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What is Speak ?

Speak is a groundbreaking language learning app that empowers you to speak out loud and become fluent with the world's most advanced AI language tutor. By focusing on speaking as much as possible, Speak offers a personalized curriculum designed to match your unique needs, allowing you to practice any topic, anytime, anywhere. Its mission is to reinvent language education, making it more engaging and effective for learners worldwide.

Features :

  • Personalized language learning curriculum
  • AI-powered language tutor for 24/7 practice
  • Conversational practice on any topic, anytime
  • Motivational tools and goal-setting features

Pricing :

  • Speak offers users a 7-day free trial to experience all features of the app.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

528.38K /Month

User Distribution :

Korea, Republic of - 57.16% | United States - 17.04% | Japan - 10.62% | Taiwan - 2.69% | Canada - 1.66%

Reflecting the Core of Speak Ai May 2022 Month in Review

Embark on a journey through the key milestones and enhancements that shaped Speak Ai in May 2022. From new language integrations to thrilling product features, come along as we dissect the evolution witnessed within a month, meticulously planned and executed by the team, aimed at delivering an even more seamless experience for its users across the globe.

1. Breaking Language Barriers

Speak Ai ushered in a major update by incorporating five new languages, making its platform more accessible to a global audience. The arrival of Danish, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish broadens the horizon, catering to non-English speakers with robust multi-language transcription and analysis capabilities.,This integration is not just about adding languages; it's about crafting a seamless user experience across various media types, including audio, video, and text. Users can now easily select their language via a dropdown menu, ensuring a consistent and inclusive experience regardless of their linguistic background.,The intentional design behind this feature represents Speak Ai's dedication to breaking down communication barriers, aiming to create a platform that transcends linguistic differences while encouraging multilingual interactions.

2. Customization at Your Fingertips

Addressing users's diverse needs became a top priority in May, leading to the introduction of a custom plan builder. This innovative pricing model caters to various customer requirements, allowing for personalized plan configurations based on team size, required hours, and premium features.,Simplicity and flexibility are at the heart of this update. Users can now fine-tune their subscriptions on a sustainable basis, selecting from annual to project-based terms. This approach has attracted major companies, streamlining their onboarding process without hindering customization.,By continuously iterating on pricing based on user feedback, Speak Ai has highlighted its user-centric philosophy, balancing flexibility with personalized pricing to meet the unique needs of each customer.

3. Advancing Productivity Tools

Screen recording capabilities have been enhanced, enabling users to capture visual feedback and presentations with ease. These recordings, coupled with textual uploads, can now be submitted for comprehensive analysis, fostering productivity and collaborative feedback.,Recognizing the importance of privacy and anonymous feedback, Speak Ai adapted its platform to allow the collection of recordings without mandatory name and email fields. This change underscores Speak Ai's commitment to user privacy and institutional needs for candid, anonymous insights.,These enhancements reflect Speak Ai's agile approach to product development, responding swiftly to user needs and market demands, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to fostering an environment conducive to innovation and efficiency.

4. Community Engagement and Feedback

The Speak Ai community has played a pivotal role in shaping the platform's development, offering valuable insights and feedback that have guided May's updates. From language integration to privacy concerns, user suggestions have been instrumental in refining Speak Ai's features.,Acknowledging this contribution, the team has emphasized the importance of an open dialogue with its audience, utilizing direct feedback and suggestions as a cornerstone for growth and improvement.,The launch of the affiliate program is a testament to Speak Ai's commitment to its supportive community, inviting users to advocate for a product they believe in while benefiting from its continued success. This program is a call to action for users to share their positive experiences, influencing product development and outreach.

5. Looking Forward

As Speak Ai propels into the future, it sets its sights on exciting integrations and features, including a much-anticipated Zoom integration and advancements in semantic search and sentence structure insights.,These forthcoming additions promise to elevate the user experience, enabling more intuitive interactions with the platform's vast repository of communication insights. With these enhancements, Speak Ai is poised to become an even more powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike.,Despite navigating through challenging market conditions and making necessary adjustments, Speak Ai's vision remains unwavering. The team's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community support sets the stage for a future rich with potential, where Speak Ai continues to evolve as a leader in communication analysis and insights.

6. Speak Video Summary

In May 2022, Speak Ai made significant strides in its development, notably introducing five new languages and implementing a custom plan builder for personalized pricing. Other updates include enhancements to screen recording capabilities, the addition of the affiliate program, and strategic navigations through shifting market conditions. Amid changes, Speak Ai maintained its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community support, laying groundwork for exciting future integrations and enhancements.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Patrick Hsu icon
    Patrick Hsu
    co-founder @ArcInstitute, @BerkeleyBioE professor | researcher & investor in genome editing, biotech, AI | 🇨🇦 @harvard @broadinstitute @editasmed, Fast Grants
    People like being connected and learning languages to do it. Peep the revenue chart from my brother's company (speak.com - the world's best AI language tutor)
  • Connor Zwick icon
    Connor Zwick
    Cofounder and CEO of Speak
    If you’re interested in vertical revenue lines and working on one of the most interesting consumer usecases for generative AI, check out speak.com/careers or DM me!

