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What is Roam Around ?

Dive into the future of travel planning with Roam Around, your AI Travel sidekick that transforms the daunting task of trip planning into a breeze. With its AI-powered engine, Roam Around crafts personalized itineraries in seconds, making over 10 million unique travel plans to date. Say goodbye to the hassle of trip research and hello to a world where planning is as thrilling as the journey itself. Roam Around ensures your adventure aligns perfectly with your interests, time, and spirit of exploration.

Features :

  • AI-powered tailor-made itineraries
  • Quick planning within seconds
  • Extensive database of destinations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time updates on travel plans
  • Option to customize your itinerary
  • Social sharing capabilities

Pricing :

  • Roam Around is completely free to use, offering unrestricted access to its travel planning features without any hidden costs.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

556.88K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 17.72% | Italy - 8.61% | India - 8.39% | Canada - 5.89% | France - 5.44%

Tags :

AI Travel

Where Mem.ai Falls Short of Roam Research

Mem.ai is quickly rising in the ranks of note-taking apps, aiming to rub shoulders with the heavyweights like Notion, Roam Research, and Obsidian. While it has notable features and potential, it's important to shine a light on areas where it may not quite measure up, especially when compared to Roam Research.

1. Future and Past Editing Capabilities

One key aspect where Mem.ai's users hit a snag is in its handling of past and future dates. Unlike Roam Research which allows users to navigate seamlessly through time, adding notes to dates in the past or scheduling them for the future, Mem.ai limits you to the present. If you missed making a note on a past date, you're out of luck; the opportunity has slipped through your fingers.,Imagine wanting to jot down an important thought that occurred last week or setting up a reminder for an upcoming meeting in your digital journal. With Roam, this is handled effortlessly. However, Mem.ai's rigid date structure confines you to the current day, stymieing the dynamic nature of how our minds actually work.,Although this may seem like a simple fix and the Mem.ai team has acknowledged it, as of now, users seeking a more fluid temporal experience might find this limitation a hard pill to swallow.

2. Block References and Backlinking

Roam Research's crown jewel is its block referencing feature, which allows you to reference parts of a note within another note. This feature not only avoids redundancy but also maintains the context of your notes, weaving a rich tapestry of ideas and information. Mem.ai's current iteration lacks this entirely, leaving much to be desired in the way of intricate note interconnectivity.,When working with Roam, you not only embed these block references easily but also benefit from visibility on where else a block of content is being utilized. This creates an ecosystem of ideas that are interlinked, making sure that nothing exists in isolation and every thought can be traced back to its origin or explored through its connections.,Intriguingly, Mem.ai has hinted at bringing this capability on board in the future. Until then, power users who rely heavily on the interconnectivity of thoughts and ideas for their workflow might feel restrained.

3. Community Insights

The community has echoed the sentiment that while Mem.ai is an exciting and promising tool, it still falls behind Roam in certain aspects. One user emphasizes the ongoing issue of not being able to navigate to future dates, indicating it as a persistent drawback.,Enthusiasts are also discussing alternatives like Logseq and Obsidian, hinting at the broader ecosystem of note-taking apps available. The common thread is the search for an app that effortlessly integrates notes, web connections, and the weaving of ideas—something that Roam offers but Mem.ai still aspires to.,Meanwhile, others see potential in Mem.ai and are eagerly asking for invites to explore the app themselves, showcasing the continued interest and hope in its future development.

4. Comparison and Expectation

Another sector of the audience shared their appreciation for features unique to Mem.ai, such as the capability to 'Snooze a note' for future review. This suggests an understanding that while Mem.ai may not tick all the boxes yet, it holds potential tools that cater to specific user needs.,Public comments also reflect the willingness of the Mem.ai team to listen to feedback, with hints at future plans to incorporate critical features like changing the creation date of mems and enabling block linking, sparking anticipation for its evolution.,Finally, users who value Roam's strengths in data recovery, design, and integration are still watching Mem.ai closely, hopeful that it may soon bridge the gap and elevate its offer to a more tempting level for potential switchers.

5. Roam Around Video Summary

While Mem.ai introduces innovative features that enhance the note-taking experience, it currently lacks functionality in two significant areas when compared to Roam Research—a comprehensive timeline approach to notes and advanced block referencing capabilities.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Abhishek Murarka 💹🐂 icon
    Abhishek Murarka 💹🐂
    I talk about Investing and startups. CA | IIML | into startups via IB
    Someone built a travel planner using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary.

    And just like that small tour and travel businesses go poof!

  • Jay Hack icon
    Jay Hack
    Founder/CEO @codegen. Tweets about AI, computing, and their impacts on society. Previously did startups, @palantir, @stanford. Not a pseudonym.
    It shipped!

