide range of design styles and visualization options for creating dream spaces. Suitable for both inspiration and practical virtual staging, Interior AI redefines the industry in under 100 words.

  • Oda Studio

    Oda Studio offers advanced photo enhancement, virtual staging, and digital asset management for property management and photographers. With unit-level photo libraries and AI-attributed labels, organization is made easy. The platform also provides high-quality virtual staging, fast turnaround times, and AI-powered super-resolution for improved photo quality.

  • AITwo

    AITwo is an AI platform that enables seamless home remodeling and design. Users can effortlessly explore various layouts, colors, and styles, bringing design concepts to life with stunning realism. It offers tools for both interior and exterior designs, making the process simple and enjoyable.

  • Dreamhouse AI

    Dreamhouse AI is an AI-powered interior design tool. Upload a room photo and watch as the AI creates amazing interior designs in different styles. Essential for homeowners, interior designers, and real estate professionals looking to redesign or virtually stage their spaces. Try it now!

  • AI Room Planner

    AI Room Planner is an AI-powered web tool that effortlessly generates vast interior designs for any room. It offers a stress-free experience for homeowners and professional designers as it eliminates all risks.

  • Fotor

    Fotor, launched in 2012, is a versatile photo editing software. It is available across mobile, desktop, and online platforms. With a range of editing tools, including AI-powered features like background remover and object remover, Fotor allows for convenient and efficient photo enhancement.

  • RoomsGPT

    RoomsGPT is an AI-powered platform for designing and visualizing home interiors. With user-uploaded photos, explore endless design ideas and create your dream space. Enjoy realistic visualizations from various angles and perspectives.