    Hiring excellent people across all functions.
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    AIとアルゴリズムに精通しています。 トレードアイディアなど有料級の情報を無料でポストしています。

  • Connor Zwick icon
    Connor Zwick
    Cofounder and CEO of Speak
    @paulg wonder who this 🤔

  • Sanjukta Choudhury icon
    Sanjukta Choudhury
    আমাদের দেখা হোক অক্ষরে, ব্যথায়
    People of Sandeshkhali are gathering under the red flag

    Pictures from today's programme attended by Com. @salimdotcomrade Com. @Sujan_Speak Com. Nirapada Sardar Com. Mrinal Chakraborty (Secretary N. 24 Parganas) & others
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  • Josue T. Waffo icon
    Josue T. Waffo
    Exploring AI, Data, and Supply Chains like a digital Indiana Jones, unearthing nuggets to save you a scroll..
    @paulg Speak.com App smart strategy focuses on 3 most spoken languages: English (1.5B), Mandarin ((1.1B) and Spanish (560M) which is also their largest growth potential. So the exponential revenue graph looks sustainable.
    twitter post image
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  • Kevin Brown icon
    Kevin Brown
    Tech guy and micro-investor of cool things. | 1M+ AUM (Angel Investing)
    Nice chart. The first thought that popped into my mind from the description was @ShapeScale but think the chart will be a little different for that one. It ended up being speak.com
  • Kazuma Hattori | デジタル広告・マーケの人 icon
    Kazuma Hattori | デジタル広告・マーケの人
    デジタル広告・マーケティング界隈で7年目の30代2児の父。経歴: 外資アドテクプラットフォーマー(今)←Google GCP&GMPコンサル←メディアレップ←カーエレメーカーQA。デジタル広告/マーケ/CTV/OTT/PR/Edtech/AI関連の考えを話します 🎧 Podcastも配信中
    twitter post image
  • Tommy Chheng icon
    Tommy Chheng
    head of engineering at Speak
    We are hiring! speak.com/careers
    especially designers and engineers
  • 翻訳者ぺんさん icon
    英会話が苦手な英日翻訳者。「AIがあれば翻訳者はいらない」論に反対です🙅 【翻訳者になるには?】【初心者がトライアルに合格するコツ】【仕事が来ないときの対処法】【英語力と日本語力を高める方法】【TOEIC高得点を取れる勉強法】【おすすめ英語学習アプリ】などをブログで発信中。 ⚠️現金配り&勧誘お断りです
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What users think about Speak - from Twitter

  • Speak.com is hailed as the world's best AI language tutor, drawing attention for its rapid revenue growth and innovative approach to learning languages.
  • The platform is actively expanding its team, inviting applications for various roles to contribute to one of the most intriguing consumer uses of generative AI.
  • Speak.com's language app targets the three most spoken languages: English, Mandarin, and Spanish, focusing on these for maximum growth potential.
  • Users have praised the app for its high AI accuracy, helpful support team, and the noticeable improvement in speaking skills through continued use.
  • The platform recently added a business course and a beginners' part 2 segment, enhancing its offerings and appealing to a wider audience.
  • Opportunities are especially open for designers and engineers, indicating Speak.com's commitment to continuously improving and innovating its service.

Speak Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Personalized learning experiences
  • Flexibility in learning anytime, anywhere
  • Advanced AI tutor simulates real conversational practice
  • Free trial to explore all features

Cons :

  • May require subscription after free trial
  • Limited language options currently available
  • Dependent on technology for learning experience

Speak FQA

  • 1. How do I get started?

    Download the app from Android Playstore, Apple App Store, or sign up on the web.

  • 2. Is Speak completely free?

    Speak offers a 7-day free trial with full access to its features.

  • 3. I can’t log in to my account, what should I do?

    Try resetting your password or reach out to the support team.

  • 4. When will Speak teach my requested language or support my native language?

    Join the waitlist! Your input helps shape the language roadmap.

  • 5. I have other questions!

    Reach out to customer support or use the extended FAQ.

Speak Use Cases

  • Individual learners seeking to become fluent in a new language
  • Busy professionals needing flexible practice times
  • Language students looking for personalized curriculum
  • Anyone interested in practicing speaking without a human tutor

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