    RoamAround.io by @Shie_eth

    Autogenerate travel itineraries w/ helpful links

    Clear to see how you expand from here:
    - chat feedback
    - hotels & deals
    - integration with maps & route planning

    Exciting times.
    twitter post image
  • That Goan Guy icon
    That Goan Guy
    I'm just an eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay.
    There's a travel planner built using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary. Its very basic, but a good starting point when planning.

  • V Gopalan icon
    V Gopalan
    I find no need to scream about my religion or nationality. I am fine without that! Love photography & temple architecture.
    This is a travel planner builder using ChatGPT.
    Enter the city and the number of days, & it gives you an itinerary within 40 seconds.
    Try it - it is pretty amazing.


    This is just amazing. Do try it
    I entered the city as Sivaganga & got an amazing plan!
  • Lazy Turtle 🐢🐢🐢 icon
    Lazy Turtle 🐢🐢🐢
    Chief Market Strategist | Mentor | Not A Guru | My Ikigai - Enabling Investors to Profits | https://t.co/B3WxfqGkSA | Not SEBI Registered
    This is very useful don't miss TO RT ♻️♻️♻️
    This is a travel planner built using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary. Pretty amazing.

  • Rajiv Mehta icon
    Rajiv Mehta
    Reading 📖. You don't have to remember the truth. Intl Chess player.Discipline is the key in trading . Pyramiding .Skydiving .Sapiosexual , Shark 🦈 cage diving
    Someone built a travel planner using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary. This is amazing.

  • RVAIDYA2000 🕉️ icon
    RVAIDYA2000 🕉️
    teacher who is interested in learning--
    Someone built a travel planner using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary. This is amazing.RT
  • Ken icon
    | Hospitality Tech | Local Man | Fellow @Openuniversity
    This is a travel planner built using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary within 40 seconds.

    Once again, this is not about getting Travel Agents out of business ⁦@alykhansatchu⁩ www.roamaround.io/
  • Atul Khatri icon
    Atul Khatri
    A henpecked husband, a father, a comic & a writer who always orders his soup 1 x 2 even when eating alone.For bookings [email protected]
    This is a travel planner built using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary within 40 seconds.

    This is just amazing. Do try it😊
  • Saikiran Pulavarthi icon
    Saikiran Pulavarthi
    Give and take is banking, love and live is life. Ex-CLSA, Haitong
    Someone built a travel planner using ChatGPT3. Enter the city and the number of days, and it gives you an itinerary.

    Looks like lot of jobs might become obselete in next few years.

    Massive reskilling opportunity


What users think about Roam Around - from Twitter

  • RoamAround.io is a newly launched travel planning tool that harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT-3 to generate personalized itineraries.
  • Users can create a trip plan by simply inputting their destination city and duration of stay, receiving a tailor-made itinerary in return.
  • The service is impressively quick, boasting the ability to deliver a comprehensive travel itinerary in just 40 seconds.
  • Future expansions for RoamAround.io may include options for user feedback, hotel deals, and map integration, enhancing the travel planning experience.
  • There's enthusiasm among users about the potential of RoamAround.io to streamline travel planning, though it also raises concerns about its impact on small travel businesses and employment in the sector.
  • The tool is seen as a starting point for trip planning, providing basic yet useful itineraries that can be further customized by travelers.
  • Some online discussions reflect the belief that RoamAround.io may signal a significant shift in the travel industry, necessitating skill adaptation and opening up opportunities for reskilling.

Roam Around Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Free to use, making it accessible to all travelers
  • Generates personalized itineraries quickly and efficiently
  • Offers a broad range of destinations for planning
  • Allows for itinerary customization based on user preferences

Cons :

  • Limited to creating plans for up to seven days only
  • May suggest places and restaurants without considering current status (e.g., closures)
  • Does not initially personalize itineraries based on user's preferences and interests without input

Roam Around FQA

  • 1Is Roam Around free to use?

    Yes, Roam Around is entirely free, allowing travelers to create personalized itineraries without any charges.

  • 2How does Roam Around create itineraries?

    Roam Around uses advanced algorithms to generate tailored travel plans based on your destination and preferences within seconds.

  • 3Can I customize my itinerary on Roam Around?

    Absolutely, Roam Around enables users to customize their travel plans, ensuring the itinerary meets their specific needs and interests.

  • 4How reliable are Roam Around itineraries?

    With over 10 million itineraries created, Roam Around has established itself as a reliable tool for efficient and personalized travel planning.

Roam Around Use Cases

  • Solo trips to explore new destinations
  • Family vacations with multiple stops
  • Business trips requiring efficient planning
  • Adventure travels with friends
  • Honeymoon planning for couples
  • Educational trips for students
  • Group tours with specific interests

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