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What is Visily ?

Visily, the innovative UI Generator, empowers users to craft stunning user interfaces with ease. No coding skills required – just a vision and Visily. With its intuitive design tools, create dynamic UIs that elevate user experiences. Take a deep breath, as Visily transforms your ideas into pixel-perfect realities. This tool isn't just a game-changer; it's a lifesaver for your UI design journey.

Features :

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Responsive design
  • Extensive customization options
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Pricing :

  • Explore Visily's flexible pricing plans on their official website: https://www.visily.ai/pricing

Estimated Visit Traffic :

375.38K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 49.63% | United States - 8.82% | Vietnam - 4.89% | Canada - 2.58% | France - 2.38%

Introduction to Visily.ai: Transforming Design for Non-Designers

Hello there! I'm Sarah, and today I invite you to take a journey with me as we explore Visily.ai, a tool poised to revolutionize the design process for beginners and seasoned creators alike. Whether you're dipping your toes into the design world or looking to swiftly prototype your next great idea, Visily is set to become your indispensable companion. This tour will reveal why Visily stands out—its web-based convenience, intuitive interface, and ability to empower anyone to turn concepts into tangible prototypes. Let's get started.

1. Visily.ai: A User-Friendly Design Platform

Visily.ai eliminates the need for complex design software, allowing you to start creating as soon as inspiration strikes—all within your web browser. There's no need to download or install anything; simply hop on over to the Visily website and let your creativity flow.,Once logged in, Visily presents you with an array of pre-existing projects you've worked on, or you can kick things off with a fresh start. Its clear-cut interface guides you smoothly from concept to a new project without a hitch.,Visily's charm is not just its straightforward approach to project creation. It's also in the way it caters to your distinct style preferences. A key feature is the 'Theme' component, which is akin to a style guide that echoes your brand's voice or the mood of your project across every design element.

2. No Design Skills? No Problem!

Are you a newbie to design or simply lacking the time to master complex design tools? Visily.ai is your ally. Its AI-powered software is crafted to translate your rough concepts into elegant designs—even if all you have is a sketch or an idea.,The platform offers a variety of templates, but if you prefer to start with a blank slate, the choice is yours. From here, whether you upload your own sketches or choose from a breadth of design patterns, Visily transforms them into professionally designed screens ready for refinement.,Should you be inspired by particular color schemes or patterns from existing websites or images, Visily can replicate and integrate these elements into your project seamlessly. Adjust colors, tweak layouts, or select from a provided theme library to make each project truly yours.

3. Community Feedback

Bursting with heartfelt appreciation, one user voices their thanks for the valuable insights shared in the Visily overview, clearly finding the information to be both useful and uplifting.,Another comment applauds the quality of the content, encouraging the continuation of such work—a testament to the creator's ability to engage and inform the audience effectively.,No community thrives without support, and one viewer expresses gratitude through subscribing to the channel, looking forward with anticipation to future content, highlighting the overall positive reception of Visily's capabilities.

4. Visily Video Summary

In this article, we dove deep into the functionalities and user-friendly features of Visily.ai, a groundbreaking design software suitable for anyone—especially non-designers—looking to bring their ideas to life. We discussed ease of use, web-based access, design customization, AI assistance, and template offerings. To conclude, Visily is not just a design tool; it's a robust platform that democratizes design and prototyping for everyone. As evidenced by the public comments, users find Visily informative and are excited about the possibilities it opens up for their online presence.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Mbaziira Ronald icon
    Mbaziira Ronald
    Software Developer | Technical Writer Technical Writing · Tailwind CSS · Web Development 📩 DM for Collaboration
    Tools & Resources to Improve Your UI/UX Skills

    1. learnui.design
    2. uxfol.io
    3. lawsofux.com
    4. visily.ai
    5. enhanceui.com
    6. figma.com
    7. sketch.com

    8. Design Course
    9. Flux
    10. UX Mastery
  • Satyam Anand icon
    Satyam Anand
    I am a passionate UI-UX Designer & Frontend Developer from India, who loves to design and create better user experience. •Wireframe •Design •Prototype •Animate
    This AI powered tool can convert your hand drawn sketches and wireframes to actual editable design.

    Some exciting features :
    🔹Extract theme from website or image.
    🔹Magic Content & Images
    🔹CSS Inspection and
    🔹most demanding 👉Export to Figma

    Explore Visily.ai
    twitter post image
  • HritekCS icon
    Inspiring Digital Innovations: IoT, AI, Digital Twins, Web, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing.
    Top 9 #AI Tools:

    😍 SoulGen
    😍 Notion.ai
    😍 Visily.ai
    😍 Copy.ai
    😍 JADBio
    😍 DALL·E 2
    😍 Lumen5
    😍 Lalal.ai
    😍 Deep Beat

    #artificialintelligence #aitools #aitool #TopAiTools #SoulGen #NotionAi #VisilyAi #CopyAi #JADBio
    twitter post image
  • Mbaziira Ronald icon
    Mbaziira Ronald
    Software Developer | Technical Writer Technical Writing · Tailwind CSS · Web Development 📩 DM for Collaboration
    Some tools you can use for prototyping

    1. brainboard.co
    2. app.mockup.com
    3. balsamiq.com
    4. fluidui.com
    5. figma.com
    6. openchakra.app
    7. moqups.com
    8. visily.ai

    Enjoy ✒️
    twitter post imagetwitter post image
  • Fakhr icon
    My focus is on digital products and how they can improve the productivity and potential of individuals, creators, and entrepreneurs in the digital space.
    50 AI Copywriting Tools

    (Bookmark for instant access)

    AI Writing and Content Creation
    1. Jasper AI
    2. Copy. ai
    3. Anyword
    4. Sudowrite
    5. Writer
    6. Writesonic
    7. Rytr
    8. Copymatic
    9. Snazzy AI
    10. CopyShark
    11. SummarAIze
    12. Wand AI
    13. Cohesive Al
    14. Visily AI
    twitter post image
  • Aaliya icon
    Social Media Manager Helping AI, Web3 and E-commerce companies thrive 📈 | Graphic Designer 🎨 | Content Creator 📝https://t.co/D4R92YKjyS
    Kickstart your design
    from any source of inspiration

    Create stunning software wireframes & prototypes from hand-drawn sketches, app screenshots, built-in templates, and soon, text prompts using visily.ai

    Use Cases:

    - Wireframing
    - Prototype
    - Collaboration
    twitter post image
  • Bru icon
    #cybersecurity & #blockchain developer. #dfir #ThreatHunting #threatintel
    @jkhaliph @aisolopreneur Check visily.ai it does what you are looking for.
  • Ashish Singh icon
    Ashish Singh
    Founder & Product Designer-UX/UI @fluidesigns | IIT Bombay | Worked with Yes Securities, Dream11, Axis Bank, LVB, Intellect Design, Zeux, TheMinimalist etc
  • Tajul Asni Ahamad icon
    Tajul Asni Ahamad
    Technopreneur, startup mentor and AI enthusiast. Transforming ideas into successful ventures.
    visily.ai turns your sketches into a hi-fi prototype, either on web or mobile screens.
    Not that I don't have much love for Figma, just that this is super handy for a quick screen mockup and prototyping.
    twitter post image
  • UX Links icon
    UX Links
    Massively increase your UX skills and knowledge with our daily resources, tutorials and insights. Join our thriving community and stay ahead in UX.
    2. Visily
    Create stunning software wireframes & prototypes from hand-drawn sketches, app screenshots, built-in templates, and soon, text prompts

    twitter post image

What users think about Visily - from Twitter

  • Visily.ai is celebrated in the Twitter community as an innovative AI tool that transforms sketches and wireframes into editable, high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Users appreciate Visily for features like extracting themes from images or websites, offering magic contents and images, inspecting CSS, and its ability to export directly to Figma.
  • It is recognized as one of the top AI tools for UX/UI design, standing out among other recommended resources to improve design skills.
  • The platform supports various use cases, including wireframing, prototyping, and team collaboration, enhancing the design process for both novices and professionals.
  • Visily.ai's capability to convert hand-drawn sketches or app screenshots into polished designs is highlighted as a time-saver and a boost for creativity in design workflow.
  • Twitter users emphasize the convenience of Visily.ai for quickly creating mockups and prototypes, especially when compared to using other design tools like Figma.
  • The tool is noted for its pending feature to create wireframes and prototypes from text prompts, hinting at future enhancements that leverage AI advancements.

Visily Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Intuitive UI creation
  • No coding required
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Versatile customization

Cons :

  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • Limited advanced coding capabilities

Visily FQA

  • 1What sets Visily apart?

    Visily stands out with its user-friendly UI generation, making design accessible to everyone.

  • 2Is coding knowledge required?

    No coding skills needed! Visily simplifies UI design, ensuring a smooth experience for all.

  • 3How can I get started?

    Visit https://www.visily.ai/ and unleash your creativity with Visily's UI Generator.

  • 4Any trial version available?

    Yes, explore Visily with their free trial option. Try before you commit.

  • 5What support options are offered?

    Visily provides robust customer support to guide you through any design challenges.

  • 6Can I customize the generated UIs?

    Absolutely! Visily allows extensive customization, giving you control over every detail.

  • 7Is Visily suitable for beginners?

    Yes, Visily's intuitive interface makes it beginner-friendly while catering to advanced designers.

  • 8What file formats does Visily support?

    Visily supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tools and workflows.

Visily Use Cases

  • Web development
  • Mobile app design
  • Prototyping
  • UI testing
  • Product mockups

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