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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using the Best Essay Writing AI

por Similartool.AI     Atualizado Dec 17, 2023

Introducing the best essay writing AI tools! With the advancement of artificial intelligence, writing essays has never been easier. These powerful AI-powered tools are designed to assist students, professionals, and writers in generating high-quality essays efficiently and effectively. Each tool offers unique features and capabilities, ensuring that you have all the necessary assistance to produce well-structured and coherent essays. Let's explore the top AI tools in the market: EssayGenius.ai, Perfect Essay Writer, The Good AI, TutorBin, Cramly.ai, EduWriter.ai, MyEssayWriter.ai, EditPad.org, EssayService.ai, Textero.ai, Essay-Builder.AI, FreeEssayWriter.ai, and CollegeEssay.org.

1. EssayGenius.ai

EssayGenius.ai is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help users write better essays in less time. It offers features such as idea generation, sentence rephrasing, and automated essay structuring, aimed at saving time and improving the quality of essays.

EssayGenius.ai homepage image


  • Free trial available

  • Subscription-based pricing (specific rates not mentioned in the sources)


  • Generating sample essays quickly

  • Suggesting text based on prompts or questions

  • Completing sentences started by the user

  • Rephrasing sentences

  • Generating essay structure


  • User-friendly interface

  • Quick generation of sample essays

  • Helpful in generating ideas and structuring essays

  • Good for users needing simple text generation


  • Limited features compared to some competitors

  • No direct customer support

  • May require manual editing for grammar and style consistency

  • Only writes 350 words per generation

2. PerfectEssayWriter.AI

PerfectEssayWriter.AI is an AI-powered software dedicated to essay writing. It offers innovative content creation, optimization, and writing support, tailored for students and professionals. The tool utilizes advanced AI, personalization, and a comprehensive suite of tools to aid in writing journalistic essays, technical papers, and other academic content.

PerfectEssayWriter.AI homepage image


  • Freemium: Limited Features

  • Basic: $10/month

  • Advanced: $99/month


  • Personalized Assistance

  • Efficient Workflow

  • Accuracy and Consistency

  • Continuous Improvement

  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Saves time and effort

  • Generates high-quality, customizable content

  • Supports a range of academic fields


  • May not suit complex or specialized essays

  • Generated content may require additional editing

3. The Good AI

The Good AI is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to assist users in writing essays. It leverages a neural network to generate content from a vast database of articles, providing unique and informative essays suitable for students, researchers, and professional writers.

The Good AI homepage image


  • Free Plan: Limited to 100 words per essay without AI Auto-Complete feature.

  • Premium Plan: $5 per month, includes all features like AI Auto-Complete for documents up to 1200 words and Document Editing.


  • Essay Outliner: Helps in creating a structured plan for essays.

  • Essay Writer: AI-powered assistant for generating high-quality essays.

  • Word Count Slider: Enables selection of specific word counts for essays.

  • AI Auto Complete: Assists in completing written work with contextually appropriate suggestions.

  • Document Editing: Allows human intervention in AI-generated content for refinement.


  • AI Auto Complete feature reduces writer's block.

  • Affordable monthly plan with comprehensive features.

  • User-friendly interface simplifies the writing process.


  • Limited features in the free version.

  • Restriction on the number of words in documents.

4. TutorBin

TutorBin is an online tutoring portal founded in 2017, offering a range of educational services and AI-powered tools. It connects students with skilled tutors for assistance in various subjects and offers tools like an essay maker, rewriter, and paraphrasing tool.

TutorBin homepage image


  • Pricing is commission-based and varies based on factors such as difficulty level, deadline, and time consumed.

  • Pricing starts at $0.99 per week with a free version available.


  • Essay Generator for creating different types of essays.

  • Essay Rewriter for improving existing essays.

  • Paraphrase Writer for rephrasing content.

  • Grammar & Spell Checker for error detection and correction.

  • Access to a vast research and ideation database.

  • AI-generated writing tips for structure, coherence, and flow.

  • Sensitive Plagiarism Checker to ensure originality.

  • Automated MLA & APA citation formatting.

  • Unlimited essay downloads.

  • Advanced grammar checking.


  • Diverse range of AI-powered writing tools.

  • Affordable and accessible services for global students.

  • Customized solutions for students from different countries.

  • Helps students meet tight deadlines and improve writing quality.


  • Pricing varies widely based on several factors, which might be confusing.

  • May not fully substitute for personalized tutoring or mentoring.

5. Cramly.ai

Cramly.ai is an advanced AI-powered writing and learning assistant designed to enhance the academic and creative writing processes for students and writers. It employs natural language processing to streamline learning and optimize information retention, thereby improving educational outcomes.

Cramly.ai homepage image


  • Free version with limited features

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 per month

  • Annual Plan: $59.88 per year ($4.99 per month, billed annually)


  • Paragraph Generator

  • Multiple Choice Solver

  • Long Essay Generator

  • Article Summarizer

  • Sentence Elongator

  • Song Generator

  • Document Summarization

  • Plagiarism Detection


  • Time-efficient with AI-driven features for rapid content generation

  • Variety of templates and features catering to different writing needs

  • Anti-Plagiarism measures to ensure content originality

  • Affordable pricing with significant savings on the annual plan

  • User-friendly interface suitable for non-tech-savvy individuals


  • Limited free version with restricted access to features

  • Need for enhanced transparency in tools like the multiple-choice solver

  • Inconsistencies in output quality, particularly with the paragraph generator

  • Lack of offline availability

  • Limited customization options

6. EduWriter.ai

EduWriter.ai is an innovative AI-driven essay writing tool designed to assist students and professionals in generating high-quality essays. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing algorithms to analyze prompts, comprehend context, and produce well-structured and coherent essays on a wide range of topics.

EduWriter.ai homepage image


  • Free AI writing, $11.99 and premium plans available for advanced features


  • Effortless essay creation

  • Enhanced writing skills

  • Quick content generation

  • Topic exploration

  • Revision assistance

  • Text summarizer

  • Paraphrasing tool

  • Thesis generator

  • Human writer service

  • Topic generator

  • Plagiarism checking


  • Provides a wide range of writing tools and services

  • Utilizes advanced AI and ML technology for content generation

  • Offers plagiarism checking to ensure originality

  • Available for free with premium plans for advanced features

  • Helps in enhancing writing skills and understanding of essay structure


  • AI-generated content may require additional checks for quality assurance

  • Limited to text generation, no capability for image creation

7. MyEssayWriter.ai

MyEssayWriter AI is an innovative AI-driven essay-writing solution designed for students, writers, and professionals. It offers a robust toolset to enhance the writing process, ensuring high-quality, tailored content for a variety of writing needs.

MyEssayWriter.ai homepage image


  • BASIC: $9.99/month - Up to 1500 words per essay, 10 pages (2500 words) per month, Access to all features

  • PRO: $14.99/month - Up to 1500 words per essay, Unlimited essays, Access to all features, Includes AI Essay Writer, AI Essay Outliner, Paraphrasing Tool, Citation Generator, Grammar Checker

  • ADVANCED: $99.99/year - Up to 1500 words per essay, Unlimited essays, 12 Months for the price of 8, Access to all features, Includes AI Essay Writer, AI Essay Outliner, Paraphrasing Tool, Citation Generator, Grammar Checker, Content Humanizer and many more


  • Unique and High-Quality Content: Trained on millions of high-quality essays and articles

  • Time-saving Essay Writing: Automatically generates outlines and content

  • Writing Skills Improvement: Users review and learn from generated content

  • Efficient AI Essay Outliner for organizing the writing process

  • Generates well-cited bibliographies and suggests relevant content


  • Responsive and helpful customer support service

  • Generous discount offers upon registering


  • AI-crafted papers are unique but generic and easily flagged by AI detectors

  • Choice of only one of six premium writers, which adds extra cost

  • Writers often dismiss initial instructions by customers

  • Human-crafted papers may require serious rewrites

  • Prices are higher than average online paper writing services

8. EditPad.org

EditPad.org offers a range of AI-powered tools designed to assist with various writing tasks. These tools include AI essay and story generators, a plagiarism checker, and other utilities to enhance writing and editing.

EditPad.org homepage image


  • Free


  • AI-powered essay and story generation

  • Plagiarism detection with detailed reports

  • No signup or payment required for most features

  • Variety of tools including paraphrasing, grammar check, and text summarization


  • Free and easy to use

  • Wide range of tools for different writing needs

  • Quick generation of essays and stories

  • Helpful for detecting and avoiding plagiarism


  • Limited to 1000 words for plagiarism checks and rewrites

  • May not detect slightly rephrased text in plagiarism checks

  • Lacks advanced features like a 'resolve all' button in grammar checker

9. EssayService.ai

EssayService.ai is an advanced AI essay writing tool designed to revolutionize the essay writing process. It offers a range of features including intelligent topic comprehension, instant thesis formulation, smart outline creation, grammar and style enhancement, plagiarism detection, language proficiency support, data research assistance, and real-time collaboration.

EssayService.ai homepage image


  • Free version available

  • Paid version (specific pricing details not provided)


  • Intelligent topic comprehension

  • Instant thesis formulation

  • Smart outline creation

  • Grammar and style enhancement

  • Plagiarism detection

  • Language proficiency support

  • Data research assistance

  • Real-time collaboration


  • Highly efficient and user-friendly

  • Produces well-structured and coherent essays

  • Boosts grades and writing confidence

  • Offers a range of helpful writing tools

  • Positive user reviews and recommendations


  • Pricing details are not clearly specified

  • May not replace the nuanced skills of a human writer in certain contexts

  • Limited information on long-term reliability and updates

10. Textero.ai

Textero.ai is an AI-based tool primarily designed for academic writing assistance. It aids users in generating unique and high-quality content for essays and research papers. The tool's advanced AI technology helps in overcoming writer's block, generating new ideas, and improving writing skills. Additionally, it offers features like automatic formatting in MLA or APA style and plagiarism-free content generation.

Textero.ai homepage image


  • Pro Plan: $16.99/month, providing 2750 AI words per day, 10 sources per document, and 20 Ask AI questions per day.

  • Unlimited Plan: $19.99/month, offering unlimited AI words, sources per document, and Ask AI questions.


  • AI Essay Writer for automating the essay writing process.

  • AI PDF Summarizer for summarizing lengthy PDFs.

  • AI Research Tool for assisting in thorough research.

  • Outline Generator for efficient essay and paper structuring.


  • Easy to use interface.

  • Produces high-quality text.

  • Wide range of features for academic writing.

  • Affordable pricing options.


  • May sometimes make mistakes.

  • Limited word count in the free version.

11. Essay Builder AI

Essay Builder AI is a free online tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist students in generating essays. It helps create well-structured and coherent essays on various topics for students of all academic levels, from high school to university.

Essay Builder AI homepage image


  • Demo Plan: Free, includes standard essays up to 300 words with academic tones and citation formats, and some premium features.

  • Unlimited Plan: $5 per month, offers unlimited premium essays, access to over 12 essay types, up to 1500 words per essay, and priority support.

  • Yearly Plan: $19 per year (68% off regular price of $60), includes the same features as the Unlimited Plan.


  • Generates essays in various formats like argumentative, classic, compare/contrast, persuasive, critique, and memoir.

  • Utilizes advanced algorithms and natural language processing for content generation.

  • Allows customization based on user input like keywords and desired essay length.

  • Ensures coherent, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free content.


  • Free basic plan available for standard essay needs.

  • Supports a variety of essay types and academic levels.

  • Produces plagiarism-free, grammatically correct essays.


  • Premium features require a paid plan.

  • May not replace the need for personal critical thinking and research.

  • Generated content should be reviewed and edited for specific requirements.

12. FreeEssayWriter.ai

FreeEssayWriter.ai is an AI-powered essay writing tool employing advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create high-quality essays. It offers access to a vast database of scholarly resources for up-to-date information and authentic references. Designed primarily to assist students, this tool improves writing quality, enhances productivity, conducts authentic research, helps overcome language barriers for ESL students, and provides learning opportunities.

FreeEssayWriter.ai homepage image


  • Free


  • Generates high-quality essays

  • 24/7 availability for assisting in multitasking

  • Access to a database of scholarly articles for authentic research

  • Customization of style and tone for different audiences

  • Essay writer, outliner, summarizer, and citation machine tools


  • Improves essay writing quality

  • Enhances productivity and multitasking

  • Simplifies research and referencing

  • Overcomes language barriers for ESL students

  • Provides examples for skill development


  • May not always perfectly capture the nuances of human writing

  • Risk of over-reliance on AI for academic writing

  • Potential issues with academic integrity if used improperly

13. CollegeEssay.org's AI Essay Writer

CollegeEssay.org's AI Essay Writer offers a platform where users can create essays by entering a topic and customizing the content as needed. It's known for its user-friendly interface, fast turnaround time, and a broad vocabulary database. The tool is regularly updated and adapts to user needs, learning from each interaction to refine its responses.

CollegeEssay.org's AI Essay Writer homepage image


  • The pricing structure includes a free tier with limited functionality and a premium plan. The premium plan is priced at $29.99 per month, offering features like up to 2000 words per essay, AI auto-complete, advanced features, and a limit of 100 essays per month. They also offer a discounted annual plan.


  • Customization options to align with user preferences.

  • Access to a vast knowledge pool for information and resources.

  • Ability to generate a wide range of essays, from narrative to argumentative.

  • Grammar and style perfection tools.

  • 100% plagiarism-free content generation.

  • Constructive feedback for writing improvement.


  • Efficient essay drafting.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Learning and adapting capabilities.

  • Broad knowledge access.

  • Diverse essay generation capabilities.


  • Limited free version.

  • Reliance on subscription for full feature access.


In conclusion, there is a wide range of AI-powered tools available to assist with essay writing. These tools, such as EssayGenius.ai, Perfect Essay Writer, The Good AI, TutorBin, cramly.ai, eduwriter.ai, MyEssayWriter.ai, editpad.org, EssayService.ai, Textero.ai, Essay-Builder.AI, FreeEssayWriter.ai, and CollegeEssay.org, utilize advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide features like automated essay structuring, idea generation, sentence rephrasing, and customized content creation. Whether you are a student, writer, or professional, these tools aim to save time, improve the quality of essays, enhance productivity, provide research assistance, and overcome language barriers. With their comprehensive suite of tools and personalized support, these AI tools are revolutionizing the essay writing